14 August 2011

Channeler: Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic – Spiritual Master

Dear Ones,

Mercury Retrograde leaves no room for outdated modes of thinking, coping mechanisms and fear based thoughts. All those that have chosen need to ride the cleansing wave. The energies of unconditional co-exist in a . We know that you feel like a camel trying to fit though the eye of a needle, but dear ones the eye of your divine authentic self is infinite. All of you are ready to release what is no longer relevant and embrace your new unknown creations.

Take out during this collective detox to retreat within yourself; to find yourself. One can get caught up in all the hype however the existence of spirit is uncomplicated. Simplify the process by breathing deeply from your diaphragm, addressing the thoughts of unworthiness and doubt and then releasing all through meditation. You know what to do. Be still and you will come back to your centre.

Remember that for thousands of years man has felt comfort in the changes of the external world but has accepted that all must remain the same in the unseen world. Those that have chosen have known for that the time of liberation was coming, and “Now” is that time.

Many have gifted their bodies as portals to remove poverty codes and ancient secret societies from governments. This will continue until the 26 August 2011. More uprisings are to be expected in , Europe and . The Ninth wave must reach every continent in order to restore balance. We hear the prayers for intervention; they have been heard however the veils of control and manipulation must be released. Unconditional love cannot fully take root if the source is poisoned; be patient….the new world is close.

Your light bodies are experiencing continuous shifts and changes. The old human nervous cannot cope with the higher dimension downloads, over the next few months many on the path with experience astral surgeries to replace the old nervous to a hybrid crystalline . This organic intelligent is able adapt in the higher dimensions allowing an easier integration for future ascensions. Symptoms may include out of blue stomach upsets, nausea, fatigue and migraines. Bear in mind that the pineal gland is working overtime to compensate the creation of crystalline until the shift takes full effect.

The human skeletal molecular structure is vibrating at a dense vibration. is transmuting the dense bone mass to that of crystalline. The lighter physical constitution is in alignment with your light-bodies thus allowing the instant inter-dimensional manifestation. Gentle Yoga stretches can assist to release musco-skeletal tension.

As many start connecting to source from the lower cerebellum the shift may cause outbursts and mood swings. Let the flow of emotions run through your being….let go and release in meditation. This is an important exercise as you are training your mind to relinquish of the concept of time and prediction. A zero point state of being needs to be daily disciplined meditation practice.

We stress the fact that not all physical symptoms you experience are due to ascension and we recommend the assistance of a qualified physician in such cases.

In closing we send you love and blessings and remember we see ourselves in your reflection.

Until the next time

Sharon-Ann Riley ©

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