Channeled through Wes

Hello friends smiley After the very positive responses I received from my first AM channeling, not to mention how wonderful it is to be in their presence, I have channeled another message from our Friends. We give this message to all in Love smiley

Blessings to all! We are the Ascended ! Your world has so long been kept back, kept in a perpetual state of darkness that many of your behaviors have reflected. Many act upon the influences that are around them, and doing this can interfere with personal growth. Many are aware of the realities of ‘peer pressure’ and many have regrettably let the influence of others around them interfere with their own personal thoughts and truths about . This is a sad sight for us to see as it is taking away from you the means to think for yourself and be your own person. Individuality is an aspect that, once you have become one with all, will still exist but in a much more narrow form. The more we grow as beings, the more our ability to connect and become one with all grows as well. Until you are surrounded by pure influences it is strongly recommended that you be your own voice of truth. In times like these many half truths and outright lies will be passed on as truth and reinforced by many in your . There are so many ideas floating around right now that many grasp on to, but that are not of or . We come back to the influence of others, many around you may believe certain false truths that you, with your cunning intuition, will be able to see past. This is why it is so important to be your own guides, as going down the same path as others around you may be a bit uncomfortable. You are all meant to tread your own paths and as a result, being on the frequency of others who haven’t matched up to your level of understanding can prove to be uncomfortable at best.

The high level of understanding that has been achieved by so many of you on has shifted the ‘game’ in favor of the Light. Indeed it was always known that the Light would succeed, but ‘being here’ is such a rewarding feeling for many of you and we can feel your excitement daily and know that we are matching your excitement tenfold. There is still much work to be done and you are not quite out of the woods yet, but with how fast you are achieving growth we can comfortably call this a . Know that many beings of Light both wished to be on Earth at this time and are watching you on Earth at this time, this is such a fascinating ascension you are all going through. We are not just helping to dispel the last remaining vestiges of darkness on your planet, your earthly ascension means the dispelling of nearly all darkness in your universe. Creation is infinite so there is always bound to be darkness in other places, but know that your solar system and your planet have harbored so much darkness that the enormity of this for the Light cant yet be fathomed by you all. You will all collectively rejoice knowing you took place in one of the greatest victories the Light has ever seen, and please know that all of this continued talk of being victorious is not to promote any kind of separatism. Quite the opposite actually, we never wished to play these games but were continually roped in by the dark ones, who would use innocent souls such as yourselves to do their dark bidding. We obviously have no choice but to intervene, being that we Love all of you souls so dearly and service to others is the primary way we live.

Indeed, you will find that when you ascend service to others will be how you live primarily. The joy of helping others is what gives us our , knowing we have helped even one soul to find the Light in themselves is such a big victory as to be celebrated by all. You will soon fathom the level of caring and understanding we are on, and we so dearly wish for you to as it truly is the greatest feeling to be had. With every moment that passes by we are sending more and more Love to you souls, and we watch with delight as you pick up on it and integrate it into yourselves and into your planet. If it is not already noticeable, many many more have been coming forward lately with messages of the Light, be that channeled or their own. As a result of the intense Love and Light we have been sending you, the DNA of many has begun the process of reactivation of the so called ‘junk’ that lay dormant for so long. This ‘junk’ is actually the spiritual components and aspects of yourselves lost so long ago beginning to be reactivated. Many have noticed a deeper and more profound sense of truth in themselves, know that ego will attempt to veer you off of your path by trying to convince you that this truth is false. There is an innate lesson behind this, so we guide you to recognize this lesson and use it to move on further into your truth.

This is a time of intense and swift activation, look back a couple of years even and see how much you have grown in such a short amount of time. Your planetary ascension was actually planned to have already taken place over a decade ago, but with these waits and changes it will now be permissible for double the souls to ascend than would have been able to at the turn of the century. You have all grown so much as a planet and as individuals in said short amount of time, this was planned in the divine realms and is quite wonderful to see play out and manifest. Indeed many of you are noticing your manifestation powers more and more and we guide that this is because they are increasing in yourselves. Before, you would have much trouble performing an act of the divine as it was previously so new to you, but as you have all integrated these processes into yourselves and gotten used to them so the abilities they produce have increased in yourselves. We guide that many begin to take personal interest in the divinity around them, as it only takes tapping into to your unique aspect of infinity to notice things that would previously not be accepted as normal.

We give you our truth at all times, and the truth you are experiencing is one sliver of the creation wide truth that is felt by all in the higher dimensions. There are many things in the heavenly realms that at present you would find uncomfortable, only because you are not yet at the level of fathoming the Beauty and Harmony of it all. That is why when many pass over into Nirvana they are protected immensely by their angels, as they are matched in Nirvana to the vibratory frequency they had been living on whilst on Earth. These souls are very much taken care of, just the joy of reuniting with a deceased loved one permeates any possible negative feelings about one’s own transition. Many of you who read these messages do not have to worry about being too uncomfortable in the higher dimensions, as these dimensions are where you are headed with your ascension!

Distractions have and will continue to increase until the final moment when everything ‘pops’. Shortly after the introduction of the divine into your everyday lives, an unsettling feeling of panic will fall upon your collective consciousness. This will be brought out by the inability to accept what is happening for many, as it will be hard for them to cope with so many stunning new revelations at once. We are giving particular care to religious institutions, as many religious souls are so grounded in their beliefs that they (these beliefs) are their only connection to the divine, and these souls may feel that with the truths concerning the falsehoods they have been taught, their only connection to something greater then themselves is being ripped away from them. Some souls caught up in the ego game will scoff at those who are religious, we ask why? These souls may be caught up in false truths, but they are experiencing their own aspect of the one divine truth, and there are many religious souls who are indeed good people, and mean well toward all others. At the same time we will acknowledge that there are also religious souls that would be considered extremists, and who take harder than necessary approaches to they way they get their version of the truth out to others. These souls are the ones that have gone the farthest down the rabbit hole so to speak, and they dearly need your Love to get them out of their corner.

This is all for now, we send our Universal Love to all who reads these words. Look in your Heart, for this is where you will find all of us divine beings awaiting your companionship!!

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-