2 angels

enters my awareness

with a message for those who are

currently experiencing ..



for you see…as many of you already know

~all is well~


and yet at times…even though you know

that this is the perfect of

still a sadness creeps in…things are changing

rapidly…relationships are changing..often times

suddenly…nothing is feeling like it can be

"held onto" any more…


precious hearts………that is because…in this

your New Now these is no more "holding onto"

there is only allowing what is..loving what is

and being love..creating with love

versus creating your own version

of love…


anything that is a or a false love

will be "up for review"..


in other words…any area where you are

truly not loving your Self…the Self

that Is YOU…


this is for those dear ones..


This is i…your beloved jeshua…


you must release the sadness

that many of you are feeling

as you let go of so much in your lives

that truly is only a temporary ..

allow and release any sadness that comes

up in any moment..


it is simply all unlike love that you have

created from beliefs you have held deep within

such as a lack of self worth…a need to be loved.

from outside of yourself..


a need to project your fears onto others..

your deep yearning to remember the union

of Love and love… and ..

as one Explosive union…


You see…your sadness is an effect of

your belief that you and all are separate

from love…….you believe it is about what is

going on outside of you…


yet it is simply ancient wounds rising to the

surface asking for your ..your love

it is all about what is going on within you…



it is not that you do not see the innocence of

these arisings ….for deep within you see…


to ~see ~       which is to ~feel with~

 the True Heart

that all are innocent…


these moments bring you gifts so

that you may release deep ancient

wounds…..thank these angels who bring

these gifts….always be in gratitude for

what is arising..


you are doing fine..

you are embracing what they are showing

you is deep within and you are changing

your mind to live as your True Self..

your Authentic Self…that which extends love..


so……..as some "forms" fall away in these

moments……….allow the sadness because

they are simply effects of past creations

that need to leave your auric field..


allow the release so that you can be a clear

field of pure love…

as you allow the flow….the release..

you do this for the Whole..


Your True Self is arising

and as it does all that is residue

of only one thing…fear

is being pushed up so that it can

dissolve …be set free………

setting your Self free precious hearts..


from where we "see"

you are "lighting" the world..


oh…precious hearts….know this to be true..

do not wonder any more…stand in your knowingness

that what you are doing is miraculous…


the love we feel for each and everyone of you

could be felt if you closed your eyes

and saw us on our knees washing your feet…

caressing your ankles……..gazing into your eyes

with gratitude and deep pure admiration…

i believe your word "adornment"

would ~ sum it up~…


trust in yourself…love yourself deeply as

i love you…


your beloved brother…