Channeled by Wesley


Many have begun to notice the subtle yet powerful changes taking place in themselves. has always been both a harmonious and completely real event, and the reality of what is occurring is beginning to become apparent to many. You have all went through many cycles of initiation and are now reaching a point where you are seeing the fruits of your labors. For many this is an amazing occurrence, for some who are not yet fully integrated this giant leap in is having it’s negative effects. To any who are struggling, we tell you that these effects caused by your recent venture further into the higher vibrations can be dissipated away by keeping yourselves connected to your own inner Divinity at all times. Aligning with your personal spirituality is the best thing to do right now, for this place of inner knowing is the place you are all fast approaching. We recognize the difficulty of this next stage in advancement, and know that you are all surrounded by heavenly beings constantly that are working to make your situations and experiences as easy as we can.

We ask of you all to begin recognizing the changes that are coming into manifestation. Many of you have felt very recently a &;leap’ in your understanding of things, and in your tolerance of third dimensional situations. As you have begun to advance into higher realms you find yourselves uncomfortable in third dimensional situations, keep in mind these are situations you have experienced thousands of times in thousands of lives, only now they are seeming to get a little more difficult to handle. As we said, this is because of your own leap in consciousness, and you can see this happening as a reason to celebrate! Your consciousness is rising away from that of the third dimension! We do understand that this happening makes difficult for some, as even though you have advanced you are still finding yourselves amongst those who haven't. We feel for those that feel alienated in their beliefs, and as we said before there are actually very many beings around you resonating at a higher vibratory frequency, though many of them are not human. Those awakened the most on surface at this point are those of the plants and animals.

Many don’t realize how important plants and animals are in everyone’s lives, they are advanced souls in spirit though they seem to lack physical smarts to some. Many wonder how animals can be considered advanced and spiritual if they are perceived to be killing and eating each other all the time, we wish you to know that this is not the natural way of the animals. As they did to many on Earth, the Annunaki and their dark minions altered the DNA of the animals to make their physical aspects more of a lower vibratory nature. Much was done in the way of extracting important glands that were actually torsion fields to the higher dimensions. Because of all of this, the animal kingdom has been left with a deep innate spiritual knowledge that is covered up by lower dimensional instincts. This will come to change once we are able to work openly with you. What has been said about the animals can also apply to the humans in a sense; as we mentioned humanity was also victim of these genetic alterations. Many are too caught up in their lower dimensional ego lives to be able to work past their issues and ascend, this is because of the ‘vehicle’ they are stuck in.

Many wonder why any soul would incarnate in these ancient forms of expression (our bodies), as they leave a soul with little room for true expression. Many, many souls wish to be on Earth in your ancient bodies at present, both because Earth is one of the best planets for learning intense lessons, and because of this time of ascension, which is to be such a marvelous event. You all on Earth are going to have such a detached sense of pride in yourselves, when we say this we mean that you will feel pride for what you have accomplished with your planetary ascension, but your ego will not harbor any of this pride, and the wonderful feelings generated from said pride will forever be grid-locked in your akashic records, to be reviewed upon and enjoyed at any time.

Much is happening that is clearing the way for the events leading to your ultimate rise in consciousness. These events of course are disclosure and first contact on your world, as once this is brought about we will be able to share more with you about what is happening to your bodies, minds, souls and planet. You are entering such high vibrations as to where you will need our help, so you can become familiar with what is occurring. We have been waiting so long for our reunion with you, oh how joyous and tremendous it is to be! You will see us as familiar brethren and sistren, and much will be shared concerning our past together. Let’s just say that all of you on the ‘ground crew’ have been with the much longer than you have been on Earth. You Lightworkers are warriors for peace, and since your first individual ascensions so long ago, you have been spreading Light to every area of creation. For many this experience on Earth has by far been the most difficult assignment, but it really just goes to show how strong you all are for bringing this success into being!

We have said this many times, and will continue to remind you that old memories are beginning to resurface of your former divinity, that which you are returning to. When a soul incarnates upon Earth as a baby, they are vibrating at a much higher frequency than that of the adults. This is because they are still very familiar with their divinity, they are simply now expressing their godselves upon the physical plane of Earth. Many of you have memories of your divinity from when you were babies and young children, as sad as it is those memories are usually gradually replaced with physical earthly memories, as one can’t help but succumb to the influences around them, and most of the time the influences are of a lower vibration. This is for a reason, as even though in Nirvana and as babies all can feel their divinity, they are still on a cycle of spiritual growth on Earth. You can see the transition into the realms of Nirvana, or ‘death’ as a break from the Earth game. Think of Earth as a school, and the death transition is summer vacation. All of your higher dimensional abilities are returned to you in Nirvana, as long as you are willing to accept them as real after said transition. Many do, and many find a quick remembrance in their true selves. You are granted as much ‘time’ as you wish while in Nirvana because in this reality time doesn’t exist. You have all incarnated in different times in Earth’s history to learn specific lessons.

We know this can be hard for some to understand, but think of it like this: Perhaps one has done something of a lower nature in their past life, because of this they choose to incarnate in a time period where negative deeds are prevalent, because this soul needs to balance out their Karma. Now, imagine they have went through that life and balanced out their Karma, now they are at a higher level of physical understanding for having had the experience, and thus they can incarnate in a better year where divinity is most prevalent. This is a concept that will be hard for some to swallow, we can even feel our channeller having trouble understanding these concepts. To be a little more black and white about it, one can incarnate in, say, 1933, and choose to have their next incarnation in Atlantean times! Linear time is nonexistent in these realms, and you are all able to do oh so much more than you realize!

The tones and waves of healing and growth are reaching your planet and your bodies at such pure levels, as we said before this can be a difficult integration process for many still entrenched in the lessons of duality. We recommend that you all be persistent in both meditation and centering. Some new developers of meditation can have trouble clearing their talkative minds when attempting meditation, there are many things that can be done to get past the boundaries of mind. Holding the tone of a mantra with the focus of meditation and reaching deeper level of understanding can help to quell that voice in your head that won’t seem to go away. There are also frequencies one can listen to that will acclimate them with the higher dimensions more, such as Solfeggio Frequencies. These are recommended for meditation, and must be used in the correct focus to see results from. The most important thing, however, is getting past this barrier of mind yourself. It is difficult at first, and can be quite an obstacle for a developing soul. The key is not to get rid of mind’s chatter, but to detach from it. Once you are detached from the chatter of the mind, you can feel the thoughts going in and out of your head but they are not affecting your ability to stay clear. You become one with these thoughts, and are able to focus upon them for a quick microsecond, and let them go! As you reach deeper levels of both meditation and understanding, mind and ego gradually wear off more and more. This is not something that simply happens, rather you initiate the departure of ego from yourselves. Many have been caught up in this process for many lifetimes.

We send our Pure Love to all who reads our words, know that once you get past all of the frustrating illusions, you will find your heart center, where your divinity and so much more is waiting to once again be with you!

Permission is given to post anywhere. Channeled by Wes