: Jean Luc Ayoun

August 7, 2011


Ehieh. Asher. Ehieh.
Véhuiah. Véhuiah. Véhuiah.

I am Metatron Lord and give thanks to your presence.

Seed Stars, thanks to your reception and the Light, I come this day to end the sense of my presence, the deployment of light and total Supramental arrival of Christ, the Truth.

All Trails human on Earth and this solar system are now on structured permeable, allowing the kingdom of heaven is established on Earth.

In the time it opens, from this moment, it will make all of humanity the deployment of Light of Love in its highest form, the more transparent and more unifying. Humanity is destined to respond to this call and this last deployment, bringing the Spirit's revelation in Christ, in Truth.

To all of you who have worked and dedicated ye shall do this first day will allow, at the reception, in simplicity and humility, the total return of the state of Truth.

All I had to be raised has been raised in preparation for this moment. The time of the final revelation has resonated and has enrolled in the temple of your body, the Sun and Earth at last united.

The closure ends. It is made aware, concrete quickly. Vibration A shed on Christ, will allow all humans to live in Truth, the Truth. Any resistance to light will not stand.

The inevitable end of any closure, any commitment of all illusion, all that is false and not from the light vibrato. The kingdom of the One, the Children of the One to be established. The events of consciousness as the Earth's events fall into this final stage of enlightenment.

Now is the time of release. The time has come to Joy and Beauty. Just the look of the resistance, just the look of the Illusion, will continue to say no to the Light. Within a few weeks of your time, the of Heaven appear at all.

No one could then claim he did not know. In this time of release, the man should stand up, face yourself, face the world in the transparency of the Holy Fire.

The Fire of Spirit, which is the very nature of Love and Light, is to consume Illusion. Coming to consume all that is right, whatever is not applicable and does not come from the One Light. Human consciousness living trust and Vibration may not be affected by the release, in one way or another.

Whether personal mystical way, either by the help of the angels of the Lord, you will not be anymore in the Dream. Your conscience will see clearly because it is called by Christ and my deployment to take that clarity.

On that day, I open the door to one who has come like a thief in the night, in the rear door of the Heart. Day of joy that I stated in absolute peace of Presence, where no element of this state Dimensional, it's over, can affect you.

Remember that in the light and intelligence are in action and just state. If you accept Him, you can not be taken away from the heart, far from the truth.

The time of awakening, time of flight of consciousness (collective and individual) comes knocking on the door of your heart, consuming all illusions, all the fears that come from this world. Performing in you, the One consciousness. Making the words of Christ, the truth of your state, you are not of this world.

The time of the Spirit sounds. Cultivate flourish and let the Joy of the One Light. The witness is Fire. The body and soul will burn in the fire of the Spirit, despertándoos, forever what you are.

My impulse at this day, to end the injustice, betrayal, fear. Thus, the Temple and the house cleaned, transfigured by the light, preparing the individual and collective consciousness, the last pulse of the Archangel Michael, Regent of the Celestial Militia, bringing about his Chariot of Fire, Christ.

So, Christ, Michael and Mary, the new tri-Unit, will go to your heart for an hour on Saturday, September 26, enabling them to live that day, September 26, Saturday symbolic. Day of Saturn, Master of Time, which comes to ordering time on the Time Unit.

That September 26, at 11 am in the alignment and the most absolute silence, we call them, and Metatron and all the conclave, all human beings who are touched by the One Light, to ally the set of unified force, to order to promote the latest quantum leap of humanity.

In simple reception. For an hour. Attention and Awareness on Heart and the Portal-RIS-TI KI. Then, alchemize in you (if not already done individually): Unit tri-meet. The three constituent parts of the light vibrato will be unified between KI-RIS-TI and the heart, finishing the fusion of your Essence One in Christ. Until then, there is nothing more than preparing that your consciousness.

The best preparations will always be non-judgment, simplicity and humility, the alignment in the light vibrato. During that span of time between this day and date, the state must cultivate Vibratory One, which enables you to compare and measure the distance it will be traveled between the ego and the fire of the Holy Fire.

For almost one Earth year, you have done what had to be met to enable compliance. Therefore it is time to collect the fruits of your crops.

All Archangelic Conclave, all seniors, all the star of Mary, will join Christ, Michael and Mary, on this given date, orchestrated by the vibration of Chronos, Time, Saturn, that September 26 to 11 hours.

Meanwhile, Joy always remain clear, with the release of the earth whatever way. You are expected. I expected the One Light because only that will persist. As for me, I'll be in my more densely as possible, 5th Dimension, close to you and in you.

Ask and you shall receive. Ask the Light, because it is what you are and everything else will be no exception. We do now, you and I, the outpouring Vibratory this day in the temple of our presence.

Then in the silence of my words, it displays the One Light.


And dissemination.

… Vibrating Effusion …

I am Metatron.

The grace of my presence

is now registered in your consciousness.


In grace, I bless and greet.

Original in French.

Pipeline: Jean Luc Ayoun
Transcript: Véronique Loriot
Translation: Susan Milan

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