25 August 2011

Channeler: Míria Gonzalez

Think on the reflection of the pond, and understand its waves, when life ripples, it is not the pond that moves, but the waters within its container, the container stays the same, but through the force of , the water moves, and flows.

Think on the wind, and the way it moves the pond, and think on the wind within, and how the winds of , also move the stillness within you.

And think on this stillness, and reflect on its movement, does the pond within move, or has the winds of life simply moved and changed the current?

And think on the container, and understand the container, and understand the body as the container, and if the body is filled, does it not move, and if it is empty, does it not remain silent?

Yet there is stillness in movement, and movement in stillness, for one, always leads to the other, and the other always leads to the one.

Think on these things, as you begin your greatest evolutionary leap, you have yet to have occur.

The next full moon, it will change the current, not of the world, but of the water within your bodies, and as the water moves, so you will move, and as the wind blows, so shall you blow with it, but still, you are the same, yet, your container goes unchanged, and with perception changed, so does the change of that which is outside.

We, I and the other ascended masters, have given you this rest, to reflect, and to remember, and to embrace, but now is not the time for in-action, but action.

In the stillness you have found solace, in the emergence you will find joy.

This will not be just a spiritual change this time, this will be a worldly evolution, a physical change, a major event, not of a natural disaster, but of a natural emergence.

And as you come, to September 11, 2011, and I give, my most humble, and sincere love to you, at this moment, and at this space in time, for all that you have lost, and kindness, and love, and healing, to all the families for what they have had to endure, and we fill you with peace, and we offer you the understanding, that your loved ones are safe, and they are home with us. Their deaths, were not in vain.

And we know that there are those of you on this site, who were involved in this national, worldly, and historical tragedy, and we give you the utmost love, and the most enduring understanding, and we offer to you, that we accept and love you, through your , not in spite of it, and that you are never alone.

And as this time passes, and as the nations change, and as the changes, and as the new emerges, and as you are being called to fully embrace who you are, now that you know, who you are.

We the pleidians of light, we the ascended masters, we the children of the stars, invite you to also participate with us, and as we come in physical form, and as we emerge from vibration into state, and as we come forth to you in this incarnation, we call you to come and join with us, in an eternal requiem of love.

And I, a Kuan Yin, one of many Kuan Yins, who have held this title, and embraced this beingness, come to you now, and in all ways, and we bless you, with the most tender understanding and acknowledgement.

And we accept you just as you are, and embrace you just as you are, and guide you just as you are.

And your pain helps you, as releasing your pain shall also help you, and when you are in times of trouble, know that we are near, and we are here.

Though we will walk the earth, and you will know us, and you will see us, only those who see shall see, and those who do not see, shall not see until that time when they are ready.

And we will visit you, and will will come to you, in whatever manner you so seek.

For Love is eternally about the other.

You owe no allegiance to anyone, not even yourself, and especially, not to any symbols or ideals, and you do not have to follow, if you are led by fear, for fear follows fear, and love follows love, and when you follow Love, your conscience shall not lead you to paths unclear.

And do not fear that you must embrace us, and do not fear that you are required to hear us, and do not fear that we have come to force change upon you, or to direct you to any intention other than your own.
Your will is clear to us, and your will is dear to us, and we will honor it, and treasure it, as if it was our own child, and as if it was our Will alone.

We love you eternally. We walk within your heart always, at all times, and we are here, and we are with you, do not be afraid.

When you are told the end is near, flee, do not run, for this is only illusion, and when you are told bombs will strike, flee, do not run, for this is fear, and if you are told, that comets shall crash the planet, and destroy the sun, flee, do not run, for this is fear, and if you are told that the poles shall shift, and all disaster will ensue, flee, do not run, for this is fear.

For if we have lived throughout the ages, and if we have been through eternities upon eternities, and if we have built technology, and understandings, far beyond your current awareness, and if we are beyond your current awareness, and if you have true understanding and wisdom, do you not understand that there is nothing, my dearest beings of light, that will prevent you from achieving your dream: A world of Love. For our protection is infinite, and if but you understood, that you are not the only ones, but miriads of planets, amidst miriads of stars, and eternities of worlds upon worlds, some of great evolution, others of great defeat, and if we would protect all of this balance, what less would we do for you? For you are loved, and guided, and protected, always.

And if we would protect you, and if we would protect your children, and if we would protect what is considered the least of these, down the the very molecule of the grain of sand, what less would we for the Universe, or the earth herself?
I tell you: There is nothing to fear. I tell you: Anyone who speaks of fear, IS fear. I tell you: You created this, and only you can change this, for, this is but an illusion, and it is your illusion, and you will keep creating it, until, if, and when, you decide you have had enough.

And when you have had enough of this illusion, and when you have set aside your own illusion, for a grander understanding, and a more powerful experience, you will see that a comet is nothing more than dust in the sands of time, and the time of sands has long passed.

And forever shall you realize, and forever shall you see, that even the dead, shall be reborn, and even the living, shall be reborn, and even those of old and old before, shall be born, for you will see, that this body, is nothing more than a temporary state.
Loss is only an illusion of doubt, doubt is only an illusion of pride, pride is only an illusion of envy, and envy is only an illusion of guilt, and all things, stem from their root in fear.

Believe nothing I say, search with your hearts, for always it is to guide you back to yourself, and yourself, that self, which is the inner being of irridescent light that radiates out into the entire universe, contains all knowingness, and unlimited expression of beingness.

When the change comes, you have nothing to fear. I bring you good news, not the end of the world.

In namaste, in prefectora, in Truth,

A Kuan Yin