Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin speaks about FORGIVENESS

Master, Lady speaks about
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August 24, 2011

Darling Children how it pleases me to speak through this lovely vessel . My heart shines warmer than the sun when I get to speak to all of you.

We will speak today about FORGIVENESS. Dear ones, it is important to release your hurts and truly forgive the people who may have caused you harm and hurt you. And, you need to forgive yourself if you have done the same. Free yourself dear ones with your own mercy and your own that lives inside of you and share this with those that are in your world. Let them bask in your light dear ones as it is a beautiful light.

Beautiful children, you do know when you hold onto reactive feelings about things done wrong to you, you are actually harming yourself further. You need to learn to forgive and forget if you want to live truly at peace with yourselves. My dears, if you can remember any kind of wrongdoing and it brings you , then you truly have not forgiven. I will help you my dears. I will help you reach the root that is holding you to the painful memory. I will guide you towards living a fuller loving life filled with Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness and .

I do see some of these memories that have so much power over your ability to find true peace in your lives stems from childhood. These events, until dealt with, will stunt your true spiritual growth. You will not be able to find your TRUE SELF until you meet these events and move past them and the hurt they caused. Once you do work through the past events that keep pulling you back to painful memories, you will feel emotional blocks being lifted and feel as if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

During this time of clearing and forgiveness, remember to cleanse your chakras as often as you can, and to meditate. Balancing your spiritual mind, and spirit is essential dear ones. And I know because I see children, that going back to painful memories and clearing the hurt, is energy draining. That is why I suggest cleansing your chakras and meditating and, I will add rest when you feel the need to rest. Listen to your , it will tell you when its had enough for the moment. Your may only be your shell, holding a most beautiful spirit, but it deserves care while its being used. Take care of yourself and nourish yourself the best you can children.

From working and dealing with forgiving those that have caused you pain, either from the childhood or recent times, you will feel deep inside you that YOU ARE lovable, YOU ARE capable of being loved, YOU ARE special, and YOU ARE able to forgive. You will then be able to move forward, in a more loving and caring way. You will appear much more relaxed to those around you, as you have removed that access weight that you have carried for too long.

I am seeing many of you working at reuniting with . To do this children, you then need to live as : as a loving, compassionate and merciful being of Light. loves always unconditionally, always is full of compassion and mercy for ALL his children. accepts ALL beings as equal, HE does not judge or assume. Many already are on your way to unifying yourself with as well as your TRUE SELF. You will find choices to be forgiving, to be humble, to be loving in thought, word and action, you see where this is going, all choices can be good and positive dear children and filled with love. I will always be here dear ones to guide you through your troubles as they try to bring you down. I will help bring you back up with my mercy, my love and my compassion that is always full. My love for all of you is never-ending.

I depart now, sharing with you the Mercy Flame. This flame is the colour of orchids, deep pink (magenta) and purple; which means Divine Love tempering the Divine Will of God. Call upon this flame when you are in need of additional guidance, love and support and I will be there dear ones, holding and encouraging your efforts when the challenges facing you gets hard. I will never abandon you dear ones, know this and understand there are many more that love you so very much.

Om Mani Padme Hum – "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus" Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin

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  1. This message is lovely with great truth to the students. If I may make a suggestion on the clearing part…I will say that for one to be truly free from pain there is only one answer. That is the use of the Violet Flame…which is Love,Mercy and Forgiveness! The knowledge of the sacred fire is key and application of it will clear ones feeling body.

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