How would you like to experience being fully ignited in your , having your Soul fully in place within your physical and not scattered in different dimensional realities?

This is called grounding.  It's what I want to talk about this time.

It is Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest in , and I am in the etheric planes speaking from a high place to many sweet people.  All of your hearts are alight with the of God & Goddess, and I can feel the light beaming to me at this .

In Telos, we feel your and your love.  We are watching over you every moment, in the same as a mother who watches out for her children.  Only we're not mothers, we are light-showers and glad to be doing it.

If only you knew how our hearts love you.

Now back to the topic of grounding your selves.  As you begin to integrate your soul's many years and lifetimes of energy, as many students of light are doing right now, you might likely feel scattered emotions for a while.  Much change is happening on the planet as you of course know, and this adds to the discomfort of coming into alignment with your Soul in a .  But it's happening and you are watched over so carefully.

What I recommend doing for grounding is this: Guide your Soul's light, gather it together with your thoughts and your energies, so that you concentrate down just below the navel to the chakra there and let your Soul's light shine bright from the middle of your body.  Yes, we focus quite a bit on the Soul's presence in the in Lemurian teachings but it is also important to be seated in your place of control, your base of power as it were.  This is where the Soul meets the physical experience and a lot goes on as you let the body know it can feel light and be safe too.  (What prevents people from being grounded is almost always a lack of feeling safe being who they are).

Tell your body that it's safe to heal and be whole and fully alight in the being that you truly are, the Soul of love and white light.

In integrating your Soul's fully into your physical being you are also showing the way for others to do so, being an amazing beacon for the planet to see.  Everyone will notice your light, just like every star contributes to the spectacle of the evening sky.

Have you ever loved someone so intensely, that you couldn't stop thinking about them, and everything they did seemed to make you happy? When you are shining your true light, as I have described above, you will feel that kind of Love pouring into your being at all times, every day.  Only it will be for you, for yourself.  Isn't that wonderful?

Surround yourself presently with radiant golden and pink light and bring it down into your solar plexus and feel that love emanating from your power center there.  Feel that love emanating with everything you do.

I Am grateful for your presence.