I have encountered souls who feel that being experimented on or manipulated by extra-terrestrials when they are unconscious, was a sign of being chosen to create an advanced race, or some other story. 

For clarity I have asked Adama, of , and of the Galactic what they feel about it. 

Message from Ashtar  

It is  Ashtar, of the , coming in Love and Harmony.

The reason certain races of star beings come and manipulate humans is because has given their consent.  I do not judge this as right or wrong, we only monitor the activity with care.  I am not actually saying that what is going on between the human race and certain extra-terrestrials is in the best interest of all concerned.  But I do not interfere with 's free will.

Ultimately, we understand that humanity will come around and will recognize their sovereignty and this lesson of allowing extra-terrestrial beings to work on them, is one way to stimulate that healing.  Until humans recognize this, then ETs of other races will have permission to do their experimentation.

Adama and other enlightened beings on the surface are helping create between human sovereignty, heart awareness, and trust in the Universal Director.

My role largely is to hold balance with love.  So if I am being shown that lessons are being learned, I am not going to command that an activity cease.  You see?

You do need to know that true beings of light (that is, beings who are good for you in your vibration), will hold your hand throughout your lessons but not intervene or change you.  They will help heal you as you ask for it, but beyond that, they will only be there to love and support you.

That is all I want to say for the present.  I love humanity, and the earth, and encourage peaceful cooperation between all races.  May it be so.

Message from Adama


Beloved Family,

It is I Adama, your High Priest in the Mountain.

I want to talk about the Love of God, in light of what's been happening for some time to the human race – regarding negative interference from extra-terrestrial entities, who disregard the "whole spirit" of human beings and are not coming from love.

In Lemuria, we learned anciently that interference with other races without their conscious consent was not in our best interest, nor would it lead to fulfillment for either of us.  We in Telos value your sovereignty and we allow the natural process of enlightenment to unfold for you.  We keep ourselves separate from the outcome because we must allow you to learn.  That is because we are friends – we are not out to control, only to assist.

There are beings in the Galaxy who believe that interference is the only way to help humanity.  We in Telos do not wish to manipulate you at all to help you to evolve or "save your planet" as many extra-terrestrial entities phrase it.   This is a very immature attitude on the part of those that are doing this to you.

We also want you to know, explicitly, that you do not have to accept this doctrine, that such treatment is for your good and is okay.  Some of you may have marks on your skin that indicate extra-terrestrial involvement.  Some who have had genetic material harvested or manipulated are believing it's done for their highest good.

I, Adama, would never do such a thing, nor would anyone from Telos or the Lemurian Cities, or any of the Cities of Light.

You on the surface – and there is no judgment in this – often do similar things to the animal kingdom.  You take what you want and observe the animals by injecting them with substances, "tagging" or "collaring" them, stealing their fluids and other such things, in the name of advancing scientific knowledge, medicine, "saving" them, or other such things.  However, if you put yourselves in their place, you might think differently about these practices.

I simply would like you to be more aware of your control over your bodies and your spiritual sovereignty, and I want you to recognize there is no need for humans to be genetically engineered by extra-terrestrial beings, as your process has more to do with what's happening on the inside, within your hearts.  This is where the Christ is and this is where your true spiritual power lies.

Perhaps these extra-terrestrials do these things with your consent on a  "higher level" even though you did not consciously agree to it.  I am here to say, that you deserve to give your conscious consent. And I tell you, you are a sovereign being, on all levels, and you are wise enough to make informed choices on the soul level that the mind can agree to.  This is part of your  natural growth.  There is no need for beings who want to work with you to be secretive about it.   To say otherwise is outrageous.

We in Telos want to let you know our desire is to cooperate with you, as friends.  We gradually make ourselves known through telepathy and occasional appearances on the surface.  But, we do not go behind your back.  We tenderly accept your imperfections.  We do not "implant" devices into your body or mind to make you "better."   We are very careful with you, with your consciousness.  We do not force.  We greet.

When you want to grow, you get to make the choice.  Again, we are your brothers and sisters, we know that just as God made a flower to bloom in springtime, and not before – your bodies need to be allowed to have their own process and to become more awake in their own time.

In the end, this method is more pleasing to Source, in that it nudges the earth into gentle enlightenment.  I'm asking you – haven't you all had enough violence and coercion on your planet?   As you become enlightened, all such past-times will wash away.  That is why we are encouraging you to fully take back your sovereignty.  There are enough human beings holding this divine vision of your reality that it's going to happen.  So ultimately, there is nothing to fear.

We tell these extra-terrestrials who are doing experiments on the human body – please, do not touch the human body.  Humans are meant to be given free will on every level.  To interfere with that process is to violate the sacredness of our Universal Law, which is to provide a safe and loving environment for all souls to evolve.  Please stop.

Ultimately, God forgives every act.  Yes, ultimately, the higher self must give permission before any interference occurs.  But this reality cannot be turned against the good.  I say to you, the more conscious you are of who you are and what your choices are, the less likely you are to be maligned.  The more likely you are to make enlightened choices.  And you can do that best when you are informed.

If you prefer to believe it's okay to be manipulated by extra-terrestrials then do so, but time will tell you the results of your choices, and you may make a different choice next time.  But remember the natural process.  Remember to respect that.  Remember what true spirituality is – and it does not involve force and violence.

You have the right to conscious consent.  We in the Cities of Light are honoring your choices at all times.

Thank-you for listening.  May Spirit be with you.

I Am Adama.