Posted on August 23, 2011 by kauilapele

This has just started to come through. Did not expect anything tonight, as it is late here. But here it goes.

Welcome, to those who come from the stars.
Welcome, also to those who come from Inner Gaia.
Welcome, also to those who have no about these things

You are all participating in a massive undertaking, we call it, as it is larger than any that this planet has encountered. Please be honored that you are partaking in this. It is your Light and your focused Intention which is the most value to us.

Very soon events begin to happen which for some will be more startling and shocking than even the event you call “9-11″. These transformative points in time are to be encountered in rapid succession. This first wave of events will be followed by a second wave, and prior to the end of the so-called Calleman calendar, you will have passed through the third and a fourth. Each wave continues increasing in disruption of all old patterns, until October 28th when all of this old system will have been dissolved.

Those who try to hold tightly to the old system will quickly see there is nothing familiar left to hold to. It will be shocking and so disruptive to some people’s consciousness that they will choose to leave this planet. No one may “survive” the new revelations and changes upon planet Earth unless they release all grasp to every single idea which they formerly held.

Remain unattached and you will be fine. And rise above the chaotic nodes. In fact, many will thrive, although not in a monetary sense, which is fortunate for them, as there will be none of the monetary system of old on which to hold. A transitional period of we would say in your time frame of 3 weeks will be required to emplace the so-called new system of , which will in itself be a transitional system.

We suggest that each one search within for their individual guidance for proceeding through the first transitional period. Follow not the fear-guides (there will be many… most will ask for money), but follow the path of peace and joy and collaboration within the local community.

We honor each of you, and we are here for you. Please call upon us, as your Higher Guides, to guide in these soon to come times. You will be well.