Channeled by: Julie Miller
August 17, 2011

Most beautiful children of our merciful God, how it pleases me to come forward and speak with you through this dear .

I and the fine Lady Purity originate from the Violet Planet, which is home to the sacred, . I am coming forward regarding the workings of the violet flame.

The violet flame is a sacred flame that transmutes negative karma, memory of wrongdoings, cause, effect, and record and memory from this life or any other reality. This sacred flame is also called the flame of forgiveness. Maybe it is easier for some of you to relate the flame this way in order for you to understand its purpose.

When you meditate with the violet flame, you are asking for forgiveness from yourself and your past mistakes. You want to be freed from any negative karmic repercussions. That is the basic use of the violet flame dear ones. Many of you take on others negativities when you agree to listen to their problems and try to help them with wonderful solutions. Another’s negativity can be heavy, as you have your own energies to deal with. It is important to release all negative energies invoking the violet flame.

As you learn more about yourself, you will also learn what resonates with you and what needs to be changed. Make use of the violet flame at this time, let it help transform what you do not like, focus on the from this flame and allow it to guide you to what you need to do.

I wish for you dear ones, to see yourself as clearly as I see you. This will come after you learn to love yourself and others unconditionally and when you open your , mind and spirit to receiving more light. Stop worrying about your physical imperfections. Your physical body is a shell holding a most beautiful spirit and we of the Divine or any other spirit of the highest good also sees this.

It is important to not only recognize both male and female energies, but to utilize them in your everyday life. Don’t hide from them, come and show the world just how beautiful you completely are. So many of you only allow yourself to feel their energies, but you are depriving yourself and these male and female energies the creative expression they are seeking and deserve. They are not going to talk to you, and tell you what they want, you have to tune in and discern what you are getting. Let your heart guide you dear ones and you will know. Don’t guess or assume. When you go with your heart, you will JUST know, your inner voice, or intuition will be telling you. The trick then is trusting yourself with what you will find. Total trust, is as difficult as loving unconditionally for some of you dear ones. I and others will be there, every step of the way, if you so need our support, love and guidance.

To work more efficiently with the violet flame and with the seventh Ray which is also violet; purifying or cleansing yourself and your life from any negativities, fears, or anything that is limiting you from your true growth and potential is necessary. How this can work dear ones is simple. Many of you have ties, connections, friendships, associations, and relationships with people that are really not good for you, they bring you down and cause a whole lot of to enter your own . These people, you need to limit yourself from their presence, reduce it slowly if its easier for you, but you will feel lighter as you do, as you are moving away from their . If there is something you fear of yourself, you really need to confront it. I don’t mean if you are afraid of snakes, spiders or the water, but of things about yourself that you have been shying away from, and making excuses for. Now is the time to face these, come to terms with them, learn as these parts about yourself have many splendid lessons for you. Until you face these fears, you also limit your own spiritual growth.

I wish for each of you to be free and lighter and able to take in more light and love, in order for you to reciprocate that love onto others, as they are also deserving of such a beautiful . Yes, I consider this a . When you send your unconditional love and brilliant light to another person, one that you either do not know or have trouble with, you are sending from your heart the most purest of all – LOVE. You are not asking for anything in return, you are not hoping for any response, you simply are loving another for the pure feeling of harmony, joy and happiness it brings you.

I do feel dear ones, its time to depart this kind soul. She is truly gentle and loving like all of you. She loves everyone she meets, even though she does not tell them, she walks with love in her steps. I only know this because I spent some time with her today. Today was the first time I worked with her, and I will return.

Please dearest children of our most merciful and forgiving God, know that I love you tremendously, and I am one of many you can count on. There is much material you can find that covers the mystery behind the violet flame, I encourage you to seek this information and learn to use this more often, and wisely as I know already you will.

And so it it, Archangel Tzadkiel through Julie Miller

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