22 July 2011

Channeled through Wesley

Hello smiley I am increasingly enjoying channeling our advanced friends, and here I have more words from our Ascended Masters. They give this message in Love smiley


Blessings to all! We are the Ascended Masters! We are here once again to evoke the deep and profound sense of knowledge and divinity that is found within the core of one&;s being. The Love we feel for you all simply can&;t be matched until you are experiencing said Love in the higher dimensions. The time is fast approaching that you all begin expressing yourselves in new, creative and helpful ways. You are soon to find yourselves working together for the betterment of all! You all have your own unique opinions and truths as to how to take care of your world and your collective , and together heal the planet. The most joyous reunion will be not that of our return, but your collective coming together as a social memory complex of dear Gaia. You will all find out very soon that your individuality is both needed and welcomed in the soon to be brought forth concept of fluid group dynamics. Some of you who have heard of this will know what we are speaking of. You are all soon to become your own governments, your own bodies of intellect that run your planet in both smooth and peaceful ways. Gone are the days of an upper class ruling over the people, please know that you helped bring that ancient system about in the first place by not being more responsible for your governments. We understand that by now the situation has gotten too out of control for the knowledgeable few to step up, but you are all always responsible for the state of your world, as the state of your world reflects your state as a collective . If many would have questioned the motives of their leaders in the early 1800's, so many of the problems you are currently experiencing could have never happened in your timeline.

As we send our words of encouragement and Love to all who are receptive, know that this number of enlightened souls is increasing tenfold by the day. The Light has begun it’s natural process of growing infinitely, this beautiful process has spread to your world and . It was always meant to be this way, and it is so amazing from our end to be able to see all sides of the spectrum! You all on who are beginning to awaken have been called many terms. Some have been called Wanderers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos ect, know that these are all labels of the infinite force of Light incarnate upon that you really are. We guide to many not to attach themselves too much to labels, but know the godspark that they are and Live in their Divinity every day. Indeed it may feel good to now be able to call yourself a certain term as it reinforces your belief in your own Light, and for this reason it is good. However, you will soon reach a level where labels are not needed to satisfy the encouragement of your own Light. You will find that many of your changes and disciplines will in no way be forced upon you, rather you will choose these disciplines for yourself as enacting them will make you feel much better. The very strong bond that is Love keeps us connected at all times, and we watch many earthly events play out in real time just as you do. However, as previously mentioned we are also able to see all sides of the spectrum, and as you all grow so will you find the remembrance of infinity in yourselves. When this is achieved, you will have the perspective that we have. It is a perspective that at present may seem unfamiliar to you, but know that it is a perspective you were once very familiar with. This is an inner knowing that you are returning to, through your glorious personal process of .

We have and will continue to light up your skies with our divine display of craft. Many of you have been noticing our crafts’ abilities, be that of healing your skies or being shielded from rational discovery. We can feel in many of you that the time for change has come, and the majority of your collective consciousness may in fact be, by the time disclosure pops, more than ready for these revelations. Obviously as we mentioned in our previous message through Wesley, there will be groups of souls who will have trouble coming to grips with all of the stunning new truths about the reality they live in. These delicate souls have much to do with the stall in progress, as we wish to allow as many souls as possible to breach the veil so to speak before our presence is announced. Look on your internet and you will see a blossoming community of spiritual truth seeking souls, interacting with each other, learning lessons and growing through each other. This vast increase in spiritual souls getting together is proof of how truly powerful the Light is. The dark minions tried so hard to keep a stranglehold over you all, and you have breached their veils immensely! We are so proud to be seeing you tough souls out of third density,we know from your experiences that you are extremely ready to ascend, and return home to that glorious place that at present you only dream about.

We cannot express in earthly words how strong your grid of Light has gotten, the Love and Light of all that send out their positivity has reinforced the victory at hand. Every soul who has found themselves awakened on earth are discovering their true heritage, and many of you have began discovering once again your galactic roots. There are so many of our races on earth, we could go on for hours speaking of all of the uniqueness that is bred on your surface, but in a way lineage matters not as truly we are all intermingling with itself and learning from itself. This is what your soul is, wonderful harmonious . We are all the of Love, Love makes up everything you see, touch, know and sense. There has never truly been anything but Love, darkness and hate are illusions bred out of Love but of the complete opposite nature of Love. When the right time comes wide, all of the darkness will be dissipated away, everywhere, and Harmony will befall every civilization that had previously lost their way. This glorious wide plan begins with your earthly ascension, so we absolutely mean it when we say we have approached the beginning of the beginning. Your earthly ascension by itself will seem like such a harmonious and wonderful event, but this planetary Light will go on to spread, all throughout !! Dear ones, can you fathom the enormity of what we are communicating? Imagine there being no darkness left, and the wonderful process that brought this about began with your home planet and collective efforts!

Only the most experienced of souls are allowed to incarnate on Earth, when we say this we mean that there is a council that oversees all earthly affairs and this council chooses which souls are resilient enough to be able to handle the intense lessons Earth has to offer. So many have incarnated upon the dense plane of third dimensional Earth to help bring true spiritual change about, through their already acquired advanced efforts of bringing Love and Light. All who are reading our words can be considered such souls, know that you are all very advanced by our standards for dealing with what you have dealt with on Earth. We regret that so many seem to be so hard on themselves, you are on Earth in it’s time of planetary ascension, this is the most exciting time and place to be at present!! There are so many equally advanced souls who have, seemingly, permanently stationed their motherships invisibly in Earth’s atmosphere, to watch these exciting events play out!! Obviously anybody isn’t just allowed to sit in your atmosphere, only those civilizations that have proved to your high council of Earth and the GFL that they have no harmful intentions or purposes toward Gaia or her citizens. This is a standard and easy edict to enforce, because as we mentioned before in the higher dimensions all is known at all times.

With the announcement of the existence of your space family will come many revelations about humanities forgotten past. There has been so much that has happened even recently that you have been kept completely in the dark about. It hurts us to see your governments covertly lie to you, so stubbornly and right to your faces. Many go into government with pure intentions but are then corrupted by the ‘big time’ influences of money and power. We guide to you all that while this is generally known, there are absolutely certain people in your current government who are of the Light, and have come here to enact real changes and introduce both your space family and true Harmony into the lives of many. As the time of intense planetary change approaches, the dark ones in government will be both weeded out and exposed, and those in your government who are of the Light will have their good deeds exposed, and many will see both the dark and Light ones for what they truly are. No more will these veils be up between people and government, no more will there be lies to the people for any reason, the government we are setting up will be the true definition of transparency. As we stated before, this will be a planetary government that you will all take part in, and be ‘employed by’ so to speak.

While on the subject of employment, work for money will not be necessary in this New Prosperous Age, as all will be shared when humanity discovers that there is in fact ‘enough for everyone’ This has always been fact and has always been known by those with a higher perspective, but many who have subjected themselves to the false truths of the dark still believe that work and separatism is required to keep some without, so to speak, so there is ‘enough for all’.

We are the Ascended Masters, and we send our Love, Blessings and thanks to you all on Earth, on the ‘Ground Crew’ so to speak. You are all immensely courageous for what you are doing, and know that we are always cheering you on!!

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-