There is a with which we all agree…

a new path is coming.

There is a point with which we all agree…

there is much more than what your physical sight allows you to see.

There is a point that all of you are experiencing at this  – your internal awakening.

We know that there is more beyond the horizon than what your eyes can see.

We know that you search signals of a broader existence everywhere.

We know that you are waiting for signals.

Dear brothers and sisters, what you are looking for is within you.

The signals are within your 's essences that is claiming for an awaking.

You are free to walk unbelievable distances.

Please go ahead,  even if you see beyond your physical eyes can reach.

Please go ahead, as all is revealed at the right time, at the right moment.
Who are you, that are walking the valley of the shadows?

Who are you that are walking the valley from the desperate? 

Who are you,  that are walking and telling the good news to everybody?

Who are you, that are walking between so many thorns?

Who are you, that are walking through the valley of suffering?

Who are you, that even with your suffering and pain you bring joy to many souls?

Who are you, that are raising in front of so many that speak the opposite of Light?

Who are you, that dare to speak of things never spoken before?

Who are you, that share everything and even more than you have?

Who are you?

Who are you, that walk in the opposite direction?

Who are you that pronounce words that touch the soul?

Who are you?

Who are you, that believe even when hope is hanging by a thread?

Who are you that simply believe in a better world?

Who are you?
But on the other side, all of you will be facing the great truth.

There will be no place for durable materials or influences.

Ah! Dear Ones,  standing before the absolute truth shows us  how it is necessary to seek True Consciousness.

True Consciousness makes you free.

We become aware of our actions, because everything that is planted will be harvested.

Do not think that all you do here will not have an echo on the other side.

Dear Ones, life goes on, but on the other side of the veil, you cannot manipulate.

You will be what you have built in this and other existences.

There will come a day when you will open the windows.

There will come a day when all of you will share the same landscape.

There will come a day  when all will contemplate the same starry sky.

There will come a day when everyone will wake up.

There will come a day you will be the breadth of your being.

There will come a day where you will be beyond what you see.

There will come a day when looking around you, you will see only the Light.

There will come a time  when all the windows will open.

There will come a time  when you will reach beyond the stars.

There will come a time  when you will be just you, the purest essence of God.

Although we touched you, you still would not believe it.

Although we showed you a world far beyond what you see,  you still would not believe it.

Although we pronounced profound and beautiful words of Love, you still would not believed them.

Dear Ones, the awakening can only be achieved when every Touch, every Vision and every Word touch your soul's essence.

It is not enough to speak,  if you do not do it.

It is not enough to show,  if you do not believe it.

It is not enough to pronounce words , if they do not touch you.

All starts in you.

You are the world and the world is you.

We are part of you.

We are all connected.

The only difference is that we are in different tunings.

But that is not enough to prevent our Light from reaching all of you.

Love is the supreme Light, it breaks all barriers.

Love is our greatest weapon.

We can never be evolve if not for Love.

Even if pain brings you to walk the path of Light, if you remain there, it is because you discovered something else.

It was through Love.

Beloved ones, we are all Light.

Entity: Intergalactic Confederation of Light

Channelling through the Group 'We Are Light in Action' on 07-06-2011