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Richard C. Hoagland is a former museum space Curator, a former NASA and was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and . In the early 1970's, Hoagland proposed to (along with Eric Burgess) the placement of a "message to Mankind" aboard Pioneer 10 — humanity's "first" unmanned probe of Jupiter. Since then he has been pioneering the pursuit of uncovering the hidden data of our solar system. He is the of several books, probably most famous for his theories on the face on . His website, is updated regularly with analytical research into current anomalies on our planet and way beyond. In this interview, Richard shares his convincing theory about Comet , its symbolism, purpose and message which is a positive one. He rips apart the fear-porn propaganda about Comet as this is a key point in time and someone or something is intervening to steer consciousness into another direction. Could it be that is a time capsule sent by our ancestors containing important information crucial for this time? Then, Hoagland weaves together an intense eye-opener which connects Comet with September 11, the original masonic message, the bombing in and the secret space program.

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