Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Early Communications with the Arcturians Part Two  


Suzille’s experience of Window of the World continues:

Many blockages were found indeed, and I didn’t even know I was looking. I went back into the third dimension and forgot about my connection to the higher worlds. I became separate, fearful, and filled with doubt. My ego was engaged when someone liked my writings and called me gifted. At first I was flattered and then I was doubtful.

“How could someone think that I was gifted?” my frightened child responded. “I wonder what he is up to.I am sure that he just wants my money.”And, of course, he did.But does that mean that I am not gifted?And, most important, what does any of this have to do with being gifted? I thought that this was a service.I thought that this was a gift that I could hear inner messages and share them with others. I thought that I was learning to give and receive, but could I receive that complement without doubting its validity and doubting its source?

The small child very much wanted the brightly wrapped present.But somehow she felt she didn't deserve it.Each time it was given to her she retreated in shyness and lowered her eyes. How could that lovely prize be hers? How could she accept it?

"Just take it," came a kindly voice."There are others who know more than you.Even though you cannot see all that has brought this to you, know that it is yours".

She didn't understand, but trusted the kindly voice.She timidly reached for her prize.But as she touched it, it disappeared.

"Where has it gone?"

"Why, it is yours now," said the voice. "It is no longer something that you must reach for but something which you must own"

Can I own my while I walk about my everyday world?

With that question, I leave the computer on and take that question into the shower. I find that I often have realizations while in the shower with the warm water caressing me. It did not fail. I realized that in the last couple of days I have had to make major decisions regarding money, desire and ego vs. Soul. Also, I had to have both the and an electrician to my house. It seems that the hot and cold water are confused in my shower—nowhere else—just MY shower.Also some electrical outlets are reversed in polarity.

I don’t want to be one of those people who see a higher meaning in every event, but I do like to follow the symbology of my house and my car. It feels to me that issues with my car are about my ego and issues about my house are about my Soul. By the way, my car just died too. I have gone from joy to disillusionment more times than I can count since I have written the last entry. I now look at the date of that entry, a visit to group consciousness, was one month and one day ago.Since that time was Christmas, New Years and my fiftieth birthday.

Dear group mind of Arcturus,

Please enfold me now as I remember to surrender to my fullest Self.Please assist me in releasing all thoughts of limitation, fears and doubts of self.Assist me in viewing my total Self.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is on the CD player.In perfect time to the music, I again see myself as one of the Golden Lights following and leading within a continuous of stream of Light.We appear to be deliberately moving in a certain direction. Yes, it into a higher dimension because as I look far ahead of our position I see the “first” light disappearing into a Vortex. I have recently been instructed in my heart to edit my first entries into this journal and now I understand why.I am about to enter the Vortex again.

The Vortex is infinite, holds no time or space and is an indication of change—NO the term is—transmutation. Change may be for the better or for the worse whereas transmutation is an evolutionary progression. Transmutation is beyond the judgment of good or bad.It merely is. I remember when I first saw the Vortex, almost two and on half years ago.And now the Vortex has returned, or has it ever left? “I am ready for more change,” I say as I gather my courage.Gradually, bit by bit, these changes are manifest in my third dimensional world and very, very slowly I am remembering to remember my SELF within it.However, I still forget more than I remember.When I forget, my ego steps in or is it the other way around?Does my ego step in and I forget?

Dearest ego, I see you now as the portion of myself that is grounded on the third dimension. I see also that each of the golden lights is also grounded upon the third dimension of Earth.We, the grounded lights, form a huge circle of golden lights, which encircle the planet. Eventually, we will all enter the Vortex into the higher dimensions.I see us now as a long snake that is coiled around the planet with a vibrational transmutation moving through each vertebra and implanting it into the body of Lady . As we slowly uncoil we increase the vibratory spin of the planet.There is no competition or jealous among us.We do not consider “getting ahead” or “doing better than” because we are all One.Any progress by any of us is instantly shared by the entire entity.

The of the snake becomes the tail of the snake as soon as it enters the Vortex, as polarities in the fourth dimension are reversed, just as the swirl of the bathtub water are reversed in the two hemispheres of the planet.As the Vortex enters the fifth dimension, the polarities are balanced and neutralized. Upon entry into the sixth dimension, the concept of polarity is completely erased. We are like a huge flower that is gradually coming into full bloom. Our pollen is the group that is released from the one flower to become the beginnings of new flowers.

Suddenly, we stop. All is completely, but in the same moment the progression of Golden Lights continues. I am now detached from the dot that I had once been, detached from the swirling snake and detached from the visions that were so vivid before.I feel myself floating away from everything that I once was. I am now in the blackest void that I can imagine. However, I am not afraid.In fact, I do not have any emotions or thoughts. My fingers are documenting my experience while as they keep me grounded in the third dimension.

I now understand that I am not the leave my physical consciousness, but, instead, to expand my conscious memory and perceptions far beyond my human limitations.As each of us does this, it becomes easier for more and more of us to do so, as well. I feel that I can no longer write, and must end this message…

This message is important as is shows how we can go from the depths of despair into the heights of illumination by simply changing our consciousness. Now, in 2011, that constant shifting into higher states of consciousness in order to perceive the higher frequencies of reality is even truer. Our greatest challenge at this time of Planetary Ascension is to keep our consciousness high enough to perceive the higher dimensional realities that are ALWAYS there, just beyond our limited, third dimensional perceptions.

Sunday, July 10, 2011
Eleven months later:


Beloved Arcturians,

I call you now because I miss you. I know that somehow I have lost your essence in my life again. I want to circulate the wonderful messages that I have received, but I feel blocked. I believe in the depths of my self that I am now ready to accept my assignment. I know that I have been afraid of the travel and the public appearances and what ever disturbance that they may bring to my personal life and my spiritual growth. I now surrender that fear to you, my group mind. I have faith that I will not allow anything to interfere with my spiritual development, and I will learn to adjust to whatever physical changes occur in my routine due to my new life. I dedicate myself to following the destiny for which I have taken embodiment. Please assist me in determining my next physical or spiritual move.

Beloved Suzille,

We are joyous to hear from you again. Of course you have visited us frequently in your inner bodies and your higher dimensional SELF is always with us. However, you have not used your conscious third dimensional self to call us for a length of your earth time. We are always available to assist you. We believe that you are now indeed ready to begin your greater work.

Surrender all concerns of the physical world to us so that they will no longer act as a barrier to your mission. Do you feel ? She/he is here with us in its sixth dimensional self. Now, we wish to return for a moment of your time to Arcturus. We wish to show you something. Do you see, Beloved that we are always with you within your consciousness? Your mind can embrace more than your ego can understand. As you surrender your ego to your Soul you can expand your awareness as well as your ability to hold more than one reality in your consciousness at one time.

You will need to remember to hold us your conscious mind more and more of your earth time so that we can better assist you in releasing any barriers to your mission. Of course, we are infinitely assisting you, but you cannot use this help in your physical life if you are not aware of it. See the pathway to HOME. See a golden path before you. See how it shimmers in the eithers of our world. Yes, we are real. We do not only exist in your mind. It is your mind that has been able to remember that you are one of us and to remember that you have come form to Earth on a mission.

Your pod awaits you. See your star body and that of the other members of the pod. We are all together in consciousness yet our individuality is not sacrificed. It is through the feeling of one totally supportive family who has decided to differentiate and the rejoining into the ONE that you learn about the lower worlds of separation and limitation from the safety and comfort of the ONE. It is within the rejoining with the ONE that we learn about the of the higher worlds. It is not that one is better than the other. Difference does not denote any judgment. Once your continuous connection from the third dimension to the sixth dimension is complete, you will no longer need to have any sense of separation in the third/fourth dimensions. Feel us as we call you HOME.


Dear Arcturians,

I am listening for your words. I have been feeling a call from deep within my Soul. Has it been you that I have been feeling? I have drawn a . Is it yours? Have I captured your essence? If it is you I have drawn, why have you been calling me?

Dear Suzille,

Yes, we have been calling you. Actually, the face is a composite face of all of us that are calling you. We are Arcturian, and we are the members of your pod, including yourself that is still here and always has been upon our planet of Zantrill in the star system of Arcturus. We are pleased that you have heard our—your—call. We heard that you would again like to look through the Window of the Worlds. Please do so now.

Suzille speaks,

As I enter the Window of the Worlds I feel it close behind me. I can’t go back now. Do I want to go back? I don’t think so, but I forget these experiences and do not integrate them into my everyday life. They are so vivid and real when I am having them, but then they seem to almost be erased from my awareness as soon as I open my eyes and return to my everyday third dimensional reality.

Interestingly, my doubt and confusion has not dimmed my vision. I see what appears to be outer space. There is an infinite trail of golden lights before me traveling in a long line that eventually leads around a planet. The planet is Earth. I can see that the golden lights are like a string around a top. The lights will be pulled and the top will spin faster and faster.

The string is becoming more and more taut. Soon it will be pulled. I see now how each of the golden lights expands to embrace a higher vibration of its total being. It looks like a million shooting stars. The original balls of light are there and there is also a flame of light moving beyond them like a million jets taking off and leaving their vapor trails. I follow my trail as I assume all the other lights are also doing. Suddenly, I am Kepier and I am on my Starship. I am moving about my workday. I am not exactly me, it is more like I am remote viewing Kepier and she/he can see that it is being viewed. We wave in recognition of each other, and I move on.

Now, I am again on Arcturus, and I see my pod just below me. All the portions of ourselves that were the specs of golden lights are now joined with the members of the pod. We all feel our completeness about us. I also feel the portion of myself that is at the computer. She is so happy to be getting this communication and also battling to stay out of self-doubt. However, she is having difficulty giving importance to her communications because others are not validating her. She feels like she needs others to read her communications and tell her that they are good. Most important, she needs to hear that she is good for receiving them. She is going to lie down upon her bed now and try to take in her own importance.


Suzille speaks,

It is two days later. When I went to my bed to lie down, I fell into a state that was like sleep but was not sleep. I cannot remember what experiences I had or even if I even had any. However, the picture of the face on the alter is calling me now. I will soon have some time alone, and I plan to communicate more with the face—my face. I feel such love coming from it. Can I love myself that much? Can I be so important that I am a part of the face?

The vision of who I AM floats above the movement of my Spirit.

Who I AM lives in what I do, but is not limited by that expression.

I feel the openness of my heart and the flow of my arms.

My feet are planted upon the Great Mother as I feel Her growth about me.

Beloved face of Home, speak to me.

I have heard your call.

I will listen.

I will listen with my heart, which you have opened.

I will listen with my eyes, through which you have taught to see your world.

And I will listen with my ears, through which I hear your voice.

Speak now, for we are ONE.


Beloved face of Arcturus,

Please speak to me. I wish to re-enter the Window of the Words.

Dear Suzille,

We address the portion of our being that is grounded in the physical vehicle known as Suzille, and . The specs of your light that have expanded into their sixth dimensional source will soon return to their third dimensional landing pad so that you can consciously remember your total SELF.

It is the challenge of to know ALL of yourself. We realize that you are limited by the time continuum of the third dimension. We also know how frustrating it can be to try to complete all that you are called to do while also performing your earthly tasks. Call upon us, and we will be able to assist you in compressing time. We will show you how to do this within the Window. Please enter it again now.

I enter the Window of the Words. Again I see the Golden Lights. This time they are all displaying their plums. The core of the Light is very dense and its plum becomes less and less dense until it has passed into another dimension. I must also move into that dimension in order to follow its trails. I am awaiting my instructions on the compressing of time. I can feel the familiar doubt coming into my consciousness. It appears that once I enter this Window I can no longer repress any emotions that I am feeling.

Dear Face of Arcturus, please assist me in dealing with my doubt, or is it fear?

Dearest Suzille,

It is indeed doubt that you are feeling. It is very common and is related to your wavering state of self-importance. Remember that you are one of us, and that you are only feeling less important because you have not connected with all of your SELF. Feel us within you. This is the first step to compressing time. Do you remember when we told you a while back that we would be teaching you, and you would soon be accepting your skills as an Adept? The compression of time will be the first one of these skills. Compression of time means that you will not feel limited by the constraints of time.

This freedom from limitation is actually a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, which is not bound by time. Once you have learned to access this level of consciousness enough to integrate it into your daily life, compression of time will be natural. Do not be concerned that you are not experiencing this consciousness in your daily life, for that will always be your challenge. However, whether you know it or not, you are in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness whenever you are communicating with us. You get so tired and have to rest because you are not yet accustomed to this frequency of awareness.

When you are able to integrate this higher consciousness into your daily life:

First you will be able to release your fear of judgment from others about whether or not “they” think you are doing the right thing or accomplishing what you should in your “time” on Earth. Hence, you will easily release the anxiety that stems from this fear.

Second, this state of consciousness will bring you into the Knowing that there is no need to hurry to do it all because life eternal and experiences are infinite.

Third, will not feel burdened by the need to finish on time because you will know that you are within the NOW of creation. Hence, you will be able to relax and know that you are not wasting time by choosing to do something else. Within fifth dimensional consciousness there is no right or wrong thing because all of your DOING is an expression of your BEING.

Fourth, you will realize that time is an illusion and cannot be wasted. How can you waste something that is NOT real? All that you wish to experience will come to you when you are ready. You will know that you are ready because that experience has come into your life.

Right now you are an explorer. You are an exploring your inner worlds. Therefore, you are going where many wish to go but do not know how. You must completely learn this process before you can assist others. Take a moment to ponder our words. They are deeper than they may appear at first. Print out all the communications for this year and read them over and over. We leave you now with your next vision through the Window of the Worlds.

Suzille speaks,

As I see the Golden Lights before me, I remember what the Face of Arcturus told me about time. I realize that I have doubt when I enter the Window because I am in a third dimensional state of consciousness. I doubt my self because I am still attached to the judgment of others and still need others to validate my experience. I wish now to release that insecurity, as I know it is a pattern of behavior that bonds me to the society of the third dimension.

I feel Kepier and instantly I hear her reply,

Kepier speaks,

Suzille, I wish to tell you about your early bonding to the third dimension. Do you remember how difficult it was for you to bond to physical life? You constantly sought the Land of Faerie in your every vision and were so lonely for that world that you became depressed. Finally, you learned to care about nature and other people in the third dimension. When you began to connect with others you became concerned about their opinion of you. This worry caused you pain, but it also created an ambition to contribute to that world in which you found yourself. When you became involved in contributing to your society you were not so lonely. However, judgment is a large portion of your society, and you became trapped in a syndrome where you needed them to judge you in a positive fashion.

The American society in which you live is based upon competition and winning or loosing. It is only natural that you would become involved in that syndrome. Do not judge yourself because the process of grounding your self in the third dimension went as it did. You can change now because you no longer need to heal the pain of separation from fourth dimensional Faerie. You are realizing that you were never separated from it. Hence, you can communicate with all the Worlds of Home whenever you desire.

As you look again at the third dimensional lights from your fourth dimensional vision you can see how they are not separate lights, but that they are all joined. It is just that you cannot see the joining from the third dimension because the joining is within their fourth dimensional aura. From this perspective you realize that they are many who are also trapped within their third dimensional vision and cannot see that there is another way for them to behave?

When you are at ONE with us, your resonance is beyond your fear of judgment. You can see that there are no “others,” as there is only you manifesting your own fear. Live in Unity with us, the members of your SELF, as fingers on the same hand, and you will live free of fear and encircled with love.

Blessing BE

Our Unity has begun!