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By Emmanuel – Posted on 18 July 2011

 We come to you again dear ones with a message FROM YOUR HIGHER PLANES OF EXISTENCE. There are quite a few of you dear souls in your world today who are already going from third dimensional existence and life to fifth dimensional life and existence from one moment to the next, throughout your day as you are seeking another life in a different world. You energy vibrations are raising and lowering all the time throughout you day, and you are therefore not yet able to sustain fifth density vibrations for long periods of time as of yet. And if you were you would be ready to leave this third dimensional planet and life before your allotted time.

You see you must each do your part in this world which is what you came here for in these last days of third dimensional life in the first place. You did not come here to be miserable and to suffer at the hands of the dark ones in the world for nothing. They have their part to play in it all and you have yours. But just as you are not to be judged for the life you came here to live neither are the dark ones as they too have a higher counterpart and therefore a higher purpose, in the higher realms of life and existence, that sent their essence and being into the lower realms of existence to play a part for all of mankind.

We and they are therefore here today to do what we need to do for our own good as well as yours, so that all can move on to the life we all truly wish to move on to. For just as you are all ascending so are we in the higher realms. Because the two different planes of existence are not so much different, but are simply two different counterparts of one another living life on two different levels of existence and density, we all have a common purpose in life.. You are us and we are you, and we do our thinking and living through you just as you receive your life and guidance in life from us.

You see while we are living our lives in third density our third density self is receiving its thoughts from its fifth density and higher counterparts. For your life and existence is coming to you from your spiritual realms of existence as there is actually and truly no life in third density. There is only illusion and manifestation of the illusions in third density. Therefore all of your life and existence is actually in your fourth dimensional world and higher. You as a spirit actually think you are the human and that you are living the life of that human when the truth is you are not. You are living the life of many myriads of different humans and you are therefore a spiritual society and soul group, and are therefore the Macrocosm as well as the Macrocosm.

You are not human and you will never be human until you become the one and only human who is the Grand Man; Macrocosm; and Father God. There are many different names and titles you can give yourself when you become the one being you truly are, but that of course will then be up to you’re choosing in life. For the time being however you must realize that you are like a city; a state; a country; a province; or a world and universe. You are all of these things, and yet you can choose at any time in your new life to be the simplest form which is the microcosm. You can choose to be many or you can choose to be one; the choice will be all yours. While you are living and residing in this three dimensional world of duality however things are a little bit different.

All will ascend because all are spirits and not actual humans. The humans (your material and physical manifestation of your spiritual society and soul group)do not ascend as they go where their soul group goes, or they dissipate in material and physical death, as they come to be no longer needed. We will speak more on this later dear one. While you are awakening in this present world and life (though some are not) you will continue to move from fifth dimensional life to third dimensional life on and off all throughout your day.

When you are in the presence of other humans or animals that possess the illusion of life you are in third density. Why? Because you are not seeing yourself as one but as being separate from the one and existing therefore in duality at the present time. While living in the physical realm or plane of fifth density you will experience life just as you would in third density, except for the fact that you will be the only one in existence and will know this. You will also know that this illusion is similar to third density illusion, except for the fact that one is based on duality and separation while the other is not. Still they are both planes of the illusion. Still one is your inner and spiritual  man and the other is the outer and material and physical man.

You see all material and physical worlds are illusion and every dimension of life possesses this illusion as every plane of existence must possess a material and physical body and form for the spiritual society and soul group that is you. Therefore there is the illusion of your body and form in third density, which includes as well the illusion that there are many like you spread throughout your world in three dimensional life. Then there is the illusion of your body and form in fifth density, and that illusion tells you that you are one, but that you can create another like you, and many more like you even, if you wish in life. Still you will now possess the knowledge that you are one, and that even when you descend back into third density for whatever reason you will still be one and be aware of it, and will be able to interact with many different counterparts who are you as well.

So many of you today are already moving in and out of fifth density life, but choose to return of your own free choosing to third density life so as to help guide others toward their awakening and ascension while helping to prepare those who will remain in third density by aiding in the process of bringing about world peace; world debt forgiveness; world abundance to all equally, and to help bring happiness and sovereignty to the citizens of the three dimensional plane, as many will also remain here when we are gone for good in the realms of fifth density. And so dear ones you have already tasted of fifth dimensional life and many of you know this, and you also know that you cannot just move on to your new life and leave your friends; family; and acquaintances in life to fend for themselves. And so you will do what you came here to do and then you will move on.  

You are the ; you are the ones from other worlds and who claim to be coming here to aid mankind in fixing their world. But you choose to do this through your higher selves descending into third density while retaining the knowledge you presently possess, as well as possessing your lower human counterparts in whatever office of government or service they hold in your world. How do you continue to retain this knowledge? Just as the human who sits here now is receiving our messages from fifth density while believing himself to be in the third dimensional physical body. He can take his higher thoughts and wisdom and put them into the corresponding practices of your world and therefore help your world in the end.

How do you bring peace in your world? Through unconditional love and light being reflected to all your neighbors in the world. How do you bring about world debt forgiveness?  By causing unconditional love and light to be reflected to all citizens of the world, and knowing what it takes in your three dimensional world to bring this about. Those of fifth density can not do this as they do not live in your world. you can however, while being attached to your fifth dimensional counterpart. How do you bring about the world prosperity and abundance funds? By reflecting unconditional love and light to the citizens of the world. Through your three dimensional self being connected to your fifth dimensional counterpart. All of these things dear ones can be manifested in your world before you go off to fifth dimensional life for good.

You see the human we are connected with at this moment goes back and forth from third to fifth density all the time. If and when he chooses to bring back certain wisdom and truths from those realms he can do so as long as he writes down on paper what he saw or heard in fifth density, and sometimes realms even higher. Because he can do this so too is it the case that many other humans today can do the same, and are in fact doing so as we speak. We have given the human race so much wisdom and truths through the messages we have sent to them to date now, they have written many of these messages down, and they now know what it will take to change their world for the better of all mankind. And they are doing so even as we speak dear ones.

And so you who read our words at this time must keep in mind now that those who say they will come to your world to aid you in repairing your world and making it a better place for future three dimensional generations to live are all you in the future so to speak. They are representations of you in other words that have gone off in ascension long ago, and have now prepared a place for you to join them as well once you soon come to ascend and move on to fifth density and higher. You will indeed see people in crafts that you have never seen before and these will be the people and crafts you have created in the days that have recently passed, as you are moving into becoming your higher self and are therefore on the threshold of becoming the creator you always were, while at the same time being able to pick and choose your creations at this day, because you are now awakening and aware of just who you are.

So again we say those who are coming are coming for those who will remain here and those who will leave the surface of the planet so as to move on to another three dimensional planet somewhere out there in the stars. There are three choices that will be available to the human race at this day in time. One will be ascension; one will be to remain here on the present mother earth and die a natural death; and the last will be to move off planet with those who will come in their ships very soon. It is you dear ones who must make the choice however as we cannot make it for you. And remember this: There will be no right or wrong choices, only free will choices of all souls. Still no matter what your choice comes to be dear ones, we wish to let you know that you will all live out your days wherever you go, in peace; happiness; and abundance. This we promise you all!

And so, we get to the end of our message to you dear ones. At this time we would like to say that all things in the days ahead will be done according to order, and there will be no mass confusion as some would come to believe in these days. If you decide to remain here on mother earth and die a natural death it will be because you know no different and this is what you will believe to be the right decision – and no one will be able to tell you different! You will therefore (according to what we are about to do for you) live out the remainder of your days in third density life in peace; happiness; and abundance in life. Those who leave this surface of your planet mother earth will experience the same wherever they go as well. Those who continue to live their lives in fear however will experience back in their lives what they pout out to others from this day forward. So if they seek peace and happiness in life they will receive it without doubt dear ones. For all will continue to get back in life what they sow in life. This no one can change ever as it is a .

Still if we did not come as you predestined for us to do dear ones the world would have suffered immensely. Because we will come they will not suffer but will all get the chance to live out their dreams in life, and go on to live the future life they so desire. If therefore dear ones you have a family member who believes nothing you tell them about the awakening and ascension then that is their life’s plan and destiny. Because you are now a being who must allow for the free will of all you must therefore permit your friends and family their free will in their decisions for their apparent future lives. When you therefore get to your fifth dimensional life they will all be there waiting on you. At the same time you will remain here as your third dimensional counterpart and be with them until they live out their days and are then absorbed one day soon by their fifth density counterparts as well.

The children however will all go in ascension as they cannot be trusted with this decision in life any more than you could be trusted with your life in third density. For it is the life of your fifth dimensional counterpart that has led you all your days and kept you for the most part out of trouble, while still allowing you to fulfill your contract to play the parts in life you were always meant to play in third density life. In other words you have been greatly protected throughout your life, just as you would come to protect your children dear ones. So we say again the children will all ascend. Will they be children in fifth density?  no!  They will not!  There are no animals and no children in fifth density, though you will be able to see animals and your children any time you please.. And if you are to go in ascension you will be able to accept these words at this time dear ones.

You are to be one in fifth density, in which case all other souls will share your single body and form. To interact with other humans however, all you need do is descend into one of your lower third dimensional forms and you can see and interact with anyone you please. Remember! You are God and you will now be living as a God, possessing many and all abilities in life.

Therefore dear ones some have already ascended and are returning every day to aid or guide those they love into their awakening and ascension as well. Others will awaken and ascend tomorrow – the day after – next week – next month – next year- and so on until all who are to awaken and ascend do so. Those who are in fear of what is to come because they draw fear to themselves in life will go off world and will be just fine, as they too will live out their lives in third dimensional existence. When will the awakening and ascending process be completed? No one knows but the Great source who is the God of all. We do know however dear ones that once the ball gets momentum it all happens very quickly, in which case we would be surprised if there were any souls who had not awakened and ascended by December 21, 2012.

And still this date is “” dear ones as time is illusion and December 21, 2012 could come next week if it were meant to happen. No one knows what date ascension will be complete for the masses. The reason souls in your world are giving dates is because they do not know any better, and should all be forgiven. All will work out fine and on schedule for all souls, no matter where you are to go while heading toward your next life. the spirit of your mother earth knows that when it all begins she will not let up until it is finished, and she appears to be moving along quite rapidly with her changes dear ones. So we say to you, it could be next week when all have ascended or it may be as far off as December 21, 2012. Still this () date is the date that the last soul would come to ascend, and much is surely going to take place in your world dear ones before that time. For by the time the last soul walks through the dimensional doorway your world around you could be a virtual paradise and Garden of Eden.

Be excited dear one – be very excited! It could very well all happen in the twinkling of an eye. For who, does not know that a day with God, is as a thousand years with mankind? We will see you in the halls of the governments dear ones.

We love you all unconditionally and within the all encompassing light  of heaven. We ask that you spread this light to all the citizens of your world as we have you dear ones, as they need it as much as you and us.


We are emmanuel and We love you all as you are we and we are you! 

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