Emmanuel's pictureBy Emmanuel – Posted on 18 July 2011

We come to you again dear ones with a message from your higher planes of existence. As we too have a sense of humor we would say to you now that the human we use in our often makes us laugh and we see he is a high spirited one, is he not? But you too dear ones must keep in mind that these last days leading up to our ascension are ones where the heat is being turned up ( so to speak). Those who will play key roles in the awakening process in this “consummation of the age” will do their part as if a fire has been lit under their back side ( again we draw our slang from the human).

They fervently wish to see more and more souls awakened every day, and wish for those numbers to grow at a higher rate with each passing now . That being said we would ask you all dear ones to come to have more patience with one another in these times, as all will say and do things they do not mean to do and say, and will realize this once they have each had the time to reflect on their words and actions. Remember that you will be dealing with third beings from a third standpoint as well as a fifth standpoint, and the two will become intertwined at times without our even noticing it.

As we not only spread the message of unconditional love; light; and free will to all mankind at this day, we also wish to give you all the proper facts leading up to your individual truths whenever we find it appropriate in your awakening dear ones. Still you must each come to reflect and remember that all souls in your third and plane of existence see and understand with the appearance that you are each awakening at many different points in your world.

Though this is not actually the case, many of you will see it this way until you personally have awakened to the point of remembering that time is the illusion that allows you to see the awakening in this manner. As we each come to put away the illusion of time, and come to realize we are all one in the now, things will begin to take shape for each of you in your own “time.” Simply remember that everything revolves around you, as you are all that exists, and duality is the illusion that causes you to see this differently as well.

So when people in your world tell you they are coming to your world to assist you in your awakening and ascension, while providing you knowledge and other material things to keep you comfortable until you each come to awaken and ascend, know that these people or souls are you. You are wanting these things to happen in your world based on your reflecting and knowledge within a single now moment, and your opinions will change within your next now moment even. For in one moment you may believe you are ready for fifth dimensional life and are prepared to give up everything, and in the next moment you are not so strong, and you are almost prepared to give up and ask the to come to your world (based on what you know to be true at that moment) to aid you in making your world the one that would most please you in your new life to come in the days ahead.

But again this is two different souls thinking out their intentions and beliefs about their truth, all within the confines of a single human and . So you have two different directions the world could move in in the days; weeks; and months ahead, and this is just through the created truth of two separate souls within your human body and . You have millions of souls within your human body and , and some agree almost completely with one another in life, while others do not, and this is the spiritual and soul group that will live and exist as you in the fifth dimensional realms OF LIFE.

You are not a single soul in third density but are many souls who make up the life and reality of a single human being. And yet you see all of your other soul mates who share in the making up of your spiritual society and soul group as other human beings in your three dimensional world, and still they are all you.  In fifth density however you are many thoughts and affections who make up the life and reality of a single being. You know how things are put together in that reality and you therefore know that all the different thoughts and affections that made up the beings of your past life of illusion are all actually you.

Every soul represents a thought or an affection in your ruling love of life, and in the lower dimensions of life you take those affections and you create your world with them, and cause them each to become a human being in your world that represents certain of your affections from within. We tell you these things dear ones so you have an idea of why third dimensional life is lived one way and fifth dimensional life another, and that the two must therefore be separated at all times.

Even when we help you to remember who and what you truly are in life we must keep the two world separate, and it becomes very difficult for you dear ones at times, as you alone get the two intertwined without recognizing this sometimes. There are those among you who have lived out their seasons of scheduled lives in third dimensional life who are therefore scheduled to awaken and ascend at this day, and there are those who are not. Those who are not are the ones who have entered this world in this lifetime and are newly created souls. These newly created souls have been created in your soul group and spiritual society so as to take your places in third density when you exit into fifth density.

It could be no other way as these newly created souls have not yet lived out their scheduled seasons OF LIFE IN THIRD DENSITY AND ARE JUST BEGINNING THEIR SCHOOLING SO TO SPEAK.  Then again some of these newly created souls may have come here in the past generation as well, and generations before these, in which case they have not yet lived out their number of seasons of life in third density or the lower dimensions of life, and must therefore reincarnate (Transmigrate) back into this third dimensional plane of existence, whether in this world of some other.

Given these facts dear ones we hope you can now see that there are souls who will not wish to enter fifth dimensional life and existence as they are not ready to do so, and must continue to live out their scheduled days in third dimensional life. They have no choice as their higher selves will not allow for their ascension before their time. They are not aware of this, and even believe they have free will in life while in third density, but this is not the case. You do not receive free will (remember that you possess it) until you reconnect with your higher self in the higher dimensions of life and existence. So again those who wish to have a better life while still residing in third density know no better, and do not even believe there is such a thing as fifth dimensional life and higher.


You are not given that which you are not prepared to live in your life, and third dimensional beings who are newly created souls are still connected, and still love the things of third dimensional life for the most part, as they have not yet learned the lessons that come with third dimensional life. But they each will as their lime comes for this to take place. For “there is nothing new under the sun” – and – “To everything there is a season.”

Do you see what we are saying dear ones?  Can you see why things must be done in this order? We will continue!

There are those in your world at this day dear ones who cannot go with you, and they would not wish to ho with you if you invited them, as they would probably think you are out of your mind. They cannot be changed and they cannot change in and by themselves as it is not their season. That is it! It can be no other way! Given these facts dear ones they must have a place to go when mother earth changes with us and becomes her fifth dimensional counterpart. So where would they go if a place were not prepared for them. Do we not love them all as much as we love one another dear ones? Therefore we as fifth dimensional and higher expressions of our third dimensional selves will provide a place for them.

We created the Galactic Federation OF Light long ago for this purpose, and for the reason that there will be others like them to eternity, which will also need places to go. When the world was supposed to be given these truths dear ones we were prepared to give them, and today is that day. The Galactic Federation IS NOT FOR YOU IT IS FOR THEM, THOSE YOU LOVE AND THAT YOU KNOW MUST REMAIN BEHIND. You will still be with their fifth dimensional counterparts in fifth density, but they who live in this present three dimensional world do not know this and they do not even believe it. Would you make one of your children do something in life that they did not believe in, which you could not even do enough explaining to them to cause them to believe in it?

So we say to you now dear ones, we have worked all things out for you and us, as we see things as they will become, not as they appear to be.

We will therefore come down to you and we will help repair their world through you and those like you and us. We are already in all the positions in your world governments; banks or monetary  institutions; places of business that are of importance at this time; and every other human in your three dimensional and lower planes of existence that are of importance at this very day in time. We cannot go and leave them like this, as we are sure dear ones you would agree, would be like leading the lamb to the slaughter. Therefore we are about to make decisions in your world and cause the announcements to commence as it is time.

But remember dear ones that it is not just us but it is you, who have come back to this place to prepare it before you go off in your ascension, and return to become one, once again with us. We have other information to provide you with in the coming days ahead as things are now in operation in your world, and it is all happening just as we have promised. Be prepared dear ones to do your part in the coming day, as this is why you are here in the first place.


We love you all unconditionally and within the white light that encompasses all things, and we ask that you too reflect this love and light throughout your world to its citizens just as we would do with you dear ones.


We are Emmanuel and we love you as you are we and we are you!