Susan Leland

July 5, 2011 – Ascension Energy Tools Call

"Greetings Family, it is I, St. Germain, and yes I, too, thank you, Mother.That was quite a high vibrational greeting, was it not? We could feel your vibrations right even as she spoke, and we are so delighted that you are meeting with such Joy, and such high energy, and we shall soar even more. But as Mother Sekhmet said to you, I have a concept if you will, a program, an invitation to you to engage in what I choose to call for you, a 'Freedom Day'. This is not new to some of you, and there are some of you who say, 'Oh yes, I know, I am going to do that, I have been meaning to do that, I haven’t done that yet, but I am going to put it on my list.' And we are going to say to you, Ones, do it now while you have the inspiration to do it. And if it takes you any longer than a week, shall we say in your time, to get to doing it, then we suggest that you go back and listen to this to be re-inspired, so that you can at least start out where you are now in your vibrations.

"Now the day of Freedom is possible for you to do 100% because you have come this far upon your Ascension paths, and because you have accepted at least sufficient quantities of these wondrous, wondrous energies which are coming to Planet Earth, that you have taken them into your , and that you have rejoiced and been joyful at the Upliftment that they provide, and that you have become more open to doing things in a new way. And for all of these attitudes which you have formed and are continuing to reinforce, we congratulate you.Most of you, even during the year that Ashtar has called 2-0-1-0, would not have been able to enjoy such a high level of success on a Freedom Day, as you are all capable of enjoying now. Now the fundamentals of Freedom Day are the same, so I shall give that; then we are going to take a little trip up high to experience what it would feel like. We will have a taste of it together and then we shall encourage you, well we are doing the encouraging right now, to try this for one full day.

"So here is the basic plan: You start out when you go to bed the night before, saying, 'Tomorrow, I dedicate myself and the totality of my sovereign being to the total enjoyment of my own personal Freedom Day'. Now you don’t have to use these exact words, but that’s the idea. You can see that you have come so far, you don’t need to do an hour or even a half hour meditation or affirmations on it, although you certainly can if you choose to do so. You might want to write your Statement of Intention down, and put it under your pillow. That’s always a wondrous thing to do. You might want to wand it, or invite the Violet Ray to come in or whatever you might want to do to empower this intention.

"Now, your Freedom Day is for you to be with yourself. If you have a marriage partner or a significant other partner, or children, or someone who relies upon you to care for them, obviously you need to make some arrangements and do some planning. It will be best if you could do your Freedom Day in a place where you are comfortable all day and that will most likely would be your living .So maybe you need to arrange to take your children somewhere the night before, for the entirety of that day and to return home the next day. Maybe you and your husband need to divide up the house, or your partner, so that you each have comfort within the living . And maybe you will want to come together at some point to hug each other, or to exchange high vibration energies with each other.You might want to give each other a wand treatment, or wash each other's feet, or whatever. It’s all up to you, it’s all individual. If you have a partner whom you cherish and love, you can discuss with each other, how you are going to do your Freedom Day.

"But it is a day for you to be without any outside distractions that can pull you out of the high vibrational space that you are going to create, because that is what is essential for you. So yes, turn off your computers, turn off your cell phones. If you have music that is uplifting, you might want to include that in your program for the day. What you might call comfort foods, favorite foods, but healthy and nutritious of course. Lots of good, pure water. Those are the kinds of things to have ready for your Freedom Day. Perhaps a soaking bath, a shower. Perhaps even using some of the energy tools or not. Whatever you do, whatever gives you great Joy and pleasure to enjoy. Perhaps you have some plants that are high . Perhaps you and your plants would like to spend some of that day listening to Mozart together. Whatever it is. Perhaps you will want to take some naps. We would only say if you are going to do a meditation or take naps as part of your Freedom Day, let it be spontaneous. And if you don’t feel the inspiration to include it, then do not.

"Just have ready some ideas and some thoughts for it, because here is what we are seeing: You will find it difficult not to have some brain chatter, you know beta brain, not to have some thoughts come in, not to perhaps even have a third dimensional worry or two creep in. But when you are focusing upon yourself Beloved One, here’s the thing, you can do exactly what Sekhmet was saying! If you start feeling less than joyful, if all of a sudden the music doesn’t lift you up the way it was a moment ago, this is your compassionate observation of yourself. This is your opportunity to be free from any necessity of responding to some kind of 3D vibration in 3D!!! So it is your Day of Freedom to say, 'Oh thank you Beloved, Sovereign, Sacred Being I AM. I now am giving my Intention to lift up again because I see and feel or I am hearing or getting the message, and I am free to observe without judgment of myself, but with Compassion and Joy in knowing the , and in noting the . And now I am uplifting!'

"And of course, you can have whole entire concepts available to choose how to get back up and uplift. Do not pressure yourselves. Do not put yourselves under any kind of clock time. You may even want to not have your clocks with their faces turned so you can see them, during your Day of Freedom. Simply know, 'Oh, I feel I have dropped a bit and I am now going to fly again!' Now it makes no difference how long it takes you to get back into Joy.It makes no difference how many times you drop, that’s an individual thing. We can just promise you that on your Day of Freedom, you will have a drop, or more, of dropping down experience. It’s for you to master that experience, and know that you are free to do it because you have brought yourselves this far along your paths.

"This, Beloved Ones, is reclaiming your Mastery, your Sovereignty.And of course what comes next is that your creative abilities will expand exponentially, and you will be free to call forth whatever it is that you choose to call forth into your being. Whether it is abundance, or a resolution, because you have already resolved it you see, you’ve already brought in that Joy where you have abundance of everything. You will have raised yourself up to the very tip top of the mountain, and you will have given yourselves joyful opportunity to observe yourself from that vantage point, without any disruption or interruption. And you will have created great shifts within your being that you can build upon, and build upon, and build upon, until you are living in the highest dimensions for the maximum amount of time more and more, until you are 100%5D and above.

"And of course you know there is this on the calendar for this, and it is a generally recognized and accepted for everything to take place. There are those who will accomplish their Ascension sooner than that . It is not necessary. You are here in mission to be Lightworkers to lead the way, and if some of you make that Ascension shift before the actual main number of wondrous beings, that is perfectly alright. But in this time, for you as a group are out there already on the leadership path, and for you as individuals, you’re shining brighter and brighter!

"And so now if you will, just relax, and let’s breathe in this air of Freedom. Let’s breath in commitment to Freedom Day, your own personal Freedom Day. You have the opportunity and the capabilities to make the shift to bring yourself up and out of whatever dumpies you are in, or pits, to be completely compassionate about your observations, starting with yourselves, so that if on the day after your Freedom Day something happens out there in the world, it need not bring you down. But if it does, you will have practiced how you are going to lift yourselves up. And that is for each one of you to discover.

"So what we want you to do is for you to rise up with us as a group. We extend our hands and our hearts to each and every one of you here, Beloved Ones, and to all of those who come after you, in listening and participating in this exercise. We ask you now to hold out your hands and to open your hearts, and let this 5D and above, this Christ Consciousness Light, fill you. Feel it on your hands, feel it coming in to your beings and warming you, every bit of it. Feel it, or hear it, or sense it in some way. This is you, Beloved Ones, this is you – Free!!! Free from the constrictions and the constrains of the third dimension which you so brilliantly have created for yourselves, and which you are so lovingly ready to fly above with us. There is no distance between us, we are truly one in Love and Joy and in Peace. And let us all feel each other now, and thank each other for being here, and let us overflow literally with this Love for each other and for ourselves. And let this Love mingle, surround us, and permeate our beings. We Are One, great, great circle of Love.We are flying in higher dimensionality together!

"Let us breathe it in and enjoy it, and let us overflow with it like so many sparklers or like the fireworks of the itself. There is so much meaning in those beautiful, beautiful fountains of Light rising up, and in all the little sparkles that then fall back to Planet Earth. And the light is so brilliant, and each one of you and all of those of us who have come to be with you – those of us who are not in the human bodies that is – we are each one a glorious beautiful, beautiful sparkling fountain rising up, rising up, rising up. And now allow those lights to come back down below where we fly, and touch upon Planet Earth to lighten and brighten even more the atmosphere that is there. And allow, allow this to happen because even so more Light comes, more and more and more, more beautiful energies of Love coming into all of us now.

"And just see in your mind's eye how beautiful it all is, beautiful colors and of course the golden white Light of the Christ in each and every one of us! We are here together, Beloved Ones, and we share this Christ Consciousness in beautiful color – radiant Light – with all of Planet Earth, that more and more may awaken, and more and more Light may permeate the atmospheres of what remains of the third dimension. And feel the Joy of those upon Planet Earth who are waking up as we send this Freedom Light to them,as we bless them and thank them for their awakening to the Light, to the Freedom, to the Joy and to the Love We All Are!!!

"And so, Beloved Ones, we thank you for joining us, each and every one of you on your own personal Freedom Day preview, and for beings the Masters of your own creation, for soaring into higher dimensions! And we tell you this, we are with you at all times, loving you and joining with you as you claim your own Mastery, your own Divinity, and your own Freedom. And so I, St. Germain, and this entire Company, thank you for being here, for this Day of Freedom which we have now put into all energy fields – all of you, and beyond. And so it is, Beloved Family!Namaste."

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