20 August 2011


We come to guide and support at this time and we are BEings from the 7th dimension. We do not need titles and we do not need to explain ourselves at this time as many would not be able to absorb the that we have for humankind at this time. As the vibration of the planet earth heightens then more will be guided and more will be revealed.

We come through this channel at this time to try to explain how the messages are being interpreted by YOU at this time in YOUr human life experience. We note that many are not aware of how the information via the printed word on a page is absorbed by the BEing that is YOU in this human life experience and we wish to guide further to avoid confusion and to confirm to our channel that her use of capitalisation is correct at this point.

As you read the words they are absorbed on many different levels by the BEing that is YOU. For many who have not grasped the concept of multi dimensionality our words and our explanations will make little sense and we ask YOU to read and absorb. There is a deep part of YOU that fully understands the words and how the absorption of messages that are channelled are absorbed by the BEing that is reading them.

At any one point in YOUr human a will mean one thing to YOU, as you move through the human then the same message re read from the new level of TRUTH will mean something entirely different. Many of YOU are now understanding this through the media of films where the filmmakers had placed channelled messages and concepts. If YOU were not ready to absorb TRUTH at that level then YOU will not have noticed the meanings and would have absorbed one level of the . For many others who watched the SAME and were at different levels of TRUTH the would have contained much information that they recognised.

We hope that this explaination is helpful to YOU as YOU move through this human life journey. We note that many are not fully allowing absorption as the mind is allowed to try interpret that which should just be absorbed. There is no reason to read a channelled message with the mind as that is not living in heart centred life experience. The message will resonate at the level that YOU can absorb. That same message will still have meaning when YOU have moved through levels of TRUTH and can be referred to over and over.

This happens all over the planet called earth and many are now realising that the message of UNITY and TRUTH appeared on the planet some decades ago. ALL who are ready to access levels of TRUTH will find the messages pertinent to them at that moment. We wish YOU to remember that each moment YOU move forward for is in perpetual motion. There is a never a point where YOU stand still and do not move within this human life experience.

We guide that if YOU find it difficult to read a message that has capitalisation in it then persevere. At some deep level YOU understand the message and YOU have found it to perhaps unlock yet another level of TRUTH. This is the human life experience to move through. Keys are left by YOU at various stages of this life experience to enable TRUTH to be revealed. Many search outside themselves and we guide once more that if YOU have left a key then YOU cannot NOT find that key.

We are here to help YOU understand the levels of channelling that are taking place. As the levels of TRUTH are revealed the style of channelling will also deepen. The levels of TRUTH are being worked through at ever increasing rates and therefore the depth of channel and the guidance will reflect this. Do not allow the human mind to distract YOU by the punctuation or format of the message, it is the MESSAGE contained within the words that YOU are absorbing.

Channelled messages have followed a format for too long across planet earth. ALL are here for growth and expansion, that cannot happen if all are too used to the format. BE aware of this, open to change and expansion. The human mind will crave “same” for it has been taught by illusion that “same” is safe. We guide YOU to disconnect from these teachings and to start to move out of comfort zones. These no longer serve YOU.

Much more information will be channelled through various humans in due course. BE aware of the need to stretch beyond that which YOU can reach in order to expand and grow. This is a process that many will fall into illusion around. Detach and go within, FEEL how the message is, respond by FEELing to the messages and watch the mind step back from trying to make logic of that which cannot be defined logically.

The mind is what you move out of and the heart is what YOU move into. That is the process that will serve YOU at this time. The mind will try to take YOU where YOU are not to BE.

We are from the seventh dimensional consciousness and we will reveal ourselves more and more as the levels of awareness heighten across planet earth.

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