Frank N. Raymond (SunRaymond)
July 28, 2011

>I ask for the highest to speak through me now. I feel lost and in need of some direction. I ask for the highest to speak through me now…whoever wants to speak…do so. I ask for the highest to speak through me now…

I am Aten, I am here…You feel stuck and you know not what you should do at the . And when the turns into another here you sit…asking for guidance. And so it shall be given. You can be likened to those keys of your road vehicle. At once they were trapped into there. And now they are free. Free to jingle. Allow yourself now to jingle. Jingle all the way.

>What does that mean?

To get out of a in the road…you must jingle to be set free. As you jingle you slide further and further out of the . You are too stiff. You need to jingle.

>Mayeen are you around? Can you speak?

[Mayeen] This goes back to what was discussed previously my dear. , must I repeat again dear child? There is much to about. You need not worry. You are out of alignment with most human occupations in which to earn a dollar. So you must be creative. Jingle . Be of Joy because now that is all you have to be of…for you will no longer do what does not serve you. You need not fill another job application form…for very soon you will be needed elsewhere for a time. And even after that…you need not ever be occupied with that which is not serving you. Celebrate…you are simply in a place of hold…but it is necessary that you be on hold to get ready for the next step. Further yourself in the way of ability. Increase your spiritual abilities for you now have that opportunity. It is time…it is time…now is the time. You need not focus on what is financial. You may well never pay a monthly housing bill again. For it is not needed…and soon that system which does not work will crash into a brick wall. It is going faster than ever.

>So what I need to do now is jingle…and further my abilities?

[Mayeen] Yes dear one. It is time.

[Aten] You are being taken to a new level have your master not told you, “Welcome to the next level”? That of the previous level is not working for you anymore. Focus now on what matters. Be of Joy. That will keep your vibrations sufficient enough to manifest the new abilities required of you. You know what you must now do. The choice is yours. Rest that you are well taken care of at all times. You will naturally manifest everything you need and a little of what you want into your reality. Stop worrying about not being able to be in the presence of those you call your students. You will be with them in due time. By doing what you are doing you are helping them on many levels as they are indeed connected to you through the link you speak of with them. You are the leader…follow it. As you follow your own leader within you so too will the children intuitively know the way. It can be likened to the 3 dimensional version of a social memory complex which was an agreement made by you and those souls you care for so dearly. They are in good hands and are adjusting to the upper vibrations in a way suitable for them. You still have your duties with them but for now you must focus on your immediate duties. Now is the time.

[Mayeen] Be care free dear one. Be care free. You are in this place for a reason. You are to be put through a recharging of your being. That will benefit you as no other treatment has. Attend this recharging and you will be transformed into what it is you need to be at that time and on until it becomes time for you to arrive at the next level and so on. What you are about to go through can be likened to what you spoke of earlier about being placed in crystalline light chambers to quicken your consciousness and to quicken your awareness placing you firmly into the next level. For now you are right to tune into the guidance of Solara An-Ra. What you will learn tonight will be of service to you and all those around you. You just need to jungle a little while longer and you will be out of there and ready. Jingle dear one.

>Well Thank You both very much. I enjoyed this 3 way conversation.

[Mayeen] You enjoy the night sweet child.

>I sure will. Thanks Mayeen…Later Aten

[Aten] And to you, we shall speak at a later time. You may wish to contact me after your training with Solara through the video images she releases for you to see.

>Will do Aten.



My second post Today!!
…smiley face.

Earlier today around 3AM, I did a session with Aten and Mayeen together. They suggest it is time for me to further my abilities now so that I may be prepared for whatever is coming. Well…I’m excited!!

At about 4AM this morning I learned from Solara An-Ra and the Councils of Light how to expand and pull in my field. It was so amazing as you can actually feel your own within and around you. As I expanded my field outside of the borders of the valley I live in…I could feel the spirit and/or spirits of nature. It felt very nice; however, I didn’t keep my field extended like that. After a few seconds I drew it back to me at about 2 feet outside of my physical body. I still have more to learn from Solara and will be doing so again tonight.

Just today afternoon I expended my out as far as I can. I would like to think I filled the entire Earth which was surly my intent. As I did that I called out to those who guide and assist me. It went as follows:

Channeled by Frank Raymond (SunRaymond)
The Call

>I ask for the highest and purest energies to flow through me now. To all those that guide and assists me…please state yourself now…

I am Archangel Michael
I am Jeol
I am Aten
I am Ivy
I am Mayeen
I am Jay’Ten

>Okay I shall focus no more. I see I have enough of you to speak with. Thank You very much!!

Ain’t that cool!!?? So whoever whats to contact their Guides…it’s that simple. I can’t wait to speak with another one of mine.