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August 18, 2011

Greetings dearest children who inhabit this fine planet known as Earth. There are so many wonderful children that roam my .

Have you felt the change in the air dear ones? The seasons are changing in many countries around this beautiful globe. And the seasons inside of you are also changing.

As the climate changes, so does your in order to adapt. Some who live in colder climates may notice an increase in appetite as cool weather causes this automatic reaction. You will also notice a calming of yourselves as the heat from the summer in these regions is lessening. When there is a changing of seasons, you are presented with fresh ways to nurture yourself and the environment surrounding you. Each season holds different nutritional requirements for yourself, for your family, pets, plants and wildlife. During the changing of seasons within yourself and your own place of living, take time to look within yourself, see the beauty that lies there. Inhale the change of the air, absorb the of elements that are surrounding you.

With the change in temperatures, it’s a good time to stock up on natural path medicines that are equally effective if symptoms are caught in time when compared to what you would purchase at your pharmacy. Some good examples are Ginger, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Ginseng, a combination of some of these, and there are many others. All of these are able to be purchased in ranges from tinctures to tea, depending on what you prefer and of course cost.

Many people in the and other areas that have similar seasons are preparing for Fall planting and gardening. Take time dear ones to involve yourself as there isn’t much time left to enjoy the Earth. Before you know it, the cool white snow will arrive to cover the flowering beauties that you have grown.

The changing of the seasons is to be celebrated and in some parts are with Fairs, potluck gatherings from Fall harvests, ceremonies, and we cannot forget ; which marks the season of Fall is coming to an end. The changing of seasons is not meant to feel sad about, but rejoice as there are new things for you to do, that involve being in touch with me and the nature around you. You are not limited because of your climate.

For the folks that are in the Southern Hemisphere and similar areas, your experiences are quite opposite and equally remarkable and enjoyable as you too will soon be met with a change of season. The entire world is being met with a change of seasons within themselves and their surroundings. So many beautiful colours and smells are filling up the beautiful skies that these changes bring. I can already hear some of you slightly complain that there is too much pollution to the change in the air. Focus on the change dear ones, go beyond the of cars, factories and perfumes. Really focus on the freshness of the air, the of flowers, Earth, what the rolling waves from any body of water regardless lake or ocean. You might pick up the scent of a pine tree after a hot day, or the of roaming animals like the Skunk, notice insects you normally would not see, birds that are migrating, and many other examples. There is much dear children for you to take notice that is in front of you. Make a point of going outdoors and enjoying what has always been there for you.

As I take my leave of this dear child of the Earth, know that I truly love all of you. My love knows no bounds for the beautiful souls that inhabit my surface.

And so it is… Earth through Julie Miller

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