Conversations With Adama

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Inspires us to Make Our Ideals Real – Galatea is Transformed from Stone into Flesh – "The Godhead Fires" by Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Since learning about Lemuria and about Telos, I have felt an irresistible pull toward it.  The power of the of Telos spoke directly to my and I felt as if my logical mind surrendered to it's spiritual power.  The information did not attract me – the story that there are beings living beneath the mountain waiting to meet us.   No, it was the energy, which I felt directly.

Actually, I've encountered a lot of inner resistance to the idea that the Telosians plan to emerge.  I told Adama it seemed far-fetched that beings with supernatural abilities are living underground.  As a matter of fact, I added, it seemed far-fetched that I was talking to him right now.

I mean, how many times have people anticipated the Rapture and been disappointed? (Case in point, this May).  How is this anticipated encounter with Telos any less a stretch?

I had no way of knowing that the story of the Telosians wasn't a fantasy.  This was an ongoing problem.  I knew I was sometimes using Telos and Adama to cope with pain.  When I've gone into "coping mode" and ceased using Telos as a spiritual aid, I've become increasingly frustrated, because I was in my head and getting nothing from the experience.

I remember a couple years ago, during  a time when I'd been very, very depressed, I suddenly felt furious.  I yelled at Adama to leave me alone.  I told him I never wanted to hear from him  again, that I was done.  Of course, I was really angry at myself, but I thought I was angry with Adama.  The next morning, I awoke suddenly, with a gasp, propelled out of bed by the feeling of love I truly had for Adama, which I could not give up.  I said, "No, never again…I'll never do that again. I love you."  And that was that.

This is because Telos is about the Soul.

Most people who are drawn to Telos are multi-dimensional in their awareness, and have either lived there or visited, and they remember it within their emotional bodies.  This awareness can provide a focal point for bringing those ideas, perspectives, memories, energies, and practices we experienced in Telos, here on earth now. Ultimately this earth life is just a day, and so there is this larger picture of the Soul where Cities of Light play a large role.  So Telos can also "bring back" elements of the soul that were forgotten.

The intensity of the energies on earth seem to sear through the soul sometimes, destroying .  This earth is going through major detox, and the life on the planet feels it greatly.  I happened to have some very enlightening experiences as a young child, and this dulled over time, and this is the experience of many I think.  As my has been overwhelming and began to shut down, Adama has reminded me of my deeper identity.  The surface of  the lake might have been frozen temporarily, but look at the deeps beneath it!  Adama, and the Masters have shown who I am on those levels.  "Remember us?  Remember this?" they say, and then I remember myself too.

There is a beautiful theme of awakening…I recently came across the Greek story about Pygmalion and Galatea.  Galatia, Adama's wife, I think is pronounced, "Ga-lay-sha," whereas the Greek is "Gal-ah-tee-a."  I don't know if Aurelia Jones had any particular inspiration when she channeled her name.  But they both have meaning to me.  Lately Adama has asked me to integrate with Galatia.  In the myth, Pygmalion is looking for his ideal woman, and creates a sculpture of her, named Galatea.  The sculpture speaks so much to his soul that he falls in love with it.  As a gift, Aphrodite arrives and as he reaches to touch the sculpture, the marble becomes soft under his touch as Galatea comes alive (in the image above, Aphrodite is awakening Galatea).  I feel the Telosians play two roles here – they are helping to wake us up, as Aphrodite did Galatea, and they are also teaching us to make our ideals a reality.  As we truly love what we are desiring, as Pygmalion, the "Godhead" of our Divinity will breathe life into our creations.

One of the ways Adama has awakened me is through literally waking me up.  Once through that instance of suddenly waking up I described earlier – and I've also seen that he had joined with my Mother when she used to wake me up from naps as a child.  My Mom was always soo gentle.  She would just barely touch my cheek and say in a soft, sing-song tone, "Er-iin, sweetie…time to get up now…"

Adama showed me this morning one of our first and last meetings before I came into this earth life.  I had gone to the beach and fallen asleep on the sand.  The tide was starting to come in and the water was close.  Adama said he had come across me alone and alseep, and touched my shoulder and as I opened my eyes he said, "You fell asleep."

What a wonderful way to be awakened… to just have someone caress you and say, "It's time to wake up now, sweetie."