Channeled by:
August 05, 2011

How wonderful it is to speak to all of you through this child. I spoke through her on our scheduled day on Tuesday but I feel there is always time to talk and discuss.

There is a lot of focus lately on the expression of your thoughts and of your feelings During these times of great change, where you are influenced by retrogrades, plantetary , , planetary shifts and other events beyond your control, it is important dear ones to take notice to how all this is effecting you.

During this time, many of you may have noticed an opposite change in your own personality. Take time dear ones to absorb these changes and learn how to calm yourself and be at peace with all that is happening around you. These influences are out of your control, you cannot make them stop. What you can do is be aware of yourself and others during this time.

Do not ignore what it is you are feeling. You need to feel as your feelings are telling you of a change that you are to face. The lesson here is how to deal with your emotions effectively during such changes and challenges. Lashing out at others that have not caused you wrong is another indication to look within yourself. Find ways to balance the effects of these shifts of . Learn innovative ways to cope that is healthy to you and to others.

Even without the fluxes that are occuring, there is no reason for aggression dear ones. Aggression does more harm than good. Addressing all areas of your life from the pure love that is alive within you is what is necessary dear ones. Living from your heart, you will find to be more rewarding. I encourage you to love more rather than argue and fight with one another. By allowing yourself to fight or argue with another, by the time you realize its time to admit you are sorry, much pain can be already caused. Unfortunately you cannot go back and undue what was possibly said or done, but you can make efforts to change and adopt better ways of coping.

Living from the purity of your love for others and yourself is a change that does not happen over night dear ones. You must be willing to make this change and work at areas in your life that holds you back, where the negativity lies. Work at removing this negativity, and bring in more positive influences. Set before all of you are numerous choices my dearest ones. Calling upon me to assist you will not allow me to choose for you, but to guide you. You are the one to choose dear ones. And as you choose, your new lesson begins. I will remain at your side to comfort, guide and support you. I believe dear ones you can accomplish anything as long as you believe in yourself and have faith. Don't give up just when things begin to heat up. Work past the hard parts and reap the rewards when its over.

I did not plan on speaking long through her as I realize she just finished receiving the Creator's message. I will speak through her again in a few days. I know all of you will do well and come to terms in your own way with all the changes that are happening. I trust you will learn ways when dealing with those unruley emotions. I have faith in you dear ones that you will become all that you are meant to, at your pace, when you are meant to.

And so it is….Ascended Master, through Julie Miller