19 July 2011

Channeled through Wes

Hello friends!! Smile My Pleiadean brothers and sisters and I give this latest message to all in Love Smile

As these constructs of illusion begin to fade away, many are putting up boundaries to keep themselves immersed in their own aspects of illusion. The reason behind this is that many are feeling overwhelmed by all of these new personal changes, and the crucial time has come to choose between the reality they once knew and this new divine reality that is knocking on their door. We are with the ones who are struggling at all times, we have such a deep sense of Love and Understanding towards all of you souls who are going through rough times. As you allow these illusions to simply fade away from your perspective you will find the Love and Harmony that has for so long been waiting for you on the other side of the spectrum. We understand that many think they can not get past these barriers that are holding them back, we wish you to know that these barriers were formed by you and can only be taken down by you. As many sit and wait for an outside force to intervene in their lives and make them happy, we wish you to know that this is simply not how it works. You will find that in our dealings we work within the specific laws of nature, as we being harmonious with all of creation, wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are very many issues that will need dealt with on your surface once we arrive officially, and you all will be taking place in these earth changes more than you realize at present. Many have already begun to get involved, be that through Lightwork or just doing everything they can to help their planet and fellow man, which in itself is Lightwork even if the perpetrator doesn’t realize it. We are so very proud of all of you who have awakened to your true identities and kept strong in your truth in the face of so much darkness from those around you. It is a seemingly impossible task that you have all undergone and came out of. We wish you to know that nothing ever stops, everything is always moving and vibrating at a certain frequency. You are all growing constantly and right now, for instance, you are all moving upwards on the ladder of your awakening. For many this has been an uncomfortable process, as we mentioned earlier it is hard to let go of all that one was previously used to.

Regarding the commencement of disclosure, we wish we could give more care to those souls who are truly not yet ready to know about us, but for the sake of everyone else we must now be very swift. So many of you feel a loose connection to the divine, but this connection is brought about in the confines of ones own ego, many distortions are blocking so many who wish to make a breakthrough in their spiritual progress. As much as we wish we could simply dissipate all of the boundaries away from one that is holding one back (and we have the means to do so) as we said above, these boundaries were formed by you, and must be dissipated away by you! There is no soul that is forgotten about, but we must let you all be responsible for your own Karma. We can however work with you all to take down these boundaries, while we can’t do the work for you we are delighted to help you move up on the spiritual ladder, so to speak. We have been doing so for a millennia, as once one ascends helping other dense souls back to the higher vibrations becomes the biggest priority. If it was up to us and your creator, you would all be whisked right back up to the heavenly realms. However, we know that you all have very many constructs of illusion to work within until you are ready to ascend, and being taken up to the higher dimensions if one is not ready can be devastating. It is the same way that we cannot venture into the lower vibrations lest we wish to incarnate upon your earth, as one must always be matched with the vibratory level they are comfortable with.

Our is constantly monitoring the events that play out on the ground, and where we are allowed we step in and intervene to make the situation easier for all involved. We are obliged to honor the principle Law of Freewill when involved with every being upon your planet. We are well aware of the many injustices that occur daily, and know that every being is experiencing situations based on their own karma and personal history. These words will not resonate with some, but that is ok as eventually they will find this truth for themselves. You are all on your own scale of growth and know that the individual achievements you are making are contributing to the whole more than you realize. The work that many of you are currently doing is work that you were prophesied to be doing at this time, and of course we speak of your Lightwork. Indeed, when all of these changes really begin it will be not us but you all who will be leading the way. We have simply come to help, and introduce new concepts and ideas about Life that you have all previously been kept back from receiving or knowing. Once you begin to refamiliarize yourselves with every aspect of the Divine, much remembrance will be surfacing that will see you all taking both control and responsibility of your planet, and letting nothing get in the way of your healing Her.

As ego and illusion fade away, they will both attempt to rope all of you into either joining their sinking ship or attempting to attract others to said ship. This is your personal and planetary ‘battle’ that has been in place for a long time, but know that the individual battles you are experiencing are mirrors of the much bigger battle that has been ongoing for some time. We of the Light have always wished to live in Harmony with the dark, but it does not seem to be the dark’s nature. We know that this is ok as every soul presently that is of the dark will eventually move on and ascend back to the Light, and so the cycle will continue. As we have said many times and through many channelers, creation is infinite and the cycle of growth never ceases. Many fear the transition of death, we wish you to know that death is not the end of life, it is simply the beginning of the next phase of your cycle of growth. The dark has both created and played upon your fears of death by creating ‘entertainment’ that reinforces the illusory ‘scary’ aspects of this simple transition. Depending on one’s vibratory level when one passes on, the realms of Nirvana can be seen as both Heavenly and Harmonious. It does not take long for one to rediscover one’s own abilities after passing on, as in Nirvana it is once again realized that you are all infinite beings of Light who are capable of anything. We quite enjoy watching the transition from physical Life back to Life in the spirit realms, as the joy a soul experiences once they rediscover their limitlessness echoes throughout all of creation. Earth is the best planet for producing this kind of joy, as for most of you, surface life on earth can prove to be limiting. We wish you to know that this sense of being limited on earth is completely false, and is a construct that was in fact created by you!

Many of the things that hold one back, actually originate from the very same soul experiencing said things. You all subconsciously create reasons why you cant do this or that, and hold yourselves back immensely. We wish this wasn’t so but at the same time accept that it is part of your growth. You will find yourselves tested quite a bit in these times, for a while it may seem like one test after another, one initiation after another. You are all moving into the higher realms with your planet at an unprecedented fast pace, much faster than the usual for a planetary or personal ascension. We wish we could communicate to you how big this whole gradual event really is, and what a victory it is for all involved!! Many of you are just beginning to sense the enormity of these changes.

Events have begun to play out on the world stage that are vastly reflecting the need for change. Many exposures are coming into manifestation with your media, and this is just the beginning. Like a snowball, the revelations will continue to grow and grow until the dark ones on your planet are fully exposed for what they are. This is a momentous time to be in, especially now since real change is finally beginning!

Stay strong everybody, and hold on for this wild ride is just about over, and a new ride is just beginning. We Love you all so much, please know that no matter how far one dips down into darkness, they are always Loved unconditionally and thanks to you all, it is now known that a soul truly can immerse themselves in the purest forms of darkness and come out of it all as a shining divine being!

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-