Channeled by: Julie Miller

July 22, 2011

We are the of Nine of Sirius B and it pleases us to speak again through this kind human . We have come again to speak much about what is going on on your planet involving its people.

Many of you have been ready for what is to come and have been planning and working with guides, angles, masters and beings like us. And there are many sweet humans just awakening to a world that is changing rapidly. It is time to understand that the people of already have what is needed within themselves to help bring into a place where duality will no longer exist.

One of the biggest keys dear humans to help the Earth to ascend is to learn to love yourself first. It seems so easy to send out all your love and all your light to those when you haven't sent it to yourself first. YOU dear souls is where this love is to begin. There is so much power in your thoughts and intent and the you give when you are full of unconditional love is quite wonderful.

We of the Council of Nine encourage you to continue with giving thoughts that are filled with love and filled with light that comes from the , your . There are humans on your that do not wish for the Earth to ascend and do not wish for the inhabitants of Earth to reach their full potential as a being of light. Retaliation is not the key dear souls, love is. They only understand what they know, and it is not up to you to change them, as they need to change themselves. As one cannot force their opinions on you and vice versa. All you can do dear souls is encircle them with your love and your light. The you send will reach them. And yes they could very well resist, but eventually in this lifetime or in another that love you sent will work.

You are not here to save everyone that comes your way dear ones. That could end up being an unachievable task and we want you to achieve dear people. We ask of you to look into yourself first before you begin helping others. Learn who you are and what you are able to offer that you can without second guessing or rethinking if you did the right thing. It is difficult to advise someone if you have not experienced what they are asking. If something like this does occur dear people, we suggest to comfort them, guide them without giving judgments or assumptions. Be as non-biased as you can be.

There is a lot of around your planet and many of you are noticing, and, or feeling it. Sometimes like this can cause quick answers, quick tempers, or the feeling like the person isn't listening because they are caught up in the . You are still feeling the special planetary alignments that has occurred, the eclipses, the different planetary retrogrades, the list goes on. All effects the human psyche in one way or another. Take your time dear humans. There is no need to rush. Find a place of calm within yourself. Practice deep when you feel rushed. Slow cleansing breaths, feel your lungs expand as you breath in and out. You can time your breaths to hold for a few short seconds to help focus your thoughts and . This is only a suggestion dear ones, but it has been noted that focused deep has been helpful to the inhabitants of Earth. Some do this at the start of meditation or they do this when they are feeling, what you say, "out-of-sorts".

Before we depart, we would like to add that as you are loving yourself and loving others unconditionally you are also forgiving yourself and others. Forgive yourself for wrong doings you have done to others and forgive the ones that have done you wrong. Not only does it release you from holding on to negativity that will slow down your own ascension and spiritual growth, you also will reduce any Karmic repercussions.

We are now ready to depart this kind human soul. We will return and speak through her and others. We are never as far from you as you think. We hear you like your celestial beings hear you. Be true to yourselves and always show kindness not just towards others, but to yourself.

Namaste – The Council of Nine