August 19, 2011

Many beautiful blessings to all my beautiful children. What a glorious day it is to speak to all of you once again.

Children I see many of you working away, reducing all the derived from past events, removing negative influences, and turning your own negative discoveries of yourself into . All this is very rewarding, yet very taxing on your physical . I am a merciful God, who is full of unconditional compassion and mercy for all children of this . I do not wish you to be energy-less. During this time of transformations, it is important to treat your physical body well. Nourish and take time for yourself.

Allow yourself to feel what is there. Its okay to open yourself up to another. You are not asking for help, you are sharing. This kind of sharing that is full of , and pure may also assist who you open up to do to the same, creating not really a more like creating a bond based on support and comfort. It is necessary dearest children to allow yourself to feel during these great times of change. You are letting go, cleansing yourself of the old and preparing for the new. The door you are feeling sad or emotional about is closing, and you will be seeing a new door opening. All things must have balance my dearest children.

I am feeling this child cringe a bit because I know she just shared something very personal and it was I who encouraged her. She was not to encouraged to influence humility, shame or guilt but to show herself how far she has come. And to encourage others in similar positions. I have made her cry and I am sorry. It was not my intention. She has such a huge heart, and she was willing to open up show her vulnerabilities to all of you because she trusts you and believes in your goodness.

I know dear children, regardless of where you are on your , you will adopt a compassionate, unconditional loving heart. Many of you will also feel the need to share parts of your journey no matter how joyous or painful as it helps others to learn and to see you are still human, and humans do feel. She will rise above this as will of you when you come face-to-face with closures coming full circle, or successful removal of negative events. I beam as all proud fathers do when I see my children excel. You make me proud in all you do dearest ones.

I will take my leave of this dear soul so she can carry on with her day and do what she must. Before I do, I am filling this message with my divine and unconditional love that will warm you and sooth you at the same time.

And so it is…The Creator through Julie Miller

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