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Monday, 6 June, 2011  (posted 11 July, 2011)  

Every form of refers to a time aspect, past, present or future. The one we choose depends on what we want from our interaction, who we are talking to, where we need healing or and whether we feel powerful or vulnerable with that person or in that situation. The aspect we choose also depends on where we feel powerful. If we feel powerful in the past because we feel successful and validated there, then our communications will strongly refer to the past. The present is powerful if we feel validated in the . And we can feel powerful about the future if we are speaking to someone who supports us and our dreams.

While we can feel most powerful about the past because it's a known quantity and no one can argue with it, it has happened, the past is also subjective, open to interpretation, filtered and we're stuck in it. If we want healing and validation, then our conversation will be in the past. And we will ask questions like 'why' and 'what if' and ask for answers or validation. The next step is to move into the present but if we don't fee powerful or complete with the past the next step won't happen.

Do we want someone to help, or validate us? Then we may guide the conversation to the future. This is one way we manipulate others into giving us what we may be afraid to ask for directly, to have them commit to dreams that we may not be entirely sure of. Being in the future is also one way of avoiding the details of the past and present, as it is where we hope that things will change or be better. And when our communication is in the future, we also hope that whoever we are talking to is going to help make it true.

When we are grounded in our own being and power, secure and confident about our capability, not requiring validation or support, other than that which is freely given to us and healed and whole from the past, we are in the present moment. How many of our conversations take place there? Only the ones in which we are clear and comfortable, with ourselves, our situation, our presence and our light. They are the conversations that begin with "I am", said as a statement, not asked as a question. And when we ground our conversations in the present we give ourselves the healing we want from the past and set the foundation for a healed, whole future, alight with our potential because we know who we are and are firmly grounded in our own presence and are in the present.

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