By Talyaa Liera

Consider this your coming-out party. A celebration of You, of the You That is Within and the You that you have been keeping from the world. This month, you take the spotlight. You shine forth your beacon of Self. You let the world see you in all your glory. This month, you let your secrets out, the secrets inside you that have been gnawing at you, eating away at your inside bit by bit, and keeping you from being the complete, beautiful, passionate, -filled person that lives within you. August is your month to surrender into You. To feel more yourself. To feel more whole.

What secrets have you been hiding? Ferret them out now, for if you do not push them out into the light on your own, they will be drawn from you through one situation or another, and perhaps in ways that leave you feeling alone, afraid and uncomfortable. The lesson this month, then, is to be bold. Be unafraid. Even if you find it impossible to love some dark corner of your soul, bring it out into the light anyway, for there will surely be love for it even if you think you cannot love it. Trust. Be bold and bring your Self out.

This month, then, you alternate feeling bold, confident and strong, laughing with the hilarity of the universe, with feeling cold and alone, afraid and small. Or, worse, hiding from yourself, doing all that you can to keep anyone – even yourself – from seeing into the deepest parts of you that have been in shadow these long years. But what is shadow other than simply a corner that has yet to see light? There is nothing inherently wrong with the dark, with those shadowed corners, other than the loss the world feels by not having all of you to love.

Sigh. You know what this means, don't you? Yes, it's time to 'fess up, to stop pulling the wool over your eyes (and the eyes of the world) and to let down your defenses and take a good long hard look at the You that lies so deeply hidden within.

Go ahead. Do this now.

Stand now in front of a mirror, and look at what you see there. Truly Look. Gaze deeply within, with eyes of love and compassion. Who do you see? What do you see? Take your time. , this time from down deep in that place within you that you think of as , and look again.


You are truly beautiful, and more so for seeing so deeply into your Self.

This month, your inner secrets come out and bask in the warmth of the Light you shine upon them. This month, you open to the you begin to feel as you allow more light within you. This month, you feel the lightness possible by being more of your Self, more connected to everyone around you, and feeling more of the Love that the universe has to share with you.

Start here:

Make a list of five things, five situations/experiences/feelings, that you truly love. That light you up. That fill your heart and make you feel more of yourself. That nourish you and feed you in ways that nothing else can. That show people your inner spirit.

Why do you start with what you love when you are looking to shine light upon your secrets? Because by getting in closer connection with your heart, your desires, and who you are on a deep level, you open the door that helps illuminate your shadow.

Here is a meditation to assist you:

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow your breath to release all that you do not need in this moment. Breathe again and release, this time settling down deeper into your being. Breathe one more time and move inward, inside you, to the place within you that you think of as Home. Rest here. Feel your Self all around you, the things that live within you and are a part of your deep being, your inner wisdom, your soul.

Now imagine that your eyes cast light, like a beacon, or a miner's headlamp. Everywhere you look, your inner light shines. Somewhere around you is a dark corner that needs illumination. Look around and you will find it. Shine your light in that direction and light that place within you. Now you see that there is something there in that formerly dark corner that needs Love, that needs Light. Reach over and touch this thing that has lain deep within you awaiting your Love and your Light. Ask this thing for permission to take it out into the world again, to receive all the love that dwells in the universe, and to allow exposure and illumination. If your answer is "yes", then take it with you.

Breathe again and find yourself in the room where you began, in your body, relaxed and connected to the world around you, but this time lovingly holding one thing in the Light which has lain in the dark a long time. Give this thing your attention and then set it free to grow and find its own light.

What to expect this month

On every level, this month's will both test you and free you. Like last month, when you went within to find your inner fire, this month you learn to cast light upon those dark corners of your soul in order to find ways to love them more deeply. The result is a freedom and a lightness unlike that which you have ever felt, as you shed the chains that bind you to some of your deepest fears. Again, be bold. Use this month's energies to fly and to bask in the warmth of the light that shines forth from within you.

: I AM willing to receive the gifts from my darkest inner corners and shine light upon them.

Talk about a roller coaster! Like last month, in August the chaff of relationship falls away. This is frightening if you fight it, resist it, or otherwise attempt to hold on to what has been rather than opening to what is becoming. Trust that the love you desire is already around you. What does that look like? Is it tied to a single person? Perhaps it looks that way to you now because you haven't yet opened to the totality of the love that already exists all around you. By bringing light to your dark corners, you show more of yourself to the world, more of your Self that can be loved. Yes, it feels scary and vulnerable, but it also makes you more human, more beautiful, and more complete. Trust your inner guidance and listen to your heart. Give yourself love this month instead of relying on someone else to do it for you, and you will discover that the love was already with you the whole time.

Affirmation: I AM open to the love that dwells in and around me.

Communities grow more tightly together this month. As you open to your Self and open your secrets to the world, the sense of freedom you feel and create around you becomes an intoxicant for others, making you a magnetizing force for communities you are a part of. Remember this and allow your opening and freedom to help open those around you.

Some of the growing-together has a more painful , as some types of communities attempt to fuse in an allied action, activism, and increased social rules and structures. Choose the time you spend in community wisely, and try to invest your time this month in the types of groups that you wish to contribute to and grow along with in the future. This is a good time to take stock of your time expenditures and adjust your social life and contributions accordingly, as the more free you become in your own liberation of your dark inner corners, the more you will have upon those around you.

Affirmation: I AM the creator of the expression of my future.
Global Politics

Polarization between seemingly opposing forces continues, as each "side" digs in farther and resists mightily any suggestion that everyone is really on the same side after all. This is more about testing limits and boundaries than anything else, and few things make people feel more alive than coming up hard against a brick wall. Look for calm amid chaos to arise in unexpected places, but overall little seems to change politically this month.

Affirmation: I AM the creator of the world I wish to live in.
Earth Changes

Here is where things get sticky. All that inner angst over casting light on dark corners makes for a LOT of energetic flux this month. Coupled with the exhilarating sense of freedom that some of you will experience, we can expect overall some wide mood swings for the planet as well as for us as individuals. This has historically resulted in intense weather (hurricanes, flooding) and earthly upheavals (earthquakes in and ). Look also for a potentially tangible shift in overall vibration this month, which results physically in shifting ley lines, grid patterns, and a feeling of being on the "wrong planet" for a while, until things become familiar again. Resist the urge to run screaming and instead give the Earth the same love and compassion that you gave to yourself in the mirror.

Affirmation: I AM a keeper of the planet and I know that my love matters.
Global Spiritual Changes

Wowza! Talk about shifts here… spiritual teachers everywhere have been talking for a while about the "run-up" to 2012, and at no time has it been more evident that Big Things Are Afoot than this month. The vibratory shift will be noticeable. What might you feel? Big swings in available energy. A need for more sleep. Knowingness of the thoughts and desires of animals and plants. A sense of connection to Spirit that is suddenly much stronger than before. A feeling of peace.

As the vibratory sense ratchets upwards, remember that we are all in this together. There is no time better than now to choose how you wish to spend your time on the planet … with whom and doing what. You do have the power to choose even if it feels you do not. Everyone deserves to spend time doing what they love and with people who feel good. If you learn nothing else this month, you learn that you do indeed have the power to create your What Comes Next.

Affirmation: I AM a force beyond measure.

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