27 July 2011  

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About a week ago I was home watching the evening when a picture of a starving boy flashed across my tv screen. The reports indicated the worst famine in decades in the Horn of . That day I was so distraught I posted a about it. It didn't get much feed back because sadly we have become immune to this situation. Along with myself, I had the re-occuring thought of "what can I do about this, it's too big of a problem!"

That night I cried and thought about replacing that picture of the boy on the news with the picture of my very own son. What would I do as a mother to try and help my child? What would I do as a mother if I were in Africa? I would give anything to fly over there and help, but the truth of the is I can't. Financially I cannot afford to fly across the world, heck-I can't even afford to donate any money for so what am I to do? I prayed. I begged and pleaded with God. I don't know the story of all those souls in Africa or what their karma is but I personally do not care. NO matter what someones karma or hardships are in life, NO ONE DESERVES TO STARVE TO DEATH!

Two days later I logged onto and read Tara's blog about donating about 60 million dollars. That day on the news they had collected about 260 million and they needed another 360 million to help curb the situation. I was so happy and delighted that things were finally starting to happen. Then I thought to myself, did my prayers help in anyway? Could I personally be powerful enough to manifest something this big? As I sat there and thought and doubted myself, I received a strong "YES"! Yes you can make a difference! Yes you can manifest help and food to the starving children of Africa.

For the past few days this has been my main area of thought. In Tara's blog she mentioned that she visualized food falling from the sky! If all of us can take a moment out of our busy lives and just picture food falling from the sky, Or for me I'm reminded of the movie "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" I truly feel in my heart that we can make a difference and save some lives. We will continue to wake up like I did this morning and read the good news about 10 tons of food being delivered to the Horn of Africa. This is enough to feed 3,500 children for the next month! I'm hoping that you will join me in this crusade! Collectively our thoughts are so powerful, let's use what we know to make conditions the best we can while we're here! 🙂