25 July 2011  

Julie Miller

Rebirth, Reducing Attachements, and Expectations with the Egyptian Sun God, Ra

It warms my dear ones to come and speak to you through this . I am Ra. I was the principal sun god of . I come through to speak to all of you about your rebirth and I would also like to speak to you about reducing attachments and expectations while maintaining compassion to yourself and to others.

Many of you have been going through a rebirth process. You are getting rid of the old and taking in the new. You are making room for new with yourself and spiritual growth. This is very important dear ones. You have had countless messages about removing past events that have been holding you back, adding negativity to your lives and stunting your own spiritual and growth. The past events do not release on their own . They are released from you accepting them for what they are. Accepting the hurt they have caused you and releasing this to God, the Creator or to the Souce to some. Once you are able to successfully accomplish this , you then can move on to adopting a newer way of thinking and being. Living through your heart. Once you are ready to do this children, then the rebirth begins. It is not done overnight, this rebirth can take as long as it is necessary for you to learn newer, better and healthier ways of being that resonate, or agree with you.

And the best part dear children you can do all this without attachments to what you are seeking for yourself. If you add an to an area of interest, it could be; you wish to be hearing the voices of the Masters even though you haven't wakened to this gift yet, and you want this to happen no later than two months. By adding a time and emotion to it, you add an . What you are meant to do dear ones, will come to you when the time is right, not before. All that you wish to happen for yourself cannot be rushed. You indeed need to be diligent and assertive with your studies, meditation, manifestations, charitable work, etc., but you still need to accept that all will happen when its meant to. All the good work you are doing is being noted and appreciated. Never doubt that dear ones.

I would also like to discuss a bit today about expectations. Expectations and attachments I have seen, cause so many of you much disappointment. An expectation is almost the same as an attachment. Expectations happen everyday of your life. You expect others to respect you. You expect your children to listen to you without arguement. You expect the people in the world to live peacefully, the list can go on, I am sure. Those are all worthy expectations, but sometimes unrealistic. Yes you deserve to have respect, but there are some people out there that will not respect you no matter what you do. Your children will rebel at times when you really wish they didn't. There are people on this Earth protesting, warring, and being violent. Letting go of expectations does not mean you do not care any less. Actually dear children it means you care even more. You have read the messages, watched the videos, seen the news, there is big changes coming. During this time of such big changes, is when you are to shine the brightest and love the most. Don't expect anything, but accept with your heart what is right, what agrees with you.

This is the time when your purest of all love, Unconditional love and your brightest Light is needed. You alone cannot stop what is happening around you. You can give your support to the ones caught up in the flow of the changing energies that is going on in the world. All of you, working together, loving one another, accepting one another is what will help. Every single one of you has something wonderful to contribute and share. None of you need to be ridiculed for what you believe in. Ignorance is not bliss dear childrens. Its ignorance that begins so many problems that have faced this planet. Drop your airs of being 'all knowing' and learn your fellow person. They have as much to teach you as you have much to teach them. There is always something to learn children.

It is your pure light and pure love that will help the ones that are still fighting their demons, trying to get out of the darkness. Reach for them, there are many in need of your warmth, of your own Sun that shines within you. Just like the sun in the sky offers warmth and to the people of this planet, your unconditional kindness, love and support does the same thing.

I am preparing to leave children. Speaking about warmth, my nearness to this child for several days has caused her physical body to be quite warm. Even though she is used to my energy, I do not wish her any harm. I am not greedy or selfish. I love her and I love all of you. I will return to her in the near future to talk some more with you.

Namaste – Ra