15 July 2011  

Julie Miller

achieved from daily communications with Ascended
July 15, 2011

It is always a beautiful day when I get to speak to so many beautiful and enlightened souls. Before I begin dear ones, I would like to let this dear one that I am speaking through know how grateful I am that she accepted my presence and my message.

I would like to speak today dear ones about perception from daily communications and the wisdom that is hiding within what is taking place. There is wisdom to be learned at every corner dear ones.

I have seen many new ones just awakening and they want to have everything already learned without the effort of learning. Learning and becoming fully enlightened is an on-going process and it is not to be rushed. Even the ones who seem so well learned and so wise, are able to learn more and become even wiser.

Much of your wisdom comes from living during certain hardships in this lifetime, and some of your wisdom comes from a previous life. Another area of your wisdom is from communications with others. In your daily interactions, either from the phone, Internet, conversations that take place in , etc., all have numerous possibilities for renewed wisdom and learnings.

You don't always need to look for the deeper meaning of what is going on. Sometimes the reunion of a friend is simply that, going over memories. But even a meeting such as that creates a moment of shared wisdom. You tell your stories, they tell theirs and so on. Sometimes a deeper respect for the other is achieved or quite the opposite. It is during these interactions that sometimes a person can evaluate themselves on how far they have come. Everyone has their own obstacles to face. None are exactly alike. Everyone has suffered at one time or another, and that is the common ground, not the particulars. The accepting that he or she is like you is a big step. You are not better than the friend and the friend is not better you. What also makes a difference is how you handle these obstacles, and much do you let them effect your life and your spiritual growth.

Someone of deep spiritual enlightenment will know what to do. They will know to seek guidance from their guides, to meditate, find time for themselves for inner work, accept the feelings they are experiencing and understand them for what they are.

But dear ones, there are some people that have a hard time with this. They require others to figure out what it is they need to do. And really dear ones, the ones they seek, can only suggest as the obstacle the other person is facing is theirs and what works for one may not work for the other. All of you dear ones are so unique and have your own ways that work when dealing with troubling issues.

Always dear ones work from your core in all matters. Its so easy to allow that troublesome to step in, but your will not help you, it will only make things worse. Sometimes dear ones, you must step outside of that comfort zone you have built around you and grasp other ideas and ways. And you very well may find ways that appeal, or resonate with you. That is when you grow dear children. And we clap our hands together applauding this new growth.

As each of you are very unique from one another, your perception on an article or conversation can very different also. We of the divine find that wonderful. What one person thinks doesn't make the other person wrong necessarily, just means they see things from a different perspective. I do suggest dear ones that when you are offering your opinion or what you think is the message, speak from the heart. Many times I have watched many dear children speak from their ego, and the words that come out are hurtful. What I have also witnessed dearest ones is that there is still many passing judgments and assumptions. One that speaks from the heart does not pass judgment or make assumptions, they speak with the purest intent. And I know this is hard sometimes. When you are feeling especially overcome by strong words that you know quite easily can be harmful, step back and see what is happening. Think if you were in their shoes, would you want a hurtful comment or words said to you. You say you would not care, but we of the divine know differently dear ones.

I wish for all the children here on Earth to love each other unconditionally. When you see something you do not understand dear ones, simply ask for further explanation. Seek council from your guides, they will also guide you and support you. When you know you are about to communicate strongly on another person's ideas, simply thank them for what they have shared and be done with it. By taking the higher road, you have achieved greater wisdom. You all have something to share dear children. And there is so much you can learn from each other especially when you open your hearts fully, and put aside your differences.

I will soon depart this kind soul. Do not hesitate dear ones to call upon me. My name is pronounced, Koot Hoomi. When sorrow or disappointments invade your being call upon me. I will help transform those dark moments into mystical states of joy and happiness with the light from my unconditional love.

It was indeed a pleasure dear ones to speak to you of this. Until I speak through her again, and I will, love each other, grow together, help others when they ask, take time for yourselves for reflection and spiritual growth. There is so much for you to do and learn dear ones, all is waiting for you to take that big reach to make it happen.

And so it is, Ascended Master,