I am and I come to you with messages from the at this time. Many of you are struggling and trying to run to stand still and we guide you all to be aware of this and to step back from the struggle. Many are now finding it difficult to see a and this has resulted in a lot of fear and anxiety sweeping across the world, we are here to assure you dearest ones that there is no need for the fear, for all is perfect.

We understand that in human form these may be difficult words to hear for how can the world be perfect if there are riots and mass uprisings happening and we guide you all to detach from the illusion of what appears to be happening. The new way of living is now here dearest one and it is important to realise that the new world is about how you FEEL. Many of you carry deep wounds within your hearts and are not able to step into the heart to live your life, we guide you to allow the angelic realms to assist with the removal of these wounds.

My blue cloak of protection is available to each and every one of you at this time. Many now are faced with no longer working in the job they have done for years or are faced with moving home or leaving a partner. Know dearest ones that these changes are to allow you to expand and grow and living your life from your heart will insure that you live in TRUTH. This may be difficult for those who are feeling lost at this moment, for many are now living their TRUTH and finding that friends and relations have now distanced themselves from them. Know this is part of the expansion dearest ones and it does not mean that you have lost them. You are moving into YOUr TRUTH and there is some adjustment to this. For many it will be the realisation that those whom you called “friend” were not in TRUTH. This may be a revelation to many of you and we guide you to acknowledge this but do not allow the pain from this to be stored within you. You are not here to store pain, people, places and events within your hearts, you are here to live from your heart. That is difficult if the heart is full of pain and sorrow.

Archangel Azriel stands ready to help ALL with the pain and sorrow that is contained in their hearts. Call on him to come to you in times of need and allow the heart to open, the pain will be lifted from you, allow the tears to fall if they need to. This is not about being strong in the sense of never allowing tears dearest ones, the strongest of you cry.

Illusion will teach that to cry is a sign of weakness but know dearest ones that crying is healing. Mother earth cries in the form of rain, it cleanses, it heals, it gives life to her children in plant form. Know that your tears will help heal your pain and will show you the strength you have beyond that pain, for pain is a veil of illusion. Many will not allow that veil to be walked through or lifted as the entry to the veil can be painful. Walk with us by your side and allow us to lift the veil for you. You will see that on the other side is LOVE.

Much changes and shifts across the world at this time and we guide ALL to stand in LOVE. The LOVE that IS never leaves you, it may be hidden by the illusion but it is ALWAYS there for you. You have access to it at all times, it is accessed through your hearts, do not close your hearts for then you close YOU to YOU. This is important at this time of apparent chaos, for chaos is the old giving way to the new, there is not other way to birth the new world other than chaos dearest ones. Even in human life giving birth is fraught with worry and change, the new mother goes through pain to give life to her child, the same can be said for mother earth as she gives birth to this the new world. Much as you would send love to the mother who is in labour and hold her in your thoughts KNOWING that her suffering at the point of birth was to give rise to great love the same is TRUTH of the new world.

Mother earth asks that you send love to her for she LOVES YOU. The angelic realms stand with ALL realms at this time to help ease the childbirth and allow you as her children to see the miracle that awaits. Many of you can FEEL us around you and yet many more cannot FEEL us as they have shut their hearts to not only the angelic realms but to their fellow humans. Know that there are those amongst you that have great pain, that pain is felt on the inside, you cannot know the depth of pain stored in a human BEing by looking dearest ones, we ask you not to judge those around you, for you cannot know their pain. Hold all around you in love and compassion. At times of apparent chaos open your heart and send out the LOVE that IS across the world, hold your fellow humans in LOVE dearest ones and watch as it all transforms.

We are here for you at ALL times, with my sword I can severe the connections that no longer serve you, ask me to do this and it will be done. Know that cords of love are never severed for they cannot be. Many of you struggle with cords that go back lifetimes, allow my sword to free you. There is nothing that cannot be changed dearest ones but you have to unveil this TRUTH to your BEing.

We also walk amongst you in human form, many hold our energies and are able to focus and hold our energies enabling those who are most cut off from us to have access. Know that human angels walk the earth at this time. You will recognise them for you will FEEL them, they are closer in vibration to YOU than perhaps we are at this time. Know that a human angel can facilitate the opening of the heart to allow US to be FELT.

Dearest ones YOU are never alone despite what illusion may try to teach you. All has to be felt and not just observed. Through the chaos runs a thread that can never be broken, that is the thread of the LOVE that IS, it is not found by sight, it is found by heart, open your hearts and FEEL where the thread is, allow it to guide you out of the chaos and apparent darkness. For all of you hold the divine spark of light that is YOU. That spark cannot be extinguished, the light that shines within YOU can only ever be made brighter and stronger.

Reach out to us in times of need, YOU have free will and we need YOU to call on us and allow us to help you. Many are still not asking for help believing they do not deserve or are not worthy. The angelic realms do not judge, for to judge is a human illusion, it is duality, we are ONE in UNITY. We do not stop to tick boxes before giving help for that is not our role nor our purpose. We are here to help ALL at ALL times. Open your heart and call on us and we will respond.

I am Archangel Michael and I speak for the angelic realms at this time. ALL is not lost dearest ones, ALL is just being born.