This is remarkable: after David Wilcock's article: "1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age", where is mentioned that the negative ET's are coming from Orion, this channeling change from "High of Orion", to "Pleiadian of Nine" (!?). So the message by it's content and vibration is the best way to determine it's truthfulness I guess. But as always, use your utmost with channeled material.



23 July 2011

: Karen Doonan

Dear ones we come to support and and to assure that all is well across the planet. Many humans are now lowering their vibration and falling back into illusion due to the violence and death that is being spread across the media. We you strongly to detach from these images as they will once more help to plant seeds of fear deep within your BEing. We this not so that you ignore what is happening, many reading our words question our guidance on detaching from world events and we are here to why.

For world events that happen to reinforce the and fear that is seeded within the human race are perpetuated by the illusion. What better way to slow down the vibrational expansion of the human race than to replant the deep seeds of fear? We are the Plaedian Council of Nine and we guide at this time to be aware of the teaching of illusion. Many have fallen in vibration and we guide that this does not help those who are asleep at this time. It is vital that those who are awake hold the space and send love and compassion for all “world events&; so that those who have transitioned can move forward and those who are asleep can be cushioned from the vibration of the teaching of illusion.

Much more will unfold dear ones as illusion tries its hardest to slow and lower the vibration of all humans across the planet. For a human race to step out of the veil of illusion is a powerful race, many of you are aware of this and can detach and hold the space but many have plunged in vibration. Those who are asleep will help illusion to spread the fear and plant it deeply. We cannot guide strongly enough to step back from what is being spread across the world. We guide you once more to remember dear ones that death is not the end. Illusion teaches strongly that the “death” of a human body is the end and we guide this is but a veil. Many of you reading our words are aware that it is a transition, from physical back into spiritual.

As we have stated we are not the we are the Plaedian Council of Nine, we come through this channel to show UNITY. Much has been guided by other with regard to grief and how this emotion can block the human , this further gives the illusion of separation which is the teaching of illusion. Grief is revisited by humans often, personal grief is stored within the human and when world grief is shown then the personal is also activated. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? For the world events perpetuated by the media are tapping into your own personal grief. If you have not cleared this personal grief then you may become overloaded and you may shut it down for fear of drowning in the emotions that come up for clearing.

We are here to guide and support you at this time to move through this. For human beings incarnated upon this planet earth to experience emotions, many of you have stored these emotions and we guide you to detach from these teachings. Illusion will teach that an emotion that is stored serves as a memory but we ask why you would need a memory of pain? Who does this serve dear ones? Does it serve the human who stores the pain? Why would you need a reminder of raw pain if it was not to further control and contain you? How does this help you and all that you create within your life experience to have the limiting factor of pain so close to the surface?

The events in the world over the past few days have shocked many humans and this is deliberate, the illusion is once more using your emotions against you. Many are almost numb sleep walking through the life experience and to further plant the seeds of fear deeper and deeper a shocking event has to rupture the numbness. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Many may be triggered by our guidance and we ask those to look deep inside themselves and go to the silence. Process all of our guidance with your heart. What reason would there be at this point in human evolution for illusion to plant seeds of fear?

Many humans have elevated their vibration to a high level but even these humans if they are not aware will fall into illusion when the world reacts to events that seem global. The media is able to reach so many across the planet and it is so “normal” for “bad news” to be spread instantly across the planet. The energies that have flooded the planet have brought many to the edge, remember dear ones that many who are brought to the edge are deep in illusion. Do not be quick to judge another human for their deeds. Many humans across the planet are on the edge, we guide this not to plant seeds of fear but to alert you to manipulation of the illusion. Humans who have been taken to the edge and who know not how to deal with the flux of emotions may be prone to violence and deeds that are not considered part of human life.

We guide that many are asleep across the world and it is for this reason that lightworkers and those who have elevated their vibrations are asked to hold the space for them. To pour love and compassion through a population who struggle. For many do struggle , as the reality they once accepted and did not question starts to crumble before their very eyes. As the “new” world begins to take shape the “old” world will start to crumble and for those who are asleep, for those who do not FEEL the “new” world this can be a scary place indeed. It is for those that we ask you hold the space, ALL ARE ONE, we ask that you hold your brothers and sisters in your hearts and have compassion for their actions and their thoughts at this time. This is a major cleansing of the planet dear ones.

For many who are asleep there will be no awakening, they have made the decision when incarnating on planet earth that this life experience involves no awakening process. That is a decision made at soul level and it is not appropriate to judge dear ones. There is nowhere that a human can sit in judgement of a soul’s decision. Many will awaken and the events of the past few days may be that springboard to awaken them as they begin to thaw and look at how the planet lives and question.

Events are neither good nor bad dear ones, they just ARE. We guide that this is truth and we guide you to go into the silence to process this information. Many will be unable at this time to accept our guidance and we accept this. Human emotions can be difficult to work through and especially when a veil has been put in place by the illusion. We guide you to go into your heart dear ones, send love and compassion to ALL across the planet. Humans do not sit in judgement of other humans, if you do then you are in illusion and you live by the teaching of illusion which is judgement and separation. The “new” world is about UNITY dear ones for ALL ARE ONE.

We have guided through this channel to show UNITY. The channel is well aware of UNITY and we give much love and blessings for her holding the communication open and allowing our words of guidance to come through. We are here to support ALL at this time. If you wish to connect to us then please do, we will answer your call. This is a time of major change across the planet, beware the illusions teachings of a paradise for that paradise is created by each individual and as not all humans will ever awaken we guide you to process with your heart. Why would a paradise suddenly spring up in place of what is there? Beware of the illusion and how it teaches, sometimes the teachings are in the guise of love but contain fear.

This new world is about FEELing dear ones, FEEL your new world. It may take some time before it begins to look different if at all but it will FEEL different. Detach from the illusion dear ones, focus on the heart and process all through your heart. This is a time of breaking down of what was so that what IS can filter through. That process is dependent on YOU dear ones, how difficult this process can be is also down to YOU. Humans who attach to the illusion, who allow their eyes and their ears to fool them into the illusion and the spread of fear and destruction may have a harder time than those who go straight to their hearts and process. This is not a judgement dear ones, this is an observation. Be vigilant dear ones for the vibration of humans is now higher than at any time before. This will prompt the illusion to try to spread more fear and destruction to lower it again.

We are the Plaedian Council of Nine, we guide and support ALL at ALL times. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We guide you strongly to detach from illusion and live from your heart centre, for truth resides in the human heart. Do not judge one another for to judge is to separate and that is the teaching of illusion. The world needs your love and compassion for ALL at this time. ALL ARE ONE.