Channeled by:
August 09, 2011

What a beautiful way to begin any day and that is speaking to all of you through this on my favourite of all days. All of you are delightful , the Creator to some of you, and the Source to others.

Many messages are being brought forth regarding trust, , love, belief in self, loving others, the list goes on. All messages are important as they are to help guide you on your journey that you have chosen. The journey of becoming one with the Source of all and with yourself. None of you are beyond learning or developing further. You are like the beautiful sponges of the sea, except you don't absorb water, you absorb information, knowledge, light, and love.

Through this fabulous journey it is important dear ones to learn how to feel what is right for you. What is right for the next doesn't mean it holds any importance to you. You need to trust your intuition. All of you have it. Some of you have learned to rely on this natural ability, some of you are afraid still to trust in it. When you are reading new material, you will notice an excitement in some areas that you will feel, you will want to know all about what it is that you are reading as a result. This is your intuition talking dear ones. You are feeling with your , what it is that is YOU. You can read and study everything that there is, but what remains the most from all that, is what resonates with you, with your soul.

Learning to live through your heart can be most difficult for the people of this beautiful Earth. Because it requires a person to risk exposing any vulnerabilities. When you decide to live through your heart and express yourself with unconditional love to others and to you, you open yourself to possibilities and you raise your own vibrations. You bring yourself closer to becoming one with the Source and with yourself.

Such a does not happen overnight dear ones. Its a gradual because during such a you are learning much about who you really are and seeing the world around you in a different way. You are learning to drop judgements, and assumptions about other people that cross your path. You are learning they have their own way of understanding and you cannot them, and they cannot you. From this lesson, you learn to live together and accept its okay for people to be different from how you think. You are learning to respect those that have a different opinions than you. You are learning how to be less combative with others that differ from yourself and that speaks of the love you are living from the purity of your heart. It will get easier because you will learn how to cope and address certain situations as they appear.

Have faith dear ones in yourself. Have faith in knowing you are on the right path. You are here by no accident. You have been guided by the choices you made and you are still being guided. You are the builders, the creators of your future.

As you move along this journey, you will be met with several lessons brought on by challenges. These are important dear ones. Some of these challenges involve where you are now, where you live and work. Some are brought on by others that you have never met, situations are created to test how you react. You do learn from these dear ones. I know a small few that will think they have learned nothing, that comes from denial of themselves. Allow yourself to grow dear ones. Be that beautiful butterfly that emerges from its cocoon. Allow yourself to be transformed into the beautiful being of light you are meant to be. Venture into areas that you are drawn to, don't fear them. You are drawn for a reason, to learn, to use what you are gaining. Each of you are at different stages that is because not all of you awakened at the same time. This is also when the ones further ahead can offer their support and suggestions, without forcing their own beliefs. The changes you are facing are crucial and require gentle guidance from us and others around you.

I am always available to any of you dear ones, should you require additional support and guidance. I will gladly stand beside you as you face difficult choices. You have the strength inside of you to do wonderful things. Know that I believe in, and all the other Masters believe in you. As you learn to trust yourself and your intuition more, you will also become more confident.

I feel we have covered enough for this week. I look forward to speaking through this one again and to all of you next Tuesday. Take comfort in knowing I love you and accept all of you as beautiful beings of light just as you are, and that I believe you can and will overcome any challenge and you will learn to live unconditionally through your heart and love all others.

Namaste, Ascended Master, through Julie Miller