Dear Friends,

is at Saturday, July 30 at 12:40 PM . Practice boundaries and discrimination on this day. Be protective of your time and your energy. Spend a good deal of the day either alone or doing exactly what you want to do, revisiting your goals and refining your intentions. Or spend it with those you really trust, wish to be around, and find energizing to you instead of depleting to your energy. Watch for tests that come up in this regard. You may find yourself having to be firmer about saying no to something you had been less firm about previously.

This is also a time frame when it is important to have some . Do something that is for you. Take a break from what is serious.




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~ Sun and Moon in
Saturday, July 30, 12:40 PM MDT/6:40 PM GMT

The Sun, our most powerful generator of energy, light and heat, rules the majestic sign of Leo. The Sun, center of our solar system, is experiencing intense and extreme activity at this time as we reach a peak in the cycle over the next year or two. Charged particles from coronal mass ejections and coronal holes impact the Earth's magnetic field and lead to increased earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados and other planet phenomenon. Our pineal glands sensitive to light and magnetic fields respond to the increased activity and help us undertake the energetic evolution predicted for this earth-shaking time period.

Almost all indigenous societies have acknowledged the Sun as a supreme being and source of life, and now more than ever before with the mind-boggling rate of change that we are all experiencing on every level of our existence, it is of great importance to greet the Sun daily, honor it with words of blessing and gratitude for all that it gives. I love the prayer from the Gayatri:

You, who are the source of all
Whose rays illuminate the whole world
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do your work

Speaking this while facing the earliest morning Sun and visualizing a stream of beams from the Sun to your own heart will powerfully link you to the new transformative energy manifesting on the planet.

Leo, of Beasts, a fixed, fire sign, yang and positive in nature, is powerful, generous, and dignified, as one would want any true leader to be. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of the zodiac – the house of creativity and self-expression, children and romance, pleasure and risk taking, gambling and speculation. Radiant, bright and bold, single minded and determined, without hesitancy to act, the Leo aspect of ourselves treads the 'path of heart'. Leo with natural flare and drama wants to be in the spotlight and easily draws attention to itself through its creative accomplishments and personal magnetism. Now is the time to draw on your personal gift of creativity that makes you a unique individual and express it to the world. Take the leap into the void. Risk the discomfort of the unknown. Great generosity flows from the Leo nature to all that surround them as they see the divine spark in the heart of everyone. Leo rules the heart and the spine and his colors are gold and scarlet.

chart reveals Venus riding closely with the Sun and Moon in Leo. Venus brings out the love of sensuous pleasure and graceful artistic expression. Social gatherings may be warm, exciting and even dramatic this weekend. Sun, Moon and Venus all trine Uranus and oppose Pallas Athena giving our creativity inspiration and juice. Don't waste it. Act up! Dress up! Speak out for whatever might be bubbling up from deep inside. Give your inner storyteller a stage even if it's just the kitchen table. With Mercury opposing Neptune (0º Virgo-0º Pisces), 'thinking it through' is out and imagination and trust is how to proceed. Keep company with those that bring out your inner performer/artist. Having fun is the antidote for all the free floating anxiety associated with the big dose of change of our times.

And speaking of Mercury, it's retrograde time again (3 times a year). August 2-August 26 reviewing the territory between 1º Virgo to 18º Leo with three exact oppositions to Neptune on July 28, Aug. 8 and Sept. 8, so we will have ample time to explore communicating intuitively and from our hearts. We may feel ungrounded or unfocused mentally with Mercury-Neptune but that can indicate a need for time out, to go with the flow, a retreat into nature, a time to open up to 'not-knowing' and entertaining the void where guidance can reset the mental constructs we're holding on to and we can s-l-o-w down. Also remember your drums, instruments of the heartbeat. Use them to align yourself when the energy becomes a little wobbly or you're feeling vulnerable.

Keep an eye on Mars near August 9-10. Even though Mars enters emotional and watery Cancer on August 3rd, it squares Uranus and opposes Pluto over the two days possibly creating emotional tension. Perhaps the aggressive side of Mars will cause eruptions where energy is blocked and get again.

In this period we also have the Lammas Festivals marking the midpoint between summer and fall and honoring of the Sun for watching over the crops. For astrologers, it falls at 15º Leo or Aug. 7, but many cultures mark it as Aug 1st. This festival of first harvest and blessing of the bread can span July 31st to Aug. 7th, and is reversed in the Southern hemisphere where Imbolc is celebrated when new life stirs in the belly of the Mother at the midpoint of Winter and Spring.

Look to the skies for meteor showers – a personal favorite! July 28-29 for Delta Aquarids (close to New Moon so more visible), and the Perseids Aug. 9-17 (but closer to the Full Moon so less visible) look to the Northeast sky in the middle of the night and catch a falling star.

07/31 5th Day begins in the Mayan calendar
08/13 Full Moon in Aquarius 12:58 PM MDT
08/18 5th Night begins in Mayan calendar
08/26 Mercury goes direct
08/28 New Moon 9:04 PM MDT