The seeds of enlightened exist within each human heart. Just as an acorn holds the of a great oak tree and the tomato seed demonstrates the blueprint of its exquisite fruit, the human evolutionary essence exists within you. It awaits the permission and commitment of your being to evolve into the true greatness of its , your most expansive, illuminated Self. Within all beings is the for as a new awakening presence that will uplift the earth and all humanity.

You have a self that is vitally connected to the earth where you live and grow, as well as a more expansive, illuminated Self with higher frequency energies, enabling you to tap into greater awareness and Divine . This is the evolution of the soul, as humans and a greater force working for the evolution of the earth, merge into union.

The awakening occurring now on the planet is being inspired by Divine waves of evolutionary . Your heart is being called because there is a blue print encoded within your cells that responds and is awakened by the waves of this Divine Light. To grow and evolve as a species, as well as to work with the life force of the earth, is a part of the human design. There is similar information about this coming from many people, yet all beings have been impulsed from the same Universal Source.

The invitation to join in community with others comes from the deep longing of your soul to merge with the Divine, and share this gift. This merging is not an out of experience, nor is it a transition into the death of the . This joining is an impulse to be in union with your most Divine, Eternal Self, that which holds the Light of God within, around, and through you.

Your desire for this merging seeks to create, within your own life and body, a fullness that allows the potential encoded within you to be realized. This is an individual practice, which develops a deep receiving capacity, somewhat like an intuition muscle. Once this receiving channel is functioning the inner resources become an evolving force that allows you to know, deep within yourself, your own guidance. You then have access to the inner wisdom and the active in the universe.

When practiced, this inner knowing becomes instantaneous, and you find yourself performing from a greater sense of wholeness and attunement with this inner resource. These Light activated channels are intended to receive from the highest source of Divine Wisdom that you can achieve. They become more expansive with grounded practice.

This grounding mechanism is very important since the life force inherent in all of Nature awaits your invitation to merge with you, thus increasing your personal vitality centers. The deeper your roots can spread, the more capable you become of integrating the that can spark the evolutionary encoding embedded within your cells. You will be able to use the information entering on these waves of Divine energy to enhance your daily life. As you allow your spiritual self to merge with your most authentic natural self as one entity to guide and direct you, you can become a fully functioning, evolved human. Your natural impulses become highly refined as your are cleared and vibrate at their highest potential. Thought, word and deed become unified through this merging within the self with the Divine.

Imagine an earth filled with human beings who were able to access their inner divinity in a way that creates harmony within themselves and with others. When the new earth is spoken about, peace comes from the evolved heart of each person connected to the highest . The fully evolved human is not a far away myth, but involves a committed heart to your own joyous merging with your most Divine Self. This awakening is contagious because joy and harmony breed more of the same, as the frequencies of evolution pass from heart to heart all over the earth. Keep this dream alive, and bring your commitment to a life served from your highest being, an evolved heart, joining with others in harmony and peace, to create an Earth that thrives.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
July 15, 2011