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The Importance of the Family Way of life – A message delivered by Saint Joseph
Channeled by:
July 14, 2011

What a beautiful day dearest children to speak through this child and converse with you.

You have all seen the messages about the role you have and the importance on finding who you are, who your true self is. They are all wonderful messages . Today I would like to focus on family.

I understand dear children not all of you are parents, but you all have family of one or another. Not all 'family' is related. Some of you may have experienced serious trauma from their family and have a hard time with family issues. This is completely understandable. Some traumatic experiences take years and even a lifetime to get over, and in the mean time you build a new family for yourself, possibly your own or a cumulation of a few friends that you hold dear to your heart.

It is important to have strong family values no matter where you are in life. And for each of you, what you consider valuable as 'family' may differ. One thing dear ones i am sure is a key ingrediant and that is . Not only is a female characteristic it is also a male's characteristic. Some men I have noticed do try to hide this side of themselves as they have always been looked upon as the provider of the family and wish to not appear weak. It is never weak to show , mercy or love.

The roles have changed greatly and many women are in professional roles side-by-side men. And some men are doing more domestic roles. With the roles in the family being changed as far as the of the family, the components of the family are still the same. There is love, there is compassion, needs to be met either physical or spiritual, friendship, knowing when to back away when things get heated, that takes strength and much more. We could list a very long list dear ones on what to you makes up a family and some things you put down could easily cross over to another point (mean the same).

With all the changes going on around you, it is important to maintain what is important as 'family'. Love your family. We all know you do, and we of the divine know how busy you are. During these busy and hectic times, take the time out to tell your loved ones, the people you hold dear, how much you appreciate them and love them. Find a time where you all can do something together to strengthen the bond you have and create memories. Even if its only an hour playing a board game, or going out for dessert or ice-cream. It is important to do things together as a 'family'.

If some of you live far from your family, take the time to call them, write, or whatever other means of communications are available that are within reach for both. Even now in this highly technical age, there are some older folks that are not up to speed and they do not wish to. That is when you have to work with what you have and still let them know how much you care. It will make their day, and it will make yours because you know deep down you did something unselfish and kind.

I would like to touch lightly on a subject for some families and that is step parenting. I was the step father to the baby . Until I recieved my message from the angel I did not know Mary was carrying the son of God. When I found out, I protected them both and took that child as my very own. I loved baby as if he was my own flesh and blood. It does take a strong man to father another man's child as his own and to put aside . can be ugly dear children. I know you have seen what damage can do to a family, when all everyone needs is unconditional love. There are many serious factors that can contribute to women being pregnant besides being promiscuous. And as compassionate and caring people, we need to remember this. And the child that is to be born is innocent and in need of love.

And it is equally hard for women going into a with a man who has children from a previous marriage or . Compassion, Mercy and Love are key factors to making these situations better and productive. Being a step parent can be very stressful and can put a strain on the marriage or . And it is hard to turn the other cheek to children that are rebelling due to the change of a new person coming into their family. Working together is what is needed and supporting one another. Step parenting has the potential of being very rewarding if approached from a calm and positive manner. But like all relationships dear ones, it requires work and effort on all parties involved.

Through all your challenges that life has thrown at you and will continue to put your way, you come out of each one stronger than before and have gained knowledge of what you just went through. All that you have learned along the way, is indeed helpful with the 'family' you are in. They will help you grow, and you will help them grow.

Laugh as much as you can together, create memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. The laughter you create together is more powerful than the laughter you create on your own. All laughter brings in Light, imagine how much Light will shine if you and your family are all laughing together.

I will soon depart on this child. I hope this subject gives you for thought. I really enjoyed speaking through her to you today. Dear children don't forget how much you are loved by me and by all the beings of the DIvine.

May you always greet your day with peace in your hearts and feel the uncondtional love from me coming through to you. If any of you are in need of extra strength, please call to me, reach for me and I will be there supporting you the entire way.

Much love and light to you precious children, Saint Joseph