– message for 3rd August
3 August 2011


I am Archangel Michael and I come to and support you at this time. The are here to help ALL at this time of heightening vibration and we wish to offer our assistance to ALL at any time that help is needed. It is not a matter of whether you think that we can help for many of you are being too logical and trying to work out that which can be solved by living by the . For many of you it is a confusing time with your telling one story and the mind telling another. This can scatter energies and we FEEL there are many across the world just now who are falling into a deep depression after they can see no way out of their life experience.

We are here to support ALL at ALL times, we wish to help you absorb that life is no longer lived only from the mind, the emotions that govern you in this human life time are there for a reason dear ones and we can help with any emotion. Many across the world at this time are trying to stay numb and not allow emotion to rise within and to these people we ask why? Why would you want to keep your emotions at arms length? For many it may seem easier to live this way as many of you have been taught that human life is all about and destruction. Blessed ones that is not the TRUTH and you will uncover more about this when you begin to live from the heart and connect to the true beauty that resides in each human heart.

Human life can appear to be fraught with pain and anguish but in TRUTH this is but a smokescreen. It is a way the world presents itself to you at times of deep lessons. When you are in a state of numbness the world will make no sense at all to you. When you lose a loved one and go into this state of numbness it will seem like your world is ending. What is happening in TRUTH is that you are being shown how to expand. For to unveil the truth of transition is to free a part of yourself that is locked deep down inside of you.

Much is hidden within the depths of the human heart and there resides much joy and love within human hearts but many of you are in fear of tapping into this. Many of you have lived in darkness for so long that you are not able to see the light that lives within in. For that light is there dearest ones, the spark of the LOVE that IS is never extinguished. We are here at ALL times to help you find that spark, allow us to show you the wonders of who you are. Allow the angelic realms to soothe you as you begin uncover the TRUTH of who you are and why you are here. Blessed ones you were never meant to live in pain and sorrow, the teachings of illusion are strong around transition and “loss” but in TRUTH dear ones there is no pain and loss, these are borne out of holding on, of trying to stop something that be stopped and of trying to hold on to something that be held onto. For no one owns anything during this human life journey. Many of you stake claim on people, places and events and we guide you that this is the route of pain. See the blessings in all your relationships, no matter how long or short they lasted.

You are blessed each waking moment dearest ones, every breath that you take fills your body with divine light and this is ever present. Never believe that you are alone or that you are completely in the dark, you cannot ever be in total darkness for the spark of TRUTH is always within you. Take time to discover the wonders of your life dearest ones, see the LOVE that IS in EVERYTHING around you. Pain is where you hold on too tightly. If you have pain and sorrow in your life then please look carefully, try to see the blessing and the lesson within the pain and call on us to help you move through it. For all is meant to be moved through blessed ones, no one is meant to be kept hold of, no memory permanently kept to the foreground, that is not the meaning of human life.

There are miracles unfolding around each one of you each moment but many are walking with closed eyes and closed hearts. It is not possible to see the miracle if your heart is closed to the FEELing of said miracle. This life experience that each of you has agreed to at this time is one of growing, learning and expanding. Many have too small a view of their life, they do not allow the bigger picture to be shown to them. Many do not trust the universe to deliver what is asked of it. We guide dearest ones that that is your greatest hurdle at this time. To turn away from the hand of the universe that is outstretched to you. At each moment of every day the universe asks what you would like to experience and many answer without a conscious thought. We guide you dearest ones to be thoughtful of what you wish for , for wishes are like the breeze that flows through the universe. You can have everything that you desire if it is for your highest good. We in the angelic realms sprinkle each one of you daily with love and blessings but many of you shrug them off, preferring to mould your life into what you THINK you need.

Dearest ones this is about living connected through your hearts, for that is where the joy and blessings are created, all come from the heart. To live solely in your minds and numb to emotion is to sleepwalk through the miracles. We ask all of you to open your hearts to the miracle of life around you. We ask that you acknowledge the power that is within you and we ask that you monitor your thoughts. Negative emotions will keep you locked in the mind as they do not allow for expansion of the heart. Many of you may have had symptoms of soreness around the heart or in the chest area and we guide you that this is your soul trying to expand. You are never alone, you are never asked to walk this path in darkness on your own dearest ones for the angelic realms walk beside you at every step. If you stumble and fall then we will help you up, if your eyes cannot focus on the road ahead then we can light the way forward for you. We are with you at ALL times dearest ones, simply ask us to help you and connect to us, it is that simple.

It makes no difference to us the colour of your skin, your gender, your income etc as these are human differences, we see none, each of you is a perfect child of the universe. We see the divine spark of light that resides within each and every one of you. When that which you carry gets too heavy for you then please call on us to lighten the load for you. The angelic realms can help you transmute that which no longer serves you back into the LOVE that IS at any time. You do not have to wait until despair has taken hold, you can call on us at any time dearest ones. When we are around younger children we note that they hold no illusions, your children are pure and full of light, they know how to shine, we ask you to look at how children interact with each other, how they smile and shine their love to all around them and then ask why adults are not this way? The only difference between your children and the adults across the world is the physical age of the body that you reside in. For all of you are children of the universe. Do not allow illusion to teach that as you physically age you lose your sparkle for that is not TRUTH.

We ask for all the adults across the world to be the children of the universe that they are. Allow laughter and play into your lives and allow the LOVE that IS to flow through all that you do. You are surrounded by the angelic realms at all times dearest ones, if you stop and listen you may hear us. We talk to you through your thoughts and FEELings. Ask us questions and listen with your hearts for we will respond to you every time.

I am Archangel Michael and I speak for the angelic realm at this time. Allow the laughter and joy you had as a child to flow through you dearest ones. See the world as if you were newly born and you will be able to see the miracle that is YOU. Each one of you is precious, each one of you is deeply loved and each one of YOU is blessed. If this is not your story then allow your heart to reveal TRUTH to you. For each one of you walks upon the earth a pure BEing of love and compassion. For there is only LOVE. LOVE is the answer to everything as LOVE just IS. ALL ARE ONE dearest ones. ALL ARE ONE. We love you and we ask YOU to love YOU and all around YOU. May you allow the peace and joy to flow through your hearts beloved ones, for you are all truly loved.