20 July 2011  

Channeler: Julie Miller

A message from Archangel Azrael

What a wonderful day it is fine dear people to be able to speak to you through this soul today.

I am Archangel Azrael, known as the angel of death. Death is not always about your physical body dying and your spirit leaving its shell and moving on to the next phase of yourself. The death I am here to talk about and help you with is when you go back to the areas in your life that are negative and you are ready to remove them and move on. What you are doing dear ones is watching a death of an old way of being, and you are then allowing yourself to fully be released into the newer way of being. Its a concept many of you are adopting and some are finding it difficult.

Its okay to say goodbye to ways that are now causing you to stunt your spiritual growth. You are not meant to be stagnat my dear souls. You are learning on your own how much possibility is out there for you and you want to learn all you can and be all you can be. And we of the Divine applaud you for this.

It is so very hard to adopt new ways and accept ideas that at one time you would never consider. But we are all experiencing a great wave of change, and part of that change is your ability to accept all beings with your great ability to love unconditionally and accept people no matter their differences, because really they are not all that different. All of you have the capacity to love in the purest of intent. Being able to accept such a huge change is big dear ones.

Transititional times are always difficult and for some its never at a good time, but that is also when you learn the most about yourself. You learn what is really good and positive and what is not. What is not is your chance to make changes and say goodbye to what is not so good and replace it with characteristics that really say who you are. Not only are you beings of light, filled with enormous love. You are complex beings. Through all the complexities that make you who you are, you are encouraged to maintain your faith in yourself.

You have read warning messages about additional earthquakes and other natural disasters that are imminent which will unfortunately take lives. This will be a sad time for all involved. You are to remember these dear, brave souls have agreed to do this before they were born in this lifetime. I and other beings will be there to guide their way from this world and into their next life, or what is intended for them. And I will be there to guide the ones that will be in grieving for the ones that seek grief councelling. I will support you in my gentle way and help get you through those rough times.

These natural disasters that cause death are also part of the transition process, not just for you but for the Earth also. The Earth Mother, Gaia is also going through a transition. She is cleansing the Earth, and preparing it for the future that is coming. All the shaking, and exploding is not because she is angry with anyone. This cleansing is not the first time either, but this is one of the biggest. During the transition time for yourself and the Earth, its important to remain focused where you are and to continue to accerate your own growth of discovering who you are. Don't allow others that don't see as you do, dampen your thirst for knowledge and from becoming who you are meant to be. Each of you has a purpose and each of you are equally special. There is no person on your beautiful Earth who is more gifted or more important. It is true you each have your own contributions to make and they will be slightly different because you are all unique and have unique abilities. Besides that, we of the divine love each of you just the same.

I also work within the Amethyst crystal, for those of you who like to use stones and crystals. Call upon me at anytime when you are in need of additional support with your transitions or you are grieving over the loss of a loved one. My way is very subtle and gentle. You may not know I am there. You will have to trust your intuition that I heard your call. Your call is not necessarily using my name, you are asking for support, guidance, help, strength and many others areas that you will require at the time of your need, I will be there with you.

As I prepare to leave this kind soul, I would like to advise you dear ones to not fear the transitions you are facing or going to face. They come throughout your life, and so far you have succeeded with grace and honour and you will again and again, in your own way and in your own time. You are not to rush the changes that are to happen, you are to savour the experience and grow from the lessons.

Take care my dear ones. I love all of you equally and I have faith that you will do well in anything you set your heart on because you are a being of unconditional love.

And so it is, Archangel Azrael