By CM, Papa Source thru Johan
Jul 29, 2011 – 8:40:39 AM


This is CMAton, your Sovereign.


The incoming wave is greatly affecting those that feel the heat from the fire they have been playing with for too long and way too strong and most who have not run or made an end to themselves out of fear, are badly burning their fingers now.


Like rats in a corner, since they refused the proposed way out, they are dangerously planning and scheming with very little time left as more of their big time frauds and games of deception are clearly coming to the surface. That is why WE are taking the ACTIONS we do.


With the Light too strong, and nowhere to run or hide, since we are at their tail everywhere, all the time, this makes their moves tight, deadly and poisonous to themselves in the first place; with seemingly nothing more to loose. What once was their stolen wealth, is now only meaningless trash of no value at all. Surely not in the Kingdom, it is. Again, I cannot explain this enough for you to be vigilant and cautious. Like a lone gunman, driven in a no way out situations, since he choose not to give up or give in, the dark is only motivated by cowardness and usually tries to take down as many victims as possible, before laying hand on themselves. If only you would see and know what is happening behind closed doors now. Many acts of desparation, out of their own choosing.


That is why I bring this little clarification through Candace (relates to a post I made on the forum)  and now Johan, as we wish no harm to no one, we surely do not want nor allow it to any of us, of the Light. And caution had be used in your of places as was also brought forward in some meditation reports. Stay with , in particular, another dark money scheming place still at work, and check out Hollywood what more can be done. Use you Inner and Higher Guidance wisely or this scribe will be inspired, as others of you can aswell, where to go next. This should come to you as proof how close with are with all of you, warriors of the Light at ALL time. Be safe Yet in the Light as more and more is getting revealed with each day that goes by. Open your eyes and see, open your and KNOW.

(Candace: the above on LA and California relates to the forum meditation project which we will likely update to you readers before Sunday.)





My Dearly Beloved Children, 

I stay in touch to encourage you till the very last moment

of your Glorious Uprising and changes, to stay the course.

As you have moved away from organised religion

towards personal cooperation with Inner Guidance, 

you have come to understand there is no need for fear or judgement as all souls get the chance to make their choices, regardless of their past, what depends on what they have learned ofcourse.

Push through with GLADNESS, like Children, like my Beloved Son Michael, your Sovereign once described, being the best attitude for your heart.

Accept your Knowledge and Truth discovered and put it to good use for yourself and others. Great Times are ahead of us, are all around you, like the cake in the oven, evolving from liquid to solid, from flat to highrise, from dough to bread.

Enjoy and rest, do good and Love in no matter what circumstance and when you embrace that you are where you are for good reason only, after seeing the Divine Process at work through YOU, by YOUR choice and by your very own nature, then more joy will engulf your heart and soul.

For then we shall sit together and enjoy the fresh bread for all to share in abundance at the Divine Tables, ready for you, as this scribe saw yesterdy. A Glorious Uprising is Yours, Halleluah.

Papa Source through Johan.


Source: Abundanthope.net

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