26 July 2011  

Channeler: Karen Doonan

We come to communicate with all across planet earth at this time of vast and once more we ALL to process with their hearts. Many will hear messages that tell of dark events and we you to take this information into your centre and listen for the truth. Who does it serve to feed the human race with tales of darkness and ? Why would a universe support human life only to take that human life? Once more we guide that YOU are the creators of YOUr life experience. NOTHING that happens outside of YOU is not created by YOU.

We accept that many dismiss our messages of UNITY and we guide once more if you do not discern YOUr own truth then how can you begin to create the life experience that YOU can dream? Who does it serve to listen to the tales of death and destruction that spread across the planet earth at this time? Why would illusion seek to lower the vibration of ALL humans at this time if it was not to keep the veils from lowering?

Many humans are still not centre and fuelled by the seeds of fear that are beginning to take hold within their very BEing are helping illusion to spread its message. Many of these messages are wrapped in the illusion of love but are in reality messages of fear. When you pass on information to other humans about the death and tragedy that has occurred across the planet earth who does this serve? Does it serve the humans who have now transitioned and can clearly see the role they played in this drama? Or does it serve illusion for the act of transition not understood will strike fear and sprout that fear within humans. Death is not explained as the truth that it is across the planet, much illusion is taught around the subject and as such it is an aspect of human life experience that illusion has firm hold over. We guide strongly to go within to the heart and ask the questions in the silence. We guide firmly that the heart is the only source of truth in the life experience. The mind life experience will have various scenarios and confusions playing out and no satisfactory answer will be arrived at for the human mind does not process emotion.

We guide detachment from tales of woe, detachment from tales of “the end&; these are scenarios that are played out within the media across the planet. We ask why the media, the games , the films across the planet earth have the same themes? Who does this serve to place the seeds of fear within the human mind for it to be triggered at a later date? Why is there a recurrent theme across the planet earth at this time of mass energy change of “the end&;?

Humans create their life experience, it is the human thoughts and FEELings that create that which is around them. We draw your attention to the amount of humans that are asleep or just awakening across the planet and ask why it would serve illusion to keep these humans asleep or their vibration low? Lightworkers across the planet as guided to hold as much light as they can within their BEing and to detach from the teachings of illusion. There is vast light across planet earth but this will not be reported in your media for the media is a tool of illusion. We guide those that seek to find light within the media to take this into their heart and process the truth.

Many have created scenarios in their minds where they are at war with “the enemy” and we guide that this too is a creation of the illusion. Whilst you fight the unseen “enemy” you are not within the that will allow you to create the life experience that you wish to create. It takes you out of the heart and back into the mind which will then go on to create various scenarios. Who does this serve? Does it serve the human who spends a lot of to outwit the “enemy” or does it serve illusion to have the vibration of that human lowered and keep them playing within illusion.

We cannot guide strongly enough to process ALL communications with the heart, for humans this is your guiding light, the heart is your compass through the confusion across the planet. The confusion will fall away if you live your life experience by processing ALL through the heart. The heart is connected to the LOVE that IS and it is this that will show you YOUr truth.

To get into arguments and to spend time chasing scenarios created by illusion is to take your eye off the ball. Only in the present moment can YOU create and it is this that the illusion seeks to take you away from. When you react to world events you are not in the moment, your mind will take you to scenarios that involve more death and destruction and instantly the power that you had to create your life experience is diminished. Illusion is well aware of this and creates world events that are designed to have maximum impact. To have the population turn on one another over who is the most tragic of the outcomes is again the teachings of illusion, as human turns against human the seeds of fear begin to replicate at an astonishing rate.

We guide ALL to be wary of the information that is spread across the planet at this time. Once more we guide that is a PROCESS. It is not one event and is happening at this moment. Many who read our words will be triggered by this phrase and we guide you to look within. Why would it be taught by illusion that is an event? Why would illusion seek to have you focus your thoughts on a future event thereby taking your concentration away from this moment? Many humans across the planet spend a considerably amount of energy on focussing on the future. Many spend a large part of their day focusing on how to pay next weeks bills or where to go on holiday in a few months time. All the time they do this they diminish the power that they have within. For to look into the “future” or to look back to the “past” is to take the power away from this moment. It is only in this moment that YOU can create and we draw YOUr attention to this truth. Process our words in your hearts and learn to trust YOU.

We are the Council of Elders and we guide through this channel to show UNITY. Once more we guide that channelling is not safe from the tools of illusion. What better way for illusion to teach about death and destruction than an “enemy” that is unseen. That is using your eyes and we guide you that there is much more to the universe than can be seen by the human eye or heard by the human ear. That is why we guide you to live from your heart centre, for the heart KNOWS the truth. It does not have to rely on the eyes and ears of the human BEing, for the heart is the connection to source, to the LOVE that IS and KNOWS.

We guide you to be vigilant in the processing of information. Ask who it serves? Take that into the silence within and listen to the answer for your heart will show you the truth. That is the only place that truth resides. Ascension is the process that ALL go through at the moment who are awake. Those who sleep are steeped in illusion, they are not aware that they teach the illusion through their actions as they do not process their life experience through the heart. They live within the nightmare of illusion, their mind creates their life experience and the mind is full of fear and death, that is created deliberately by the illusion to keep their vibration low. Some will awaken in due course, they awaken by being touched by the light that sweeps the planet earth and that light is fuelled by the LOVE that IS.

Each lightworker who lives from their heart centre carries vast amounts of light, that light is shining brightly across the planet earth. They are beacons in the dark for many. We ask how it serves to turn on another human when they speak the truth if you have not discerned that truth for yourself? If you have discerned the truth through your heart you will understand that there only IS. Black and white and right and wrong are created from separation, they are products of illusion. We guide you to be wary of who it serves as you move through your life experience, if you are triggered by another human BEing we guide you not to react instantly but ask why it triggers you? Why would the words of another have you react to them? The seeds of fear are planted constantly by illusion but the seeds of truth are within EVERY human BEing alive on the planet. They grow in your heart. We are the Sirian Council of Elders. We guide to support ALL across the planet at this time. ALL ARE ONE.