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By Don Boland

Hello Agus,

I was guided by spirit to send this to you. Thank you for taking the time to make Litcorner such a wonderful blessing!

Love, Light and Laughter!


Hello Everyone,

As part of my mission from spirit, I was guided to explain some of the inconsistencies in many of today’s channelings in regards to how “time&; is measured on the . 7 Years ago I was allowed to view parts of the many inner plane heavens, sanctuaries and ashrams in which earth’s operate from.  This process was done both in an out of body and also physical state, in which many of my dreams of being able to finally see how takes place, were answered.

In terms of how creation is actually unfolding, I was shown that there is “time” on the inner planes just like there is here but that it is increasingly more enjoyable the higher the plane one ascends to. Michael has a length of day that is comparable to our own, except that he wakes up in bliss and looks forward to all the wonderful promptings that his higher self has in store for him, which is an amazing orchestration of ideas and events to which he will take part in as the day unfolds. In terms of how He looks at time, “there is no lag or boredom.” He is “grateful that there are so many essences of creation to enjoy and that it keeps unfolding into ever new bliss.”

As another example, , who is a Cosmic Master operating beyond 350 levels of Initiation, who resides in “the higher octaves,” is still able to experience realms were he can take part in a day and night experience, as well as the changing of seasons, but to which is on a of grace that is incomparable to how we know them. In terms of how Metatron identifies time, “it is an amazing gift that we have which offers us opportunities to live and to know each other’s love while we are still involved in creation.”

Beyond Archangel Metatron’s plane of existence, I was shown that there are still more moments of time were we are able to enjoy God’s creation and each other. Even at this higher bliss, we can still suit ourselves to enjoy and other pleasures but it is much more substantial than one would think.

Beyond the higher heavens of this relative portion of creation, and as we continue to collectively expand in spirit, we will reach even higher levels of beauty. In terms of how time can be measured, this experience was shown to be very natural in that we will have experienced every facet of creation on an ongoing level of enjoyment, like moving from the first day of vacation to the second.

The overview of this portion of time is still considered “the outbreath of creation.” We are currently at the tail end of the outbreath, on the physical plane and we are all getting ready to re-emerge ourselves through the inner planes and back to the heart of creation. Once we are on the inner planes and collectively begin the journey of the “in breath of creation,” we will still be involved in a waning time on yet a higher dimension and more amazingly blissful level. During this phase of our journey, there are terms for these experiences or “words,” which have meaning and interpretations that are currently unavailable to us at this time.   

At the beginning point of this divine experience, our light bodies will have increased to over 700 ft. around. From our own individualized perspective, there is very much to see as we teleport everywhere, on levels which are beyond comprehension! At a certain point we will actually be able to visit another “outbreath of creation,” which to our limited perspective, will be happening long before any “Big Bangs” or inner plane heavenly and physical dimensions of creation have taken place. This will all be happening in just one of God’s infinite decimal points of creativity. It was shown to me that these experiences were just the beginning of the beginning. Looking forward to our journey home together!

In addition, as part of my experiences with the spiritual hierarchy, I was given many “ascension activation keys,” and was told to give of them freely. These “keys” are simply higher thoughts that spirit gives to people who are in need of healing as well as being able to quickly remove a person from stagnation on the path or simply getting past the next initiation level. If you feel guided to receive, please reach out and I will give freely of my time for 10 min. over the phone.

Many Blessings,

Don Boland