Aug 30

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I AM of the ,

You all are here, growing so beautifully. You are expanding into greater awareness of what and who you are. It is beautiful to watch, a blessing to my heart to serve you all on your waking up journey.

You have been encouraged to “wake up”. Some of you may wonder, “Now what? I have become more aware, I have learned things about myself I never would have dreamed, I have learned things about Creation I had not imagined before. But, now that I am awake…. now what?”

I would encourage you to understand those thoughts are of your egos. Your is a useful tool for living in the 3rd Dimension, as you all do. But, when it comes to the journey back into , your ego may not be the most reliable friend.

Trust those whom you call, “ Masters”. Their advice is most helpful because they have been exactly where you are, they can help you find your way.

When we suggest waking up, we suggest an ever deepening journey into yourself. The is Within, right? You will find all that you seek within yourself. When we tell you to wake up, we are giving advice ages old… “Know Thyself” would be another phrasing of the same suggestion.

Some of you have probably realized by now that ascension is like a spiral. There is no end. There is no one way. The deeper you dig into yourself, the more you find. You may have been frustrated with this experience, wondering, “When will I be done! When will there be no more pain or fear to process?” Again, these are the cries of your ego. Your ego has its own ideas of what you are doing, of who you are becoming. It has its own expectations of what the journey will look like, how you will get to become an Ascended Master. Those expectations and ideas are what most hinder you. How can you know what your journey will be? How can anyone?

Your ascension path unfolds as brilliant and unique as each snowflake, as each flower, as each print on each finger. If you hold so tightly to your hows and whys you will not allow yourself the grace to simply bloom as you cannot yet imagine.

Your egos are like the flower bud, holding itself together so tightly with the idea, “I must unfold each petal exactly so to be the most perfect flower there ever was.” Yet, when the sun comes out, in its radiant glory, each petal pops open to capture the warmth and love. It cannot be controlled. It cannot not be contained. You will become the most perfect flower there ever was simply by being. Every flower is most perfect.

The sun, your most radiant perfect of self, the rain, the love showered on you from Spirit, the Earth your home, your support and foundation, and you– your current of Self– the most perfect of everything in between.

I’m here to remind you that you are perfect, exactly as you are. Your wonderings, your wanderings, your pains and fears, your expectations, your hesitations and doubts, all are exactly perfect. Even if you never changed, if you stayed exactly as you are in this moment for all of eternity, you would be precisely perfect.

That idea you can hold on to. Try to remember this throughout your humdrum day, throughout the trials on your patience, throughout each moment of self-judgement. Say to yourself, “This too is perfect.” See how that changes your experience, your perspective. Everything is in fact perfect, try to allow yourself to experience it as such. Try to allow yourself to experience the fact that You are Perfect.

My friends, trust your journeys. Let them be the great adventure they are! Trust your guides and the messages coming forth which resonate with your experience of Truth. Allow your paths to twist and turn into the unknown. Allow your hearts and minds to unfold in ways you cannot imagine.

Step forward with Trust and Delight. You will know the Beauty of Who you Are.

I Am Ashtar Sheran.