August 12, 2011

Welcome dear ones! Another day is upon us, to begin anew and time to dig and learn about who you are. I am sending forth through this message my ruby coloured light that is infused with so much unconditional love for all of you.

Moving along this journey you have chosen has given you many challenges and lessons. All which play an important part on learning who you are and understanding yourself and the world around you. Part of this journey my dear children, is about letting go of that are holding you back from your spiritual growth. Memories that are filled with dissatisfaction, pain, suffering and unhappiness. When you let these memories go, you are not throwing them away, just removing the parts that are holding you back. The parts of certain memories can have an incredible hold on you dear ones, a power that has been allowed to flourish over the years. It is time to take back that power, learn from the past events then continue on from what you have learned. Allow me to assist you with this. Reach for me as it can be difficult facing the truths about these memories of past events. I will comfort you in my warm embrace as you look at what has been holding you back.


When you begin to go through these past events my dears, you will be required to pin point exactly what it is that keeps you to that memory and address it. I cannot do this for you, but I can guide you to what it is. As you find the root cause of what is holding you to that particular memory or past event, learn from it as it holds a lesson for you. Once the lesson is learned dear ones, accept what it is that has had hold over you and release this to me and to God, the Source to some and Creator to others. Once this is done, you will find a new peace within yourself. Give yourself time during this transition of letting go of old memories that serve no purpose other than hold you back from your own spiritual growth. You may find there are more than one memory that requires a cleansing. From addressing past events and letting them go, you will aquire much knowledge of yourself and those involved. You very well may find the truths once told to be untrue. You will accept these also as part of becoming more intune with yourself.

It has been observed by us of the Divine and by many of you, that after accepting and releasing past memories and events there is much peace to gain. I have also seen many accept and release then continue to question what was learned and reopen the memory they just worked at releasing. It then becomes a cycle that doesn't end until you are able to move past it without question. During such a situation please call upon me for support, guidance and comfort. I will help sooth you and anchor you along this part of your journey.

There is much peace to be had from releasing old patterns and old memories. All of you deserve to live with peace within yourselves and you will see a difference when you interact with others. The peace you have achieved will surround you with its soothing . Others will notice a softer you. But most importantly is that you recognize this peace as it was you that earned it from your efforts.

You are all beautiful in they eyes of God and in the eyes of many that you may not be able to see. We see what is ahead of you and there is so much joy and harmony for all of you. What is mapped out for you, is unique for each person as it should be. What remains the same is the joy, love, the harmony and peace and all that each entails.

As I take my leave of this dear soul, know that I am always near, should you require my assistance and that I love you incredibly, always. I have asked this one to include a track that she used during this transmission: (Ong Namo – Snatam Kaur) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1XCS0g6J4A&feature=BFa&list=PL354471B05FDF4252&index=156
the words, and the voice is full of love as she sings each part. Beautiful!

And so it is, through Julie Miller