Hello to any dear soul reading this. smiley I would like to take some time to discuss the ones who are holding back our evolution. These groups have many names, the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, dark cabal ect..When thier actions are exposed to the world, so many people will be in shock and awe as to how we were all tricked into believing an orchestrated reality. Many will lash out with anger towards these souls that caused this, and many in the know are already lashing out. Please know that what they have done to us over the last century or so is completely unnacceptable, and I do not condone any of the actions taken by them, especially clinging to power while so many of us struggle to survive. I myself have sent my fair share of hate to these souls, but I ask you, if we are sending hate these souls’ way then are we no better than them?

Soon, every dark action this group of souls has ever committed are going to be exposed, and they are terrified of this. Their fear of what is going to happen to them is literally what is keeping them clinging to power, as they know once they are taken out of power then their exposure will truly begin. They are to be put on trial for their crimes, but please remember that these trials are not for the purpose of blind revenge against these souls, but simply to expose their actions. The time of hate is over, and this is something to remember as we begin to watch the exposure of these dark souls unfold. When you learn everything they have done to us, you will be extremely tempted to hate them. My challenge to all who are reading this- Every day, until the trials of these dark souls and during, send them as much pure, unconditional Love as you can. As was stated by SaLuSa, Love is the ultimate weapon that can soften the hardest of hearts. We must show these dark souls that we understand the grippings of greed, lust for power and pure ego, as we have all become victims of these traits at one time or another. As hard as it may be for some to believe, these souls actually came here and did these dark deeds to HELP us.

Now bear with me, just a few decades ago the collective darkness of the planet was so overwhelming that our dear Earth was close to death. It was at this time that it was agreed we were ready to be away from this darkness, and ready to ascend. Immediately a divine plan began forming, and very many advanced souls from the sixth dimension stepped up to be the reflectors of our collective darkness, by showing us on a global scale the dark deeds we had been commiting that were hurting us and our planet. People needed to wake up to the darkness all around them, as indeed we were all in a state of blissful ignorance to our own darkness. It was decided that the only way for us to realize our darkness was to see it play out in our own bodies of government. It was therefore decided that these brave advanced souls would incarnate as our ‘leaders’ and balance the karmic scale by showing us our acts of destruction. Nothing wakes people up more than being betrayed by their own elected government.

Playing these roles required picking up the personality traits of greed, lust for power and pure egotism. These souls were weary of picking up these traits as they are EXTREMELY hard to pry off of oneself, as evidence of what is happening now. Showing such courage, these souls incarnated upon our dense plane and fulfilled these roles excellently. Of course, the problem as I mentioned before is that the traits of greed, lust and ego are terribly hard to pry off of ones behaivior patterns. These souls became so addicted to their roles that they refused (or so they thought) to give up their control over us and over our planet. Set aside whatever hatred you may feel for them, and know that they truly did come to help us and got caught up in thier own darkness, which happens to all of us from time to time.

As I said before, I am NOT excusing the actions of these souls. So many of us have had to suffer needlessly on a global scale, because of their egos. You must know though, that NO action is excused or looked over in the “higher court of lifeprint review” in Nirvana. When we pass on, we are shown our lives and everyone we impacted in any way, big or small. We feel whatever hurt we made anybody else feel. We feel whatever joy we made anybody else feel. Now, imagine how many people these souls have tortured, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in any other way. Once these souls pass on, they are going to feel EVERY LITTLE BIT of pain they have ever caused anybody. The christian view of Hell would be a vacation compared to what these dark ones will have to experience in the ‘higher court of lifeprint review’. Not to mention the conditions they will have to incarnate under after this life to balance out their own Karma (poor and starving, miserable all the time, just as they have forced other souls to experience)

So before you decide to show these souls more hate, think of all they have went through (and it’s only gonna get terribly worse for them) just to help us all balance out our Karma and ascend with Dear Gaia. These souls have made HUGE sacrifices for us, and I for one couldn’t love them more for it. I ask you to ponder my words in the days and weeks ahead.

In Love and Light for all dear souls smiley