August 16, 2011

Welcome dearest children of our blessed God!

I am seeing so many fresh faces, they have many questions and are so eager to move forward. This is very refreshing and encouraging. That does not mean the ones who have been already spiritually awakened are not encouraging, they are indeed as they have learned so much. Each of you are at different levels on this journey as you were awakened at different times.

Most of you already either know the names of your guides or at least are familiar with the ones that have been working with you. It is important dear ones to listen to them. I know not all of you can hear as a channeler does, but you are to pay attention to the subtle messages your guides leave for you. Your guides cannot tell you what to do, but they will encourage your direction with gentle . In the end, it is you that chooses what path to take, no one else. There are many forks in your road, and each one has its own unique lessons.

The that drives you forward is remarkable dear ones. You have persevered many hardships, been part of many joys, and manoeuvred in your own way on this path of becoming one with yourself and with God. I know it has not always been easy, I have watched. I have stood beside you, giving you additional as you cried out for this. I have given you comfort with my presence and assisted guiding you out of your difficult situations. You have done so well. Take a look at how well you have done. Look at all the positives that are in your life. They are remarkable. Be proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small. They are yours! I am proud of all of you.

There have been moments in your life where you lacked confidence in yourself. Confidence is a human character trait. Building your confidence, is from loving yourself and from accepting love from others. Opening your heart and your mind to all the possibilities that are presented to you will also assist with you ability to self-trust. Continue moving forward towards the light of God, and of yourself. When negative situations come your way, address them as efficiently as you can, and try not to allow the low energies from this situations effect your spirit. Know that you are supported by many and when you reach for them, asking by name, you will be given glorious comfort and guidance. It is hard sometimes to avoid the negative energies as they can be very powerful, but you are stronger. This is when that natural born stubborn streak comes in handy, remain rooted and grounded, don’t become stagnant. When you become stubborn, your determination of what you are wanting to achieve comes shining through, and in itself gives you that additional burst of to continue moving into the light of God and of yourself. Believe dear ones, believe in yourself as I believe in all of you.

My today is brief as it was meant to. I am coming through every Tuesday to encourage all of you and to praise you. You are all doing a wonderful job along this incredible journey. Remember how loved you are by me and by all the beings of the Divine.

Namaste, Master, through Julie Miller
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