27 August 2011

: Míria Gonzalez

The dance of words cannot last forever,
soon all must choose,
and through their that they make,
come to find their view,
we cannot make for you,
the path you must take,
and so in our silence,
so of you might break,
for having asked for guidance,
and have asked for cures,
you have all come to this point,

on this path you must endure,
and through this emergence,
and through this space in time,
the silence of remembrance,
helps you to re-align,
it is scary to think,
that you are on your own,
but on your own,
is not the , but ,
is that you are free to choice,
first time in history,
for all the world to see,
a pure opportunity for you,
to set your path to glee,
for no other being,
can ever give you light,
if you have not done the work,
then you work until what is done,
and if you have not heard the musick,
then the musick must be heard,
for like flocking lambs,
and beautiful angels,
the chorus leads you ,
and home you must go,
but not through intervention,
but through your own intention,
and if you place upon your hand,
and if you align you gates,
and if you center in the space,
of all that is what took place,
and if you go to the pyramid in giza,
and if you surround it now,
and if you all join hands as one,
and if you signal the sound,
for we cannot open the portal,
but you can do just that,
if you re-align the gates of life,
then all will come out, in True.
And we say, Rise up,
and we say, Move forward,
pick your bodies up from the dust,
pick them up though they are so heavy,
and move, and reach out, and manifest,
but you cannot do this alone,
you cannot harbor this alone,
all of you must come together, as one,
today, this day, this glorious day,
join together in your hearts,
make this website not just a website,
but a perfect portal of unity,
and join together as one people,
and let go of all pride,
and in your heart center of love,
your eternal power is realized,
and through your own Oneness,
you will come to be,
so much more than just an expression,
you will truly be free.
And we ask you sincerely,
from the depths of your soul,
are you ready to give up your fear,
and to Truly be whole?
For you can never be whole,
until you join as One,
not two beings or three,
and so a given,
and so a mark in time,
that we come to you now out of darkness,
to help you re-align,
and we will watch and wait,
but the choice is always yours,
look to your brothers and sisters here,
for that truly is your cure,
and if you join together,
and if you release the past,
and if you let go of what was,
and come together at last,
then in this space of pureness,
and in this field of love,
we will descend from the stars,
to greet you, from above.
for in this sphere created,
and in this pureness built,
you will be able to re-align with us,
and withstand our energy spheres,
and we will embrace your union,
and we will make it clean,
that all the nations of the world will say,
what could on earth this mean,
but soon the news will follow you,
and soon they will all understand,
and through your selfless emergence,
they will join you hand in hand,
and all the world will join you,
even those in their beds,
because of the Love remembered,
in the hearts and in their heads,
and all the Temples will light,
each colour around the world,
and a beaken from the Stars,
it will be our time to come to earth.
Who are we? And what do we seek?
We are that which is,
the soul of life,
the of Truth,
we are the Source, that,
this, and then.