7 August 2011


I am Archangel Azriel and I come to you on behalf of the at this time of much grief and change across the world. Many of you are locked into grief from years ago in your life experience and I am here to help you move through and let go of all the grief. Many of you view me as an angel that is only called on at times of physical death and I most strongly that this is not the case. I am present when a human transitions from the physical back to the etheric but I am around each and every one of you at this time.

Much of what is happening across the world at this time of great changes is stirring up grief that has been held for many years. Many of you walk in the shadow of grief daily, with people, places and events locked inside of you, I guide you dear ones to allow me to transmute that pain to the that IS so that you can dance more freely and be able to hold more light and within your very BEing.

I work closely with and both of us are here standing right next to all of you. The changes are intensifying across the world and many are now standing in both grief and fear in reaction to all that is happening. We guide you strongly dear ones that we are here for each one of you. Nothing is gone through entirely on your own, illusion would have you believe that each one of you stands alone in your pain but that is not TRUTH. I am with you dearest ones, I can lift the pain from your BEing and help you to see the TRUTH that is human . You do not lose dearest ones, for none truly leaves, the energy that is YOU lives on for ever. This is a concept that many in human form cannot accept and we acknowledge this.

For many of you recent events over the world have uncovered grief that you thought you had dealt with and we guide you to allow us to help you. The angelic realms stand with all other realms ready to help in any way that we can so that you may all expand and hold more light and love and uncover the TRUTH of who you are. Many still turn away from the help that is beside them and fall into the illusion of . Dearest ones you are never alone, you do not walk this life experience on your own, all realms walk with you. Some of you are deep in the illusion of and believe that your hearts will never mend, that you will never feel joy and happiness again and we ask why this would be?

All humans who transition are no longer burdened by the physical, all that they endured during their life experience is lifted from them, free from the physical they gain a new perspective on the life that they have lived and they can fully see the lessons and the reasons for their life experience. Do you truly believe that your loved ones once transitioned ask you to mourn for them for ever? They love your from the bottom of their hearts as we love you dearest ones. The LOVE that IS is eternal, there is no separation, the physical may not be present but the LOVE that IS continues and will always continue. There is no end to the LOVE that IS.

Many souls incarnate for a short period on earth, this was the contract they entered into to enable those who needed the lesson they brought to understand. All souls are eternal dearest ones, look for the lesson in the transition. For many of you carry the heartache of little ones who came in for short periods of time. These souls did this out of love and for a reason, can you look into your heart and see the reason? Can you accept the lesson and the TRUTH. You may be separated by the physical but that is an illusion for you are eternally bonded, all soul groups are. You come to the earth to play out roles to allow for expansion and growth. All realms understand how difficult this was going to be in human form thus we stand by your side ready to help you understand. Reach out to us at this time and allow us to lift the veils of illusion and pour love through your BEing.
Each one of you has free will and it is this free will that can work against you. Whilst you believe that you are the only one who harbours the deep sadness and believe that it will always be there you stand in the shadow of illusion. We are here to help you move through it, for it was never written that you store people, places nor events within your very BEing.

The human life experience is a learning, it is an expansion and growth, how can you expand and grow when you have closed your hearts to the LOVE that IS. That is what will heal you dearest ones, letting go and absorbing the TRUTH, venturing into your hearts and revealing the TRUTH to yourself. Do not allow illusion to keep you in pain, for illusion teaches that the pain of transition must be carried for a lifetime. Detach from this illusion dearest ones and allow the angelic realms to lift the burden that you carry. For it will weigh you down, it is not possible to expand and to lift your vibration if you are weighed down by grief.

Grief is not fully understood by the human race, if it was then we would not be around you in such vast numbers. If the human race could physically see our presence then you would be amazed by the numbers of angels that surround each one of you at this time. We see you in pain and we send you love and healing at all times yet because of free will it is often rejected. We cannot pour love into a heart that is closed dearest ones. Your heart is the key to your life experience. It is through the heart that all humans are forever connected to the universe and to all realms.

We ask you to go within and to connect to your heart. Allow the heartache to be lifted by the angelic realms. Those who have transitioned are also powerless to help you move through this if you have closed your hearts to them. To close your heart means that you cannot feel their presence very strongly. They watch over you, they send you their love in the ways that you can FEEL it is them but if you heart is full to the brim with pain and grief you will not recognise their messages and you will fall further into the illusion of separation.

This is a unique period in the history of the human race and we stand in our multitudes ready to assist each and every human lift the veils of illusion. We are here for you, you do not have to believe in us dearest ones for we have always believed in you. Many connect with our realms much easier than other realms and vice versa. For those who read our words and feel that the angels are not a realm they can reach then please think again. We are here for ALL. Regardless of race, religion, colour etc, these are divisions that the human race have created, energy wise they do not exist as ALL ARE ONE.

I am Archangel Azriel and I come with much love and compassion for each one of you as you move through this life experience and undergo these vast changes. Reach out to us for we will answer each one of you as you call on us. Let us lift the grief and pain from your hearts so that you can shine more brightly and reveal the TRUTH to yourselves. ALL ARE ONE.