Dear Precious Hearts

i have posted a beautiful channeling on my

you can listen ….go to

and mother bring us a beautiful message

it is available for free to listen to..however i would ask

for those who can and who found value for themselves

from this message to please make a donation to the site

so i can continue to send out the messages to the world…

go to the audio visual section and you can relax and listen..

you will want to be in a quiet place so you can "take within"

the frequencies and love that is coming thru this channeling..



comments are always appreciated…


here is one comment…


As I have just finished listening with all my heart &; soul I
am in a state of a feeling of "floating"…NO words come to describe it…It
was done again! ..Oh my God….have to absorb the incredible truths
that I was reminded of once again…