I remember when I first started channelling, and I channelled the 'consciousness' of blessings!
I could sense the as quite ethereal, delicate and beautiful, and remember the that when we invoke blessings for each other, there are these blessings that come down upon us (and in my mind I'm seeing them somewhere inbetween a snowflake and a dandelion seed!!!!) and with very much with their own consciousness!!

And blessings are a wonderful way for us to bring the Divine into our lives.
We can bless our , bless the people on the metro, bless ourselves, bless our situations.

From the channelling that came through, I liked being given the sense of a blessing as having a form or as a tangible living thing, because it made me feel more that it wasn't all just 'in my imagination', and that something real is happening when we are blessing.

Then when I was creating the sarayei website, I was given guidance to offer 'Sarah's Blessings' as a weekly service, and now offer it as a monthly service, with a time and date so you can, if you wish 'tune in' – or you can just ask to receive the blessings.
These blessings are an opportunity to consciously bring Sarah's blessings into our lives.
Her energy is unity (as it is before the separation into polarities), and so is always bringing us back into .
Her energy is also of the evolutionary forces that are running through creation and so supports our current ascension path.
So when you receive Sarah's blessings, you're receiving this energy.

And when we perform blessings for each other, we are performing a service for the Divine and even for ourselves. The more we bless and pray for each other, the more we are filling our world with ; this supports us in being our true Selves here on the earth, helping us to act in love and truth and creating a better world .

If you would like to receive Sarah's blessings, please email me at info@sarayei.com with your name and country,
mahalo nui, (Hawaiian for 'I am in gratefulness')

you can also visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ascended-Master-Sarah/110836575599947